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  1. You have heard right Hook. They are well ahead of schedule for putting the show on the field. Kids are having a great time, working hard. They post daily on instagram with mm interviews. All the new Saders are loving their time with a relaxed learning atmosphere and the Castleton experience. The only thing a bit unexpected for kids from TX and southern areas is the cold. It’s been chilly the past couple of days. But so far everything’s is going well. Boston should come out strong. Best wishes to your favorite team. This is going to be a very good year for all.
  2. Well that was long. I’m pretty sure the prop doesn’t go on the field fully assembled. So logistically it should work, and staffs/designers are aware of stadium accesses. Well I hope they are. I’d be more concerned about hills or inclines than spatial issues.
  3. I believe there are enough trailers in the fleet already. In fact last year they opted to leave a trailer at home and rented 2 (I think) straight trucks that worked out more cost effectively. To do as suggested would require obtaining a trailer and a van. Which is not necessary.
  4. You’re absolutely right chief. With the dolts coaching last year nobody would have stood a chance. His future looked bright after 2021. Then BB had the 2 knuckleheads in there. We’ll see how it goes this year but hope Mac can restart successfully. This year for Boston things look very good. Improvement in the right areas hope to make them stronger. Looking forward to catching up with your son when Mandarin come to town. Hope he is doing well and you’re enjoying his experience.
  5. 165 is a number of mm’s you CAN go to, but you don’t have to. Some corps that had 165 last year, and could have 165 this year, may go back to 154 (ish) and save some money. Every little bit saved helps and does show some fiscal restraint/responsibility.
  6. Didn’t go to Indy in pre Covid years, but were the entry issues bad then? Maybe there can be a return to that except with scanning e-tickets being better? It seems to be good at other events (non drum corps).
  7. Atlas? Isn’t it about maps? Symbolic of the road to success!
  8. I for one can’t wait to read Max’s posts.
  9. Interesting POV. As we know corps BOD’s vary greatly in size, roles, expertise and so on. What are the sizes of the leadership/admins of the top 12 for instance and what are the sizes of their BOD’s ? What is the relationship of the corps leadership/admin with the BOD’s? How much crossover? How is a corps structure similar to or different from a business setting?
  10. The thing is, corps have been doing ST’s for a number of years now. But with varying lengths of ST’s and several winter camps, they still usually come out in the low 70’s at best. What may happen is a faster rise in scoring than usual. But I don’t expect a “longer” ST to get anyone a significantly higher score out of the gate.
  11. Sooooo, how’s the SCV repair work going? Any updates from the leadership? Is there leadership? Is there a functional revamped BOD ? I’m sensing 2024 isn’t happening. Is there Bingo #2 (aka The Savior) happening? It has been very quiet.
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