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  1. I'm not advocating for firing mid tour...that would be insane. But the argument of "who would take over" or "you have to have someone ready" as a reason for not making that move following the tour is equally insane.
  2. This is just like any scenario with a sports team when it comes to replacing a head coach, athletic director or GM. If they are not getting the job done and the product they are in charge of is failing, they are fired. And on very rare occasions is the replacement already ready to be named. They have search commitees, interviews, etc. So no..Scouts do not necessarily have to have someone lined up to take over if they change executive staff.
  3. So this is a question that seriously needs to be asked. Do the Scouts EVER recover? And when I say recover I mean back their perineal spot among the Top 6? I have my doubts, even if the BOD and executive side is changed. I'm concerned they are too far gone now. I worry that you will continue to see members move on to bigger and better and the average age will keep them unable to perform at a Top 6 level.
  4. Watching ESPN 30 for 30 on competition eaters and Joey Chestnut mentioned how his dad was a music teacher and they'd go to drum and bugle corps shows. They'd both eat a large pizza on those trips.
  5. Before I marched Scouts I spent years marching in a lower-level corps that would routinely finish last at shows. NEVER in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined my corps...my Scouts...would basically become the equivalent of where I began my marching career. Makes me sick.
  6. The complaints in 17 were more about Scouts seemingly selling their soul for the sake of keeping up with the Jones'. 17 saw Scouts throw away their identity.. wearing wild costumes and playing unrelatable, esoteric music with a "theme" that was tough to follow. 18 took it a step further. Now Scouts have flipped to the complete opposite end of the new/old spectrum....and neither seems to be working. I think most alum...or at least speaking for myself as an alum....want to see Scouts put on a show that can be competitive with modern DCI, but still hold the identity that is recognizable as The Scouts in look and music style. Some say that's impossible, but I say it is. As some have mentioned, The Bluecoats have shown that "Scouts-type" music still works. The Dowside Up show was a perfect example from a music standpoint. Right now it feels like design is a blindfolded, stick-swinging attempt. No idea whether to be too old or too modern when everyone with their eyes open are begging for somewhere in the middle.
  7. Goodness at the crickets on here. No one has any insight on Scouts? I'm sure someone has something from the Capital concert. Or did they not play any show music? Have the fans also been sworn to secrecy? Ha ha
  8. 2019: I just want the Scouts to be the Scouts again...give the fans a visual and musical roundhouse kick to the face. The goal should be for every fan to walk out of a stadium saying, "they might not've won, but that was frickin' AWESOME!"
  9. You'd think how WGI-esque DCI has become that every line would have cymbals.
  10. Surprised to see no one speaking about full percussion staff announcement. Two things stick out...very Phantom heavy as nearly every staffer is a PR alum. I'm ok with it. No cymbal staff listed which I guess means Scouts will once again abandon the plates. That is a shame and kinda p***** me off.
  11. If change in instructional/design staff is all the change we get, and it works for the better, then I'll be good. With that said, the new arranger and his jazz background is leading to a thought that The Men will do jazz this summer. I'm typically not a huge fan of jazz shows under one condition. If Scouts do jazz...please please please at least give us some raunchy, dirty, filthy-style big-band jazz. No happy toe-tappin stuff. I want to feel like I need a shower. Ha ha. Maynard, Connick, even some Buble stuff like "Feeling Good". Just my two cents.