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  1. Their schedule shows them at Beaver Creek HS in Dayton, July 1 & 2.
  2. And you aren’t there why? Let’s go Chief, no waiting, no excuses. Your 2 favorite corps in the same place, preseason. Got to go my friend.
  3. They are at Mercyhurst thru Friday, then they move to University of Cincinnati for a couple of days and have the use of a large stadium. Then they are in MI for a couple of days until the show next week. The schedule on the corps website, gets updated as housing and rehearsal sites are confirmed. The daily schedules are fairly consistent and unless otherwise noted, rehearsals are open. But check the website to be sure.
  4. The corps left DuBois last night and are at Mercyhurst for the next few days.
  5. Their daily schedules are fairly consistent on days there isn’t a show. The DuBois and Mercyhurst schedules are likely the same each day, with the evening blocks being ensemble as Craiga mentioned.
  6. They will be in DuBois for a couple of days then they go to Mercyhurst for a few more days, then on to the debut show in Rockford. Hope you catch them. Very different show for BAC this year, from the past few years.
  7. The theater in Lowell, MA (Dlux) has a bar and I’ve taken my drink to my seat. Like the old days of going to shows and bringing your cooler in. Sort of.
  8. No not gimmicks. Not quite sure what you’d call gimmicks. Anyway imo, it’s no more than what any corps is currently doing, if you want to characterize what everyone is doing as gimmicky. When Boston moved to Wicked Games in 17, people were saying they lost their identity. Now they are losing then identity again? Changing program concepts is being done by all corps so no one gets pigeonholed into a specific format or genre of music. I wouldn’t call that losing an identity. BD was always the jazz corps, now they are viewed as the art corps. They’ve not lost any identity to any extent. A corps identity these days is not tied only to a visual or physical appearance. It’s their culture and attitude that is a thread through everything they do and perform. For Boston, this seems to be a good time to move on from literature and be creative in a new innovative kind of story telling. But then, that’s just my opinion.
  9. I was at CIP and I will admit the audio is tremendously challenged in this park. It’s a small park in the heart of Boston’s Financial District, surrounded by traffic filled streets and tall concrete buildings. Acoustically, not great. Also it’s about impossible to set up all the electronics and amps so they have to be selective on what can be done. But it gets great city support, lots of passersby and audience and it is in the heart of the FINANCIAL DISTRICT. So there is that exposure to sponsors. The specialness of CIP is that IAM gets to show what groups they represent and support; Blessed Sacrament Winter Guard, HYPE youth percussion music ensemble which provides free music instruction to inner city kids aged 8-14, River Theater Works who produce stage theater production in the IAM HQ in Hyde Park, MA. And of course The Boston Crusaders. It is a major fundraiser for IAM and BAC, raising over $10 million dollars over the past 11 years. This event will be followed by another fundraiser tomorrow, for family and friends; The BACYard Bash. We’ll likely get a better read on the show and the uniforms, which actually looked really good tonight and should work well with the visual program and movement. The show is fully complete and now they have 2 weeks to do some work. After a bit of free time tomorrow in Boston.
  10. I believe Vic Firth recording was done yesterday. Got it done just before ST wraps up today. Boston is somewhat on the road after today. First public performance, Concert In The Park, is late tomorrow afternoon in downtown Boston. Then they have a family and friends event Friday in Quincy, MA BACYard Bash).
  11. Corps have been close, just not close enough. There are 3 Corps close and other corps on their heels too. The top 6-8 are so darn good.
  12. He’s never seen any dc show from past years?
  13. Relative to nuclear codes, you do have American Prometheus, right? So there’s that aspect from this program.
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