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  1. Chief Guns YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I Finally have subscription for the rest of the season. will join you online to cheer on BD..
  2. LOL.. Still not as great as BD guard hair whipping, the beyonce of guards LOL Dwlz.... i love my BD.
  3. I believe serious cleaning going to take place . I also have a theory that the organization were waiting on tonight to see where they stand overall and captions wise to know how to cleverly cleaned. I trust they do and inspired to turnit up under heat. Fantastic show, Fantastic performance. I have faith in BD, 100% confident.
  4. omg bd bring tears to my eyes! that ballad though, am on a high. the kids enjoyed their performance. its not their best but was still electrifying good.
  5. For those who want to see performance from last night can check out YT now. its just uploaded few minutes ago, in HD Multicam.
  6. i am sorry as much as i really like BC show i don't think for one sec or see BD gonna let BC catch them so easily, gonna be hard, i more see SCV potentially the one to catch them. its possible an undefeated season but also possible not a 50/50. Look at it, it was a rough run and yet still won by over 1 clear point gearing up to 2points. thats still impressive. The judges really digging the show as much as we are, yet scoring them on the merit of performance. i wait patiently for Tuesday head to head match up.
  7. i could tell, still champions though. maybe the wild weather location of Denver. ALTITUDE
  8. And ijoin cappy to disagree with you 150% times over lol.
  9. Hell is empty and all the devils are here!!! DO IT UP DEVILS!
  10. BD vs BC Tonight ! lol. Excited! TWO AWESOME SHOWS! Lets get ready to rumble! Metamorph vs Jaged Line
  11. I am so curious .... really really dying to know. a short rehearsal clip dated yesterday rehearsal of Bd was posted on YT and by the time i clicked on it to watch , it was instantly blocked and removed.
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