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  1. With more unistume reveals lately, I predict many will look similar and there will be much white on the field. So far SCV, Phantom, Madison, Boston, who am I missing?
  2. It will be interesting to see how the predictions shift after tonight. Then another slight shift in a couple more days.
  3. Hopefully you’ll like the music even more when there is better audio, no city noise and no fire engine and ambulance contributing to background noise that you get when performing in downtown Boston at 5pm.
  4. Same placements and spread as last night except BD on top by 2+. SCV will crack 70. I’ll be asleep by the end so I’ll read about it in the am. Great shows for all tonight.
  5. Understood. I saw people were seeing secret videos. I guess I’m not connected well enough to that dark side of dc. LOL. I’ve seen Boston live at ST and CIP and I can tell you, their brass is really good. Big at 80 brass and a little different sound than previous recent years,by way of Ryan’s writing and instrumentation.
  6. To be fair, Boston hasn’t had the talent in the earlier years with Ryan. Now there is Gino and his team there to build and nurture the talent and enable Ryan to create more with his writing and Gino to pull it off. Bostons brass has greatly improved since Gino has been there. Last years Boston Brass was really good and some more knowledgeable than me put them on par or slightly better than Bloo. We will soon see everyone and can then more appropriately compare the reality with reputations.
  7. Boston’s show is complete. Very full. Has been done for over 2 weeks now. They had finished it about a week and a half before ST was done. Now they finished 2 full days in DuBois,PA and are in Erie, PA for I think, 4 days. Then to Detroit. Detroit will be exciting for corps as the east gets underway.
  8. The CIP audio was not great. I wouldn’t gauge Boston’s brass quality on that.
  9. PLACE CORPS SCORE 1 Blue Devils 98.325 2 Bluecoats 98.238 3 Santa Clara 96.600 4 Carolina 96.563 5 Cavaliers 95.400 6 Boston 94.488 7 Blue Knights 92.050 8 Blue Stars 91.225 9 Cadets 89.838 10 Mandarins 89.300 11 Crossmen 87.550 12 Phantom 87.238 How much will this change since 2019? What will 2022 Finals look like?
  10. My concern would be a judge actively judging during the season, adjudicating corps competitive with their consulting gig. I know of a judge who judged his former corps more harshly so as not to appear biased.
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