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  1. I remember one corps that didn’t have enough members who put Boy Scouts in the pit area. . I can’t remember when it was but I was at the show.
  2. It’s good that they decided against their first inclination.
  3. I’m not saying this as a positive or a negative so don’t jump in my ####. 😂 I had to take my car in for maintenance yesterday and had a wait at the dealership. I brought my iPad and EarPods and jumped onto flo for a few minutes. Purely as an observation, the prop phenomenon is not going away. If anything, I expect to see more if the fall band season is any indication. And I think it is. Kind of like how they try to guess what kind of flu season the northern hemisphere has by how it was in Australia.
  4. Thanks, I will. My dad was a Korean War veteran, too. He was Army.
  5. I’m with you. After going through the crucible, I don’t think a G-bugle is gonna scare them off. 😂
  6. The best marching horn I ever played is the Yamaha F mellophone I bought in 2012. I would have killed for that BITD.
  7. Only if you leave in “Soviet bloc”. 😂🤣
  8. They were sharp. Maybe my favorite.
  9. Hell, BD mocked us at finals In 78 by stacking two of their shakos together when we passed them in retreat. I was lmao.
  10. I don’t know where to start with what I had to wear. 😳😂
  11. I remember him saying something like it was the worst business he’d ever been in as far as losing money.
  12. I recommend watching “Unbelievable” on Netflix. The sexual assaulter had no “type” besides preying on women who live alone. One survivor was 72. Another was 18.
  13. I’m sure it will be great. Have at it. But I want to hear this.
  14. Fans against untested fabrics. Wtf is that?
  15. If I were naming this rule proposal....oh nevermind...
  16. That’s why I didn’t march for two years. My junior high band director LOVED drum corps. He would play Yankee Rebels and Cabs for us. He invited Norwood to hold camp at the school and that’s why I joined!