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  1. . I love their show. Beautiful, elegant, and subtle. It will be a pleasure to see them again in Indy.
  2. I'm a $99 subscriber and it appears to be working for me. It just hasn't started yet.
  3. . Ditto on Unchained Melody! And Ghost was on HBO this am, too.
  4. There's nothing like looking down there and seeing your child . I miss those days. Congratulations to you!
  5. I'm biased, admittedly, but I thought the kids did a great job tonight. I want to send a shout out to the timpanist, Sean McWilliams. Outstanding work!
  6. I just watched a periscopetv. No stage.
  7. I agree. The stage is used for about two minutes. That hardly justifies it's presence and it adds nothing. Most groups add depth by using sets in back of the field like Blue Devils and Madison Scouts are this year.