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  1. I am seeing auditions beginning for 2021. What that means for mm’s from 2020, I can’t say. My guess is some kids who would have marched in 2020, that were being allowed to extend through 2021, have decided to step away. What becomes of 2021 is anyone’s guess at this point, so we’ll have to see what the “bridge” year is.
  2. Where might I find old recaps? DCX museum is not helpful, at least not to my untrained abilities. Looking for recaps from DCI prelims 1979. The judging slate may help but the recap would be most helpful too. Are other recaps available anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  3. Jerry Noonan one of the best soprano soloists in the activity, passed away today after a brief battle with cancer. Jerry was the featured soloist of the Northstar Drum & Bugle Corps. Jerry had also been the brass arranger and instructor with the Boston Crusaders and was inducted in the Crusaders Hall of Fame. RIP Jerry.
  4. Please keep Jerry Noonan, former soprano soloist of Northstar Drum & Bugle Corps in your thoughts. Jerry is in a serious battle with cancer and could use your prayers. Jerry is recognized as one of the top soloists of all time, and was a brass instructor with Northstar and the Boston Crusaders, among others, and is well respected throughout the drum corps community. One of the good guys.
  5. I’m not sure there will be published financial reports for the general public. You’ll have to look for their non profit IRS filings. I also don’t believe their was a lot of teaching going on this summer, for most staffs; guard, drill. Athletic fees at my Son and daughters school are buried in “additional student fees”. Not expecting any kind of rebates there. I’d like to think most corps have a handle on members fees by now, for the upcoming season but probably won’t do much until January.
  6. And there’s the HIPPA aspect to consider if any housing sites inquire about vaccinations for Covid. How does that get communicated?
  7. I’m guessing that query will be added to any health docs the members fill out if they get a contract or confirm health status before participating
  8. Not so sure 2021 DCI will cancel if WGI is cancelled. WGI would be underway next month with auditions, then go right into rehearsals, then to performances. To do so however, they’d need schools at least through March. Schools are a mess right now as classes are being decided to be in person, hybrid or remote. Having to create the physical logistics required for people to be in school buildings is a huge question mark nationally. DC on the other hand was headed into March and fairly well positioned to go into ST’s. Most corps, those who survive this, and that’s another discussion, likely
  9. Nice story but not quite how it was. No other corps involved. Boston was protecting its own. Boston was warming up sections near the Orange Bowl. A local gang didn’t want Them there and decided to go after the little band, particularly after the drum line. It didn’t work out so well for the locals, although there was damage on both sides. It was chaos. Within minutes of it being over, Boston went in for their performance truly fresh off the altercation. Cops were dealing with the locals who were thought to be from Overtown. A dangerous area of Miami. Mind you Boston did their show min
  10. Thanks for your continued support of all their efforts. You are a great fan.
  11. Listening to BAC Brass virtual releases like the one from yesterday with Al Chez joining in.
  12. Head to Castleton, VT for BAC’s ST For a couple of days to volunteer with anything they needed.