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  1. Believe it or not, I book my room by the end of August for the following year. Can always cancel the reservation if need be. I know that doesn't help this year, but something to consider in the future.
  2. That wasn't a stab at the current staff who I think are doing a very good job. It was more a wistful fantasy because Mark's writing was unique with a funky groove that I love and is missing from most if not all drum books these days. I think you are right that the ship has sailed. I ran into Mark after finals in 2012 - we were on the same flight back to Philly. He has moved on with his life and there is no room in it for the demands of touring with a top 12 corps.
  3. He went to BD for that one year to win a ring - but SCV won in '81. Here's his I&E solo from '82 And this is Thurston's
  4. Correct - Harold Robinson was the founder and director of the corps for the first 10 years. Robbie returned to the Crossmen to age out with them in 1982 (7th place) Here is Robbie's snare solo from 2012 DCA I&E
  5. Pretty sure that Robbie has never taught at the DCI level. Although he DID win snare individuals at DCA a couple years ago.
  6. I would love to see Mark Thurston come out of retirement and go back to the Crossmen - but that happening is about as likely as George Hopkins saying he was wrong about alternative instrumentation and electronics .
  7. Well - I don't think it's "perceived" I think it is actual. I watched those guys up close and personal for several hours on Saturday before the 2nd night for Allentown and they are legitimately dirty. They are better (and the book is better) than the last couple years but their execution is not at the level of the best lines. That said - they won a title in 2013 with a weaker line and book so it can be done and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they do it again.
  8. Keep this in mind about the drum line this year vs previous years: The program this year is more demanding and more musical than last year's. While still not performing it at the level of the very top lines, the overall package is leaps and bounds better than last year's offering. I'd give the instructional and design staff at least another year or two to develop the talent before declaring it a failure. They aren't SCV, Cadets or BD, but they ARE vastly better than the past few years. To me that is a sign of a program definitely headed in the right direction.
  9. Wow that Cadets drum line!!!!! They are SOOOOOO good.
  10. Great run by crown. Love that show more each time I see it.
  11. It was 10 years or so ago. City of Allentown mixed it.
  12. I've reached an epiphany. If singing and goo is the price we have to pay to allow shows like Bluecoats then it's a price I'll pay.
  13. Never stopped him before. He's come out every year as far as I can remember - including last year
  14. Great run by Madison. Really love this show now.
  15. I think the staff isn't the problem I think. They need to attract more talented players.
  16. Only one I know for sure is I saw him on the San Antonio webcast.Maybe they didn't let him travel with them from there to his bathing habits - or lack thereof
  17. Pretty sure they've done that every year since the move.
  18. I wonder why Bones didn't show. Maybe he was getting a hot dog.
  19. Very nice show. I like th banners but they really do hide a lot of drill. Plus I don't think I've seen a show where at least one didn't malfunction.
  20. I know. I was being sarcastic. It's a sin to distract so much from that bod line with all that talking.