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  1. Crossmen are seeking volunteer drivers for multiple driving position this summer. Our convoy consists of two RV's, two box trucks, a 15 passenger van, and a pick-up truck pulling a trailer. Full Tour positions available, as well as weekly openings. Small Stipend available. If interested, please reach out to Chelsea Stemet Davis at chelsea.stemet@crossmen.org.
  2. Hello! Crossmen are in need of a volunteer to drive our 15 passenger van. We need someone from 7/24-8/14. You are welcome to join us for the duration, or a few days. Please email chelsea.stemet@crossmen.org for further information. Thank you.
  3. Hello! From July 2nd through July 22nd, Crossmen is in need of a CDL driver. Stipend available. Please contact chelsea.stemet@crossmen.org for further information. Thanks!
  4. Crossmen has one 15 passenger van that is in need of a driver for most of the summer. This is a driving volunteer position. Sleep all day, drive all night. Your passengers will be our volunteers. No CDL required. If you are interested in driving for a drum corp this summer, please reach out to Chelsea at chelsea.stemet@crossmen.org. Thank you!
  5. Crossmen DBC is looking for talented individuals who are willing to take on the role of food truck manager for a few weeks (or more) this summer! We have four weeks in San Antonio when we need coverage, and another 6 spread out over the summer where we could use a helping hand. If you are familiar with running a kitchen or food truck, now is your chance to put your skills to good use and help feed our 220 members, staff, and volunteers this summer! Please contact chelsea.stemet@crossmen.org for more information. THANK YOU!
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