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  1. Century 16 Mountain View showing in 2 sold out theaters. HISTORIC!
  2. Yep, out west here Flo just interrupted SCV with 2 ads.
  3. Love that analysis clip. Have not seen before..
  4. LOL, I hear ya. Was there during one of those Disney years.
  5. So far stream has been great. But where I'm at, cutouts usually start happening during second half.
  6. Curious, have any dci corps performed in a war zone?
  7. What happened to the fancy salutes of yesteryear?
  8. Yes no doubt. Love it, but didn't want to miss the designers, that very knowledgable plump expert, etc.
  9. Somewhere last year wasn't there a live text commentary (chat room?) with DCI experts during the show? Is that happening again this year?
  10. I wonder why it varies. I first subscribed & watched the Boston show. But it buffered and froze so much, I asked for a refund. I never got it, but then the next shows were crystal clear & perfect. Now tonight I started watching the Denver show and it streamed excellent. Then I switched over to Dekalb to see SCV and the broadcast went to hell (horrible resolution, freezing, & buffering).
  11. Thanks for combing those - that is so great! Am watching both now. Had a lot of trouble with FloMarching buffering during the Boston show a while back & was going to ask for a refund. Now it seems to be working much better.