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  1. Nice story but not quite how it was. No other corps involved. Boston was protecting its own. Boston was warming up sections near the Orange Bowl. A local gang didn’t want Them there and decided to go after the little band, particularly after the drum line. It didn’t work out so well for the locals, although there was damage on both sides. It was chaos. Within minutes of it being over, Boston went in for their performance truly fresh off the altercation. Cops were dealing with the locals who were thought to be from Overtown. A dangerous area of Miami. Mind you Boston did their show minutes after this incident and only had 51 or 53 members total as well. Made DCI Associate member, the smallest corps ever to do so.
  2. Thanks for your continued support of all their efforts. You are a great fan.
  3. Listening to BAC Brass virtual releases like the one from yesterday with Al Chez joining in.
  4. Head to Castleton, VT for BAC’s ST For a couple of days to volunteer with anything they needed.
  5. The desire is gone. I can smell the lingering odor in places someone has smoked and it stinks. A smoker near me is not to repulsive but I will move away from it pretty quick.
  6. After a number of tries and having several examples of reasons to quit: Dad on a respirator, mother with emphysema, cost of smoking 1-1/2 packs/day, smelling like a cigarette all the time and Brooke Shields commercial “kissing a smoker is like licking an ash tray”, along with a doctor saying if I was still smoking when I turned 42, it may be too late to see improvement, I quit. Cold turkey on April 1, 1987. Never touched another cigarette. You can do it. Don’t stop trying. Your friends and family will appreciate it. You will inspire others to quit. It’s dumb to smoke cigarettes, and add to that; vape or chew. All the best in your efforts.
  7. Then don’t. Others might but you don’t have to. Others may be only recognizing his music.
  8. A similar process is being done at my daughters HS. They are taking small groups over 3 days, giving them the chance to have a live graduation. They lost everything else but at least they get a live stage walk in front of a few classmates.
  9. Just a question; if you pay her for a reaction, does she feel compelled to give a gushing positive reaction? In the hope you might pay her for more/future reactions she might think you are looking for? Or do you think she’s completely unbiased and all her reactions are genuine and spontaneous? Might this become an income stream for her? I’m curious and, as I can be at times, somewhat skeptical of a funded response. Personally I loved her reaction and it is how I’d hope anyone seeing drum corps at that level, For the first time, would react. Especially if they had a preconceived notion of what they were about to see with regard to marching bands.
  10. I’ve noticed some under the nose versions. But I am noticing fewer mask wearers when I’ve gone to a grocery store and the pharmacy. Employees are getting better At these laces but many people are not. And many people don’t get the one way aisle concept. It’s not that hard.
  11. Unfortunately 300k/day isn’t nearly enough to shorten the time for a full reopening. That would take nearly 4 years for the US population to be tested. The initial guidelines are better at stemming the tide. If the entire country were all drum corps mm’s or former mm’s we would have unified discipline to maintain 6’ and wear a mask.
  12. I think it may be a reference to Spartans Drum Corps, not Michigan State. Maybe.
  13. BAC’s “lost revenue” refers to the inability to hold their single biggest annual fundraiser, Concert In The Park. That particular event kicks of their tour usually. But with no tour, there was not going to be an event. That event also raises funds primarily for BAC’s parent organization, IAM, which supports all IAM groups; Inspire, Blessed Sac, HYPE. So this year (just announced) they have decided to hold it virtually. It will be held June 15. The point is that corps are getting creative with virtual presentations and Cadets have just shown they can be successful at fundraising using this technology. Maybe corps can do virtual camps and somehow let people peek in; with a donation of course. Just a thought. Continued success Cadets.
  14. Yes. How are lockdowns (and they aren’t really lockdowns) contributing to death and destruction?
  15. I am stunned at what I believe to be blatant selfishness of many (not all) protesters and people being socially irresponsible. I am seeing it increase day after day in my area (NH). We are in it together, just some more than others. I swing back and forth thinking I must be tolerant of others and their feelings and concerns, and levels of anger about how they don’t care about whether I die because of their behavior. I will rely on their eventual awareness that they need to give a €%## about us older folks.