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  1. LabMaster

    Caption Awards

    Yeah maybe it is biased but with averaging it would be harder to get three judges, on separate nights to share the same bias. Averaging at final rewards the best overall performances when a corps peaks. Or is supposed to peak. You could have a guard say win on nights 1 & 2, then by a single biased judge, be scored .05, lower than another guard who they may have beaten by a point each previous night. So they wouldn't be the best guard which is what DCI is trying to determine? I think averaging the scores for captions is OK, for awarding the caption winners.
  2. LabMaster

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    I could see that happening because the Patriots haven't won anything in a year or so. LOL
  3. LabMaster

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    Did you know there are former Boston staff people at BD? And BD staff had helped with Boston's program in 2016.
  4. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Motorcycle huh? I could get injured badly if I rode a bike. Except it wouldn't be from the bike itself. My wife would break my a&& if I got a bike. LOL.
  5. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Unless I am going there for vacation but there's the catch. If there is only Mt Rushmore it is hard to choose going there. Now if there is the world's largest ball of string there, then that makes it worthwhile. LOL
  6. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Good work. Nevada and Utah should be easy and fun. I'm down to 4 and with my line of work you don't get these very easily: N & S Dakota, Montana and Alaska. Maybe one day.
  7. LabMaster

    Caption Awards

    Well if that happens Liahona, another group you are familiar with would be none too pleased. LOL. Eat em up.
  8. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    So it's seems clear to me that the 2017 & 2018 themes were initiated by an idea, quickly followed by a musical suggestion, that at the time, supported the idea. Voila, there's the theme. Moreso there seems to be an overarching theme or philosophy of a style of program or production, that enables a lot of variety in a visual, musical and performance creation. Hearing the discussion about the human element of the program and the emotion that the design team believes can be brought out is fascinating. They are fully thinking alike and have an interesting take on the show creation, it's planned development over the winter, spring and summer and bringing the idea to the "cast", to perform the he!! out of it is pretty amazing. But it starts with an idea in a restaurant in Indy, during finals.
  9. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    I'm not sure what specific inspiration birthed Boston's show last year. Could have been music, or an idea or a theme one of the designers proposed. 2017 was an idea that brought Wicked Games to life. Something like hey we are in Boston, near about Witches? There seems to have been literary inspirations over the past few years as the theme seeds. Or at least some literary component. Who knows what this years story will be but there's a good chance it is being discussed around now.
  10. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    And maybe because of copyright issues, an early start on researching those issues or concerns is necessary. The time required to secure rights to use material or to move to alternate options could drive design teams to earlier planning than years ago. And it wouldn't hurt to get the actual show material out to MM's earlier too.
  11. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    I'm not totally certain but I believe Bostons design staff had their initial meeting for the 2019 season before they left Indy at finals. Complete speculation on my part, but it is likely there was a review of the total design package from 2018 and a review of individual caption successes. I expect they are pretty happy with the freedom they have to create the program. This can only lead to greater success for the upcoming season. They are now moving into the third season together and the progress made so far is astounding. I am very much looking forward to the story they will tell in 2019. The overall story of their rise and growth over the past 2 seasons is pretty compelling too. Best of luck to the entire organization; leadership, admin's., volunteers, design and instructional staff of the Crusaders this upcoming year. In the words of an old Japanese proverb; "Ever Improve". Eat em up BAC
  12. Oops. Meant he can't be involved. Should have reviewed more thoroughly.
  13. So if he is out, whomever is there piecing things back together can ignore him as everyone wanting Pioneer to move forward should. If he is not included in anything as Pioneer is rebuilt, then he is truly out. He can be involved if no one allows him any contact at all.
  14. Maybe they feel they should have a discount given the conditions and circumstances.
  15. LabMaster

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    No such thing as casual Sunday's?