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  1. Just saw BAC’s tour schedule and noticed it has fewer shows than 2019 did. I’m now wondering if this will be typical of all corps this year to help manage expenses. A bit later start and this past years success with virtual rehearsals, and a bit shorter ST, may equate to decent cost reduction for overall tour costs, especially where costs for everything has increased significantly. Even staying flat on expenditures would be a win.
  2. At this point in time, it’s more like they are at the audition stage versus “camp”. Camps really get going in January after contracts are offered. And you’ll likely hear very little other than what has been posted here already; way ahead, biggest turnout, show almost done, blah blah blah.
  3. A few thoughts and questions. Regarding mandatory reporting; do you report on what you “learn”, if it has come to you as hearsay? Or Rumor without evidence? Do you report without anything verifiable or confirmed ? Do you report as a precaution? Like “I was told this by so and so (likely can’t be anonymous reporting) that blank did this”. Or must you have confirmed proof before you report? Now obviously first reporting should go to proper authorities; those not being corps admin or DCI. I mean police. How much time should pass once the reporting person, learns of an incident, until they properly report it? Within 24 hours? Less? What is a proper time frame. I would then assume, after reporting an incident to police, the reporter would quickly report to the org.? How quickly after is an appropriate time period? Within a day? I would also assume reporting to the org. would not be a one on one briefing. I would hope it isn’t. Lastly, would it not be an unreasonable policy for DCI to create a reporting protocol for any person directly associated with a corps; volunteer, souvie sales, instructor, truck driver, cook, executive staff, ANYONE; that makes reporting to authorities, mandatory. Geography notwithstanding. State laws regarding mandatory adult reporting notwithstanding. Report always, wherever it occurs. Wherever it is learned. Just my random thoughts to put some parameters to reporting criteria.
  4. Maybe shows aren’t written to the max mm’s so the can have only a few spares. Maybe fewer than previously. But maybe the corps cap mm’s at the max and end up increasing op costs much less than folks here are thinking they are headed or being less of a money grab than they were thinking. I guess what I’m saying is the ops cost increase isn’t excessive after all, and revenue generated by tuitions is as much as believed either, because the added mm count isn’t a lot higher than it has been. Maybe.
  5. Just a couple of points to consider when referring to increased revenue and bus capacity. Many corps already carried additional mm’s above the 154 count, with spares. So there was already additional revenue received from spares. There were sufficient seats on busses for these added mm’s. So no additional busses were needed for the mm’s on tour. All other operational needs and costs were covered. The increase however may come from spares over the 165 count. The increase in revenue generated from 154 to 165 is under 7% and probably is absorbed in operational costs. I don’t know if spares pay the full freight performing mm’s do. They likely pay full tuition.
  6. It is clear you are not aware to any extent, what BAC went through in the 80’s or 70’s or 90’s to survive and reach their 82nd year in 22. Name me another corps that has faced that amount of adversity and without going inactive; has made it through such diminished membership, virtually no management leadership at times, no financial support other than members themselves and minimal fundraising. Being totally self supported by membership and a group of dedicated alums who did whatever they could to keep this necessary community activity alive as best they could. And still face criticism from unknowing DC followers about how they got in the position they are in after years and years and years of struggle and hardship. They accuse them of poaching staff and members (in the past now) , yet they’ve done what many other corps have done to improve their chances of success. They finally have been able to rely on hardworking, creative, talented alumni in leadership positions to build the organization. so after indulging my rant, I can be confident in saying no other DCI member org, has gone through what the Boston went through those many years. You also don’t need to explain building character to anyone in the Boston Crusader organization. Maybe it’s nothing new to other orgs to go through struggles. Many have. But no other org has gone through quite that much. None.
  7. It’s really nice and maybe it’s just me but it reminds me of Santa Clara’s opener the year before. Which I really liked as well.
  8. Rapid testing . I’m sure she did rapid texting as well.
  9. Yup. I even was COVID tested by the doc when I visited ST for the day. I got a lanyard pass to wear before I could sit in the stands in a designated section, saying I was an approved visitor. Wasn’t allowed near members or staff or inside any of the facilities. The doc did rapid COVID texting constantly throughout the summer.
  10. I visited a spring training this year, and other rehearsals, and it is so different that the old school days. When students arrive they get checked out by medical staff. They get an arrival pack that includes a water jug which must be with them at every rehearsal block. They begin visual rehearsal with stretching, stretching and more stretching and a little yoga. Water breaks are constant throughout the day. They travel with an MD and 2 PT’s. They are fed well with dietary needs provided for. They get a good amount of down time to recover from long rehearsal days.
  11. Maybe one thing learned from this year is, with the ability and quality of virtual instruction, ST time can be reduced. Planning and managing well run ST, all facets of it, is key.
  12. As I’ve aged I find myself needing to hold onto handrails. Like white knuckle tight. Not for fear of heights but knowledge that my balance is worsening. As I’ve seen when I’ve been skiing “a fall could result in a long tumble”. Or something like that.
  13. I think BAC’s deal there got rooms for half that. Other corps groups must do that as well. JW Marriott is nice too.
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