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  1. I know. Just totally bugged. I’m done with him. No more arguing.
  2. So you really have no real drum corps experience. You are a faker. A poser. And not new here at all bubba.
  3. So let me ask; have you marched drum corps? Have you taught drum corps? Judged drum corps. Just curious.
  4. You write line a Crown fan, comment like a Crown fan, then you must be a Crown fan. Maybe if CrownGuard looks like it always has, and that was the CrownGuard Michael Townsend created, maybe CrownGuard is now trying to be BostonGuard.They are so much alike. Maybe identical in fact. Mirror images if we are to believe you. I’ll stop responding to you now and thank you for your support of Boston Crusader as they approach their 80th Anniversary year. I may go to Crowns thread and thank you there too.
  5. It’s not Crown guard. What is so hard for you to understand? Michael Townsend created what you call CrownGuard. Like you have some rights to what he creates. Crown has their own guard. Work with that. And why do you continue to come to the Boston thread to convince everyone how good Crown is and take jabs at Boston.I don’t get that. It is baffling. Are you worried about something?
  6. It is NOT CrownGuard. It is Boston’s Guard. These kids have/had little if anything at all to do with Crown. These are talented kids from a variety of places in DCI and WGI. This is a guard developed and taught by Michael Townsend and HIS team and their talents and skills. Is SCV CaviesDrill? No it is Michael Gaines drill for SCV.. Stop with silly comparisons between Boston and Crown. At this point they are each very much their own identity in all captions and overall aesthetic and programs.
  7. ST is over, everyone is ready to go or should be. My post ST version of guesses 1. SCV 2. BLD 3. BAC 4. BLU 5. CAV 6. CAR 7. CAD 8. BLS 9. MAN 10. CRO 11. PHA 12. SPI Good luck all. Be safe.
  8. I was thinking Al as well. He first came around the year Finals was in KC. I don't know for sure when he wasn't there anymore but i think he was there through 89.
  9. Here is another POV regarding winning a caption on only final performance. A corps wins a caption all year, say guard. At Quarters the guard wins by .2. Semi's wins again by .2 Finals night, loses guard by .005. The guard, undefeated up to that point, is not recognized as the best guard because the guard judge that night was not swayed by their performance and thought another guard was just a tiny bit better. And that judge is thought to have a bias against the previously undefeated guard but always looked favorably on the now Champion guard. Granted guard is a bit more subjective than brass and percussion. But the averaging, in my mind, takes any chance of a bias out. Well as best as it can. I am OK with captions being averaged as much as I am OK with the top corps performance of the evening on Saturday winning finals.
  10. No doubt, but it wasn't ONLY money, as some would have everyone believe. With a salary increase, a 5 year deal, unfettered creativity, staff selection, top level traveling accommodations, MM development, daily rehearsal management, etc., etc. I would say all of that is the incentive to move. And it wasn't like BAC was devoid of talent. A new direction was needed for Boston. A staff capable of providing direction and expertise to help RETURN Boston to the top level was needed and obtained. What may have been the seed for the move for these folks, was the environments they were in, were no longer acceptable to them. That seems to be a hard concept for the supporters of their former org's. to understand. Maybe the staff had grown tired of what they were doing in the manner they had to do it in. Maybe they tired of interference in what they were doing. Maybe they were being paid peanuts, if they were getting paid at all. I don't know what all the reasons were but I am certain it was not only about money. If you believe that, you are kidding yourself. The BAC org. and BAC alums are thrilled this staff is here and fully support what they are doing. For a corps as truly old school as Boston is (and there are alums to prove that out) to accept the changes seen over the previous two years is testament to the drive and desire to be a top level corps. And Boston sports teams are examples how management, staying out of the way of the personnel who create the success, can become successful organizations. But that's not a unique formula for any successful, sustainable organization or business. Hire the smartest most talented people you can, give them all the tools they need, commit to supporting them, then get out of their way and let them do their work.
  11. The staff was probably happy to go. Money helped confirm things might be better elsewhere. Never say never.
  12. Meaning what exactly? THAT explains Boston? That smacks of both ignorance and arrogance. IMO.
  13. Yeah about the reply I made. I deleted it because I wasn’t sure if the reference was to Boston. My mistake. So if your reply to mine was referencing Boston’s design teams shows from 16, 17 & 18, as you noted. Then I’m more confused because they have only been together for 2 shows. If I’m off base here with understanding your post I apologize and I’ll leave now and get some sleep. LOL