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  1. i just watch the performance and omg.. they are approaching this year very aggressively.. tons of ridiculous marching and playing. very demanding show, so happy it's entertaining too.
  2. I didn't hear anyone said anything about Bluecoats props from last night and they are way bigger and more than BD .... they are perfect for me lol.. movie set indeed.. lol
  3. I take a closer look and i actually loving the unis..... very slick.. it's a suit like silhouette, with colors on one side and the sequins blue piece across draping down on one side (right side) down the pants.
  4. WOW look at the prop, they've recreated the painting!!!! omg.. lol. its ridiculously good. are those mm inside it ? ... no maaaaayyyyn! i dont want to even talk about the Uniforms right now prop have my attention.
  5. Cool picture indeed.. I hope it stays on though.
  6. Ok Btown50 taking a closer look now... yes I see the outlines of what you described
  7. oh ok.. don't know yet until an official reveal...
  8. Yes it does. Nice color scheme and those popping foot wear. I likey likey
  9. I love the ending added, it feature's the percussion and the staging is great, it's amazing. there's add changes or more like tweaks to flesh out some stuff to be better but you can tell there's so much more going to happen with this show since the sneak peek and i love it. a lot of improvements already for color guard, this show gonna be spectacular. I wait to see it in full glory, Decked out in FULL Uniforms or Costiforms lol, whatever they decide to wear, they always looking so great!
  10. For those dont understand the props you need to rewatch the show announcement video and see the inspiration for this show, the props are NOT metal fences, you get that DCI-86 lol, those are the diner glass from the painting along with bar counter (tables) and the bar stool. This is well staged, I get the feeling like I am inside the diner with all the characters, high simultaneous demand, really entertaining, percussion features is strong as usual, horn line is rocking it out, gaurd features I really love, they sound great and the drill is cool as usual, really well done. LOTS OF COOL MOMENTS AND HIGHLIGHTS in this show, bravo. The bones of this show is really really good? Definitely top 2 but you know what forget about that. How about that ballad!!! The closer is not yet in and alot is not yet added or layered in. When this show gets polished and tweeked, wow just wow so enjoyable to watch and hear. Did I say entertaining? Yes it is.
  11. Poppycock I can't to see it!! if you at the family day, would appreciate your report ?
  12. I just have to say this. For those who have heard a preview of BD music book and still dont understand it, something is clearly wrong with your hearing and brain. Because OH MY!!!! its insane. I listen to it yesterday morning and lastnight and today again, IT TAKES YOU INTO ANOTHER WORLD. Like looking at Bd in the past meeting the future, It's like I literally see the show without even literally seeing the show just by listening. Its gonna be a fantastic show I love love love. Ita truly amazing! This book have everything in it, intensity, drama, emotional, soft, rich and lush and just thick and thin. Phrases, chop and bop lol YES I like it, Musicality throughout, it takes you moment by moment, from moment into moment, its gonna probably be the show to beat again.. I know SCV is on the verge yes with a monster show but BD genius design team is really unstoppable. The music makes me so excited I can't wait to see it on the field its just too good. Something classic something new something in between. I dont know how they mannage to do that. But oh my gosh it just so tasty good.
  13. And will we get a reveal of the uniforms this evening. Anticipation grows wildly and very curious if Bd gonna go the Full costume route like others or they'll keep it as a mix like last year Uniform and then reveal a tastefully done costumeish apeal. Maybe a mix ? Anyone ? Who knows something, Anything at all ? Lol
  14. I second that question. Is anyone going to report ?
  15. Ok this is my honest opinion.. I've watched the video right, so here it is, Phantom Regiment is definitely trying to do something new, that i can appreciate very much. I don't understand it yet, but i believe i'll get it by the time the season officially kicks off in competition and i think it do have potential. whatever it end up being i hope it will be great by August coming and can mark a new chapter for phantom Regiment. my critique is that i wasn't so sure on the sound quality and type of music, i guess there's a first for everything and change is inevitable. it's not the phantom i am use to hearing and i am not so sure if it's good or bad. I just hope they don't get lost in what phantom Regiment is by trying modernize.
  16. Uh!!!! wth.... I'd sure like to pop your bubbles on that but, 18th world titles speaks for itself, you know what this years music is off the charts its amazing!!!! i love it and i definitely loved last year!
  17. Uuummmmm... i'm sorry, i really don't know what to make of this. Those helmets though don't seem to have made for some persons' heads. or maybe i know nothing about helmets.... ?
  18. Yes atleast you get it, I wish many others would have also. I really enjoy the type of shows they do because I get it. Even though with the one's I have to dig for the meaning but i really like doing that, makes the show even more intriguing to me. BD shows is like a hunt for treasure sometimes lol. It usually doesn't take anything much out of me and I know not everyone is like this, they really don't want to dig fir anything. But life is not always like that, everything and everyone can't always be that accessible sometimes we have to dig beyond the surface. I say people can be lazy much.
  19. Whichever one of these:... You better try. Ya gotta try You've got to try You have to try You will try You just really have try You must try Lol ......
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