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  1. Carolina Crown - Gabriel's Oboe Just got to work and Yo-Yo Ma was playing it on Pandora.
  2. Except fewer and fewer buses are coming to my neck of the woods. No Blue Stars/La Crosse show this year, still no location for DCI MN and the other shows nearby keep shrinking.
  3. Crown Scouts Vanguard Cadets Bloo Xmen Cadets Colts P.R.
  4. WOW - amazing to hear someone even mention that there used to be shows at Parade Stadium! I took a group of ushers that I worked with at the Guthrie to that show back in 1983 (?). They all loved it so much that the same year we piled in a car and went to finals in Madison I've been all over the country for shows ever since.
  5. As usual, there is a lot going on in this show. When I saw it at DCI MN I didn't know where to look. Next viewing will be Big, Loud & Live where I don't get to look where I want. A very entertaining year for DCI. Wish I could afford to go to finals.