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  1. Oh wise one. Please explain to me about legacy fans. Exactly what is your definition. You might try rereading posts.
  2. Obviously. You must be very experienced at it. Be content with yourself.
  3. Careful getting off your soapbox. You commented on me making jabs but have no issue with yourself doing that. Hypocrisy? When you defend someone expressing an opinion, then slam someone for expressing theirs, it is hypocritical. I meant it when I said I was sorry to see him go. Sorry he has grown to not like what he sees. But there is good stuff going on and he will miss out on it. So thanks for your diatribe. Very enlightening.
  4. I didn’t “punch him in the nose” or “throw daggers” as you think I might have done. My point was there’s much to be missed and in MY opinion he’ll miss out. I do think he’s being a bit selfish and again, that’s MY opinion. I am sorry that some people feel as he does but if they can just be more open to today’s dc, they can appreciate and enjoy what is going on. I have no idea about where you get my incredulous attitude toward legacy fans but I’d be happy to hear your specifics about that.
  5. Sorry you feel this way. But those are your feelings and you are more than entitled to them. I am sure the kids who are the musicians you speak of, and some pretty good ones too, will also miss your support no matter how selfish, imo that it comes across. This activity is for the kids who participate, and not so much there specifically to entertain some old farts like many of us are. I include myself in that sometimes. They are there because it is a new generations activity and is not there to appease the whims of others who wish the puppy would remain a puppy. I have found myself swing back and forth from time to time ,wishing DC could be what it was. Then I watch what it is, I listen to what it is and then I look back and see what I thought was good, and realize it is not as good as what I see today. I hear amazing musicians. I see incredible artistry with guards and drill writers and show designers. I see talent I could not even dream of BITD. There are flaws. Always have been, always will be. But the current product is tremendous. Lots of props, sure but eventually that will subside and regress. It may have to for the activity to sustain. The self-discipline taught to MM's, could be learned by organizations themselves. Sorry to see you go. The activity will go on without you and you will miss a lot of really good stuff. I have learned to enjoy it for what it is. It is still unique and worthwhile and most of it entertains the crap out of me.
  6. The "I" in I-840 stands for Interstate. It is part of the Eisenhower Interstate system. So technically it is an Interstate highway. Three digits indicates it is a connecting highway to interstates. In this case it would be a ring road connector to I-40. Many Interstates do intersect 90 & 94 in Chicago, 64, 65, 70 & 44 in St. Louis, 24, 64 & 40 in Nashville. If Nashville can't be for Nationals, a Regional there might be nice. I still think a rotating regional model would be well received.
  7. The hottest field temps I recall were in KC. That year the three weeks we were on tour no place was under 100 degrees; even in Montreal.
  8. Keep in mind that the average temp in Vegas in August is between 100 & 104 degrees. Not much fun at rehearsals. If we are concerned about mm safety ( even in their footwear) we should be concerned with the heat. Even dry heat which is a concern for fast dehydration. Heat concern would be true with any southern locale. And if you rehearse on turf it would be the worst case for heat. As a spectator Vegas can work, but then I could stay indoors most of the time.
  9. Maybe he'll do some, maybe not. In any case one of the requirements from the corps leadership is that everyone on staff; work hard, appreciate what the other knows, and make it a collaborative effort. Set ego's aside.
  10. Colin is the main percussion guy (Director of Percussion) . You can find all current corps instructional staff listed on their website. It lists Kevin Shah and Mike Jackson as consultants. That seems somewhat clear however there are always more details about consultant roles we don't now about until things are fully underway. As Jeff Ream said, this may provide a good balance to the percussion book with whatever the program will be this year.
  11. I’m sure he had a role in the hiring. So my guess is he feels OK.
  12. My dad was a teamster in a very tough local. Grew up knowing many of his fellow teamsters. Never heard mention of being in the street but the other term was more probable. It always made me nervous when we’d get together to go fishing. LOL
  13. In my area "on the street" refers to a person living on the streets. Someone losing his job, permanently or temporarily, being "on the street" but actually living in his house, is not quite the same thing. It is a bit disingenuous IMO.
  14. For the Bay area you are not terribly far from Concord either and if you push it, Mandarins in Sacramento. I agree it might be expensive but with enough time and planning; and referencing back to the business model thread, collaborating on expenses for cost savings for/between corps it could work. Plus we do claim the activity is about educating kids. A west coast finals might add to that aspect.