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    Bluecoats Blue Way 2024 clinic.
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    Madison Scouts, Govenaries, Troopers, Cavaliers, MBI
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    2022 Troopers, 2009 SCV, 2011 Cadets, 1987 Cadets, 2010 Cavies, 2023 Cavies
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    2022 (my first I followed)
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    Drum Corps, NASCAR, Football, Baritone, and the Clarinet

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  1. IIRC spirit made a deal where they took a year off, got their crap in order, and then returned and didn’t lose member status.
  2. A post on Reddit shows an alleged text from Mr. Hall. The text never mentions buying the cadets uniforms, instead just buying their traditional maroon and gold uniforms that they could have bought from anywhere.
  3. Ok. Well I wasn’t aware of that. Someone asked where it was and I provided a link to the source.
  4. This is a just a rumor and I have no verification of trustworthiness but: https://www.facebook.com/Berffa
  5. Goddess was a good show, but the dci movie announcers ruined it for me “aPhRoDiTe Is mY fAvOrItE gOdDeSs”
  6. Drumline, Drum Corps, Marching Band, and Indoor winds: ooooh spooky 👻 Color Guard: EVIL MINDS THAT PLOT DEEEEEESTRUCTIOOOON (epic guitar riff)
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