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  1. There are two huge parking garages. Not sure if they are free or not. BC personnel is handling all site logistics. Everything; parking, Gates, concessions, etc.
  2. It is at BC in Chestnut Hill. For certain. There are a number of events BAC is holding that weekend and the show at BC is a highlight. June 27, Alumni Stadium Boston College, Chestnut Hill. Tix on sale now. This is also 5 shows after Detroit. Plenty of parking and public transportation as well.
  3. No shows in Lawrence. Only at BC on a Saturday night. Looks like a great show. I don’t believe there is a Tanglewood event.
  4. BAC is doing only one show this year. At BC. Part of a weekend 80th Anniversary celebration in the Boston area.
  5. So how will ST factor in this schedule: 1 week later start, 4 consecutive shows, a week plus to rehearse the back on the road? There may be a lot of catching up to do and doing it while others are settled into their tour routine. And I forgot the break over the 4th being parade time for some $$ to support tour. Making for less rehearsal time.
  6. It looks like a prudent economically designed tour with a break around the 4th of July for revenue opportunities.
  7. You got Atlanta Dome hot dogs last year. At Mercedes Benz/ Maybe that's why the price reduction.
  8. I remember a corps with 53 members making DCI Associate one year. It was unheard of for a corps that small to be accepted but they were; and that enabled them to recruit and grow year after year and the corps is now a perennial finalist. But those were different times and maybe that is not possible in this era.
  9. OMG how do they know where they are going so they find their spot from a scatter drill?
  10. I don’t know for certain what traffic is like where the stadium would be located for Chicago, specifically, but I would guess San Fran would be best suited in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara and Boston would be at Gillette in Foxboro.
  11. My son calls it a cult. At a corps event all the alumni sang the corps song and he turned to my wife and said "see, it IS a cult". I guess it kinda is.
  12. Oh wise one. Please explain to me about legacy fans. Exactly what is your definition. You might try rereading posts.
  13. Obviously. You must be very experienced at it. Be content with yourself.