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  1. One of my years in the mid 90s with Southwind we had shows way up in Hibbing and Chisholm Minn where it got pretty cold. I vividly remember practicing with our corps jackets on and you could see your breath. coldest marching, hands down, was Auburn Marching Band in the 2000 Iron Bowl. 29 degrees and a steady icy rain that soaked you to the core.
  2. It looks like a huge load of videos have been purged from Youtube. There was one particular Youtube channel where the person had uploaded a ton of old school DCI videos from as far back as the 70s, and I am no longer seeing that channel at all. Is that DCI forcing the purge? Anyone know? Sucks, too, because the guy had some amazing shows on his channel.
  3. Madison 99 will be coming up soon. Not sure what shows may be ahead of it, but the Scouts JCS show from 99 will be next week.
  4. Last year for cymbals I could find. Blue Devils 1988. Cavaliers and Cadets 1992. Bluecoats 1997. Scouts got rid of cymbals after 2004, had a cym line in 2009 and then no line again until 2015. Appears plates are gine again with no 2019 line.
  5. I appreciate it. That was a fun summer. We had some wicked stuff in that closer. You saw a lot in the drum feature with "monkey walk/head chopper" but the stuff not shown on video....we were slinging them plates. I hate that cymbal lines have been phasing out.
  6. Very surprised to hear Ward stepping down. I've known Ward for a long time dating back to our Auburn band days. I have to admit, Ward did so much better in the DCI world than I ever imagined he would. He was a purely symphonic guy that dabbled a bit with marching bands. But he had zero experience with anything drum corps. As a Scouts alum and a friend of Ward, I wouldn't mind him leading the brass at all.
  7. Some great memories of Midwest tour in 98 with Scouts and the alumni cars lines up with car trunks full of booze for those of us legal to partake. We'd be relaxing and drinking after a show while others were doing basic blocks.
  8. Not sure what Scouts have done in recent years but in my days it was tradition to stay in a hotel during finals week. Now the food truck issue I can't fathom. Relying on donations to feed the corps? What if those donations don't happen or at least enough to provide? Then what? Goodness, things just keep concerning me more and more.
  9. I have a couple of thoughts on Chuck's post discussed in the thread. 1st. Why are the Scouts in the situation of a "total rebuild"? Where did things go wrong and who is responsible. Are those responsible for allowing Scouts to fall so far competitively being held accountable? 2nd. I scratch my head at the idea of doing a show strictly to please the crowd without "playing the game" in order to retain members. Seems to me finishing dead last most shows and getting beat by nearly everyone in World Class would push most folks AWAY, not to stay. And another thing....and I really think thi
  10. 1999 was a good ways back, but that's why I said in the big scheme of DCI history. If we're talking 1960s or 70s..then sure. But 1999 wasn't THAT long ago. As for other corps, I'm not saying they should just be satisfied with where they're at. But the reality is those corps, with the exception of Troopers to an extent, don't have the history of success as Scouts. But frankly, I don't care what expectations are for corps X, Y or Z. As an alum of Scouts I expect them to be a consistent Top 12 group and hope for even better. I expect them to be a corps that younger marchers dream of be
  11. The difference is Scouts are former World Champs, perennial Top 6 and one of the biggest, baddest corps in DCI. They were a destination corps, not a feeder. They were one of the most popular corps out there...and this wasn't THAT long ago in the big scheme of DCI history. Those other corps can't say the same. Those groups you mentioned have always been around the 15-20 range with a few exception years. This is unchartered territory for Scouts, so yes, alumni are raging mad right now.
  12. Looks like the "Troopers will not catch Scouts" comments earlier in the thread didn't age well.
  13. I'm not advocating for firing mid tour...that would be insane. But the argument of "who would take over" or "you have to have someone ready" as a reason for not making that move following the tour is equally insane.