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  1. Maybe but there is a ski slope in The American Dream Mall in Rutherford, NJ
  2. I'll be in Miami for the Detroit show. Will have to find a theater there.
  3. And what do you get with those? Deafened by the sound? LOL
  4. I have to shift a scheduling conflict around but planning to make all events. For certain I’ll be at BC. Looking forward to Bell In Hand. That will be fun. I think we’ll have a band there too. Would love to meet up. I remember you from Blue Hills Tech days.
  5. OK. But I’m guessing someone likes the other two they mentioned.
  6. What comes with that? I booked tix for Boston’s show at Boston College (former location of CYO Nationals) They were $80 each, VIP package; VIP parking in garage, high stadium center seats (padded), early entry, rehearsal, early concessions and doubles. Figured it’s worth it and it is part of their 80th anniversary celebration weekend. I think the next level down, which is still excellent seating goes for $50 each.
  7. How are the Celts doing this year? LOL. Thanks for the update. This is the quietest the Boston thread has been in years. But there is a good feeling about the upcoming season. Eat em up Boston. 80 strong.
  8. I thought his post was observational. Not specifically negative.
  9. For several years. Ron Lambert, prior to his current position with Cadets was with Boston as Asst. Director for at least a couple of years. He was the LR connection/contact as Band Director. A great guy and Cadets are lucky to have him. Best wishes to him and Cadets.
  10. OK, so it maybe dopey, but when I heard the performance at the Oscars of "Into the Unknown" from Frozen and thought about it as a production number. I thought it had a lot of interest and variety. No question there would be licensing issues but the International version/performance during the Oscars was really cool. The variety of voices, I thought, made it very interesting. I'll go back to my nap now.
  11. A corps helping inner city kids? Boston. Actually Boston’s parent org. IAM.
  12. There are so many points of discussion going on it’s hard to keep up. Mostly I’m just reading and trying to follow this fast growing and often confusing thread. But what it does show for good or for bad, the HUGE interest in Cadets. What might be worse, would be to hear nothing at all about them. The interest in them will be a component of their survival and get them through their reset. Carry on.
  13. I believe a large issue with many posters on this thread is a significant amount of skepticism that things are improving and a forward plan for success (and righting of the cadets ship) is happening. Continuing to say “the truth” will be released does nothing to ease that doubt. What has occurred is so devastating to some, the level of trust for some to step up and say “here is my donation and what more can I do to help” is hard to overcome. Being more communicative (Cadet leadership) and more transparent might bring more support from the skeptics. Of course the information should be managed as there are a lot of legal hurdles to deal with, but better communication beyond “just wait, you’ll see” is necessary. The many posters and alums who are supportive imo, deserve more. People in general want to help. Given the opportunity. Just my opinion. Continued best wishes.
  14. I’m pulling for the miners too. Because of former Patriot connections. Go Jimmy G.