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  1. xandandl

    Show design puzzle

    They are trying to give activity to the visual space without having to pivot the feet of the ensemble into another drill formation or transition. It looks like movement. Some call it modern dance? Others say it is an expression of art? I'm not sold on either option other than to think the visual guys listened to some talk about interpretation after they ran out of drill ideas or creativity. imho.
  2. xandandl

    The Cadets 2019

    Are Troopers and Cadets doing parallel tours this summer? https://www.troopersdrumcorps.org/single-post/2018/09/21/2019-Design-Team Fun fact about Adam Sage: he really has a twin brother. Doing two corps may prove that.
  3. Perhaps this is the style others are seeking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaKkoqDa8Ng
  4. xandandl

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    double duty like many others. cf my answer to your post (slightly re-worded) in another thread. So is Adam Sage (@Cadets & Troops); so is Michael Klesch for several seasons now @ Academy & Carolina Crown; so is Doug Thower at a few places besides Bloo. Nothing new here.
  5. xandandl

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    So is Adam Sage (@Cadets & Troops); so is Michael Klesch for several seasons now @ Academy & Carolina Crown; so is Doug Thower at a few places besides Bloo. Nothing new here.
  6. xandandl

    SCV to BD..Shaun Gallant

    I heard about Justin leaving from a mutual friend a full two weeks before the public announcement was made and who floated the plausibility of the announcement as a test balloon. Count back a few weeks further for negotiations, discussions with his wife and their families and you are almost at August first. I'm sure Roseanne and David Gibbs didn't let it all drop from the sky without some previous discussions and negotiations. One poster said Shaun applied. Do we know this as fact or theory?Might BD gone to him with an offer too good to refuse? I don't know further details of what's in the Devils mind. Limiting the press releases to merely what they said belies a lack of understanding of how the top 6 DCI admins. work; they don't get there by chance. Have you ever attended a DCI Board meeting? I have. It can get ugly with the manipulating and executive insights defending their own forts. These kings of the castles aren't tee-ball coaches.
  7. xandandl

    SCV to BD..Shaun Gallant

    SCV has had quite the turnstile at corps director and CEO positions since Rick Valenzuela went to Regiment. Amazing that such executive turn-over led to double championships this year. If he is taking over BD or was in discussion with them while SCVC was discerning its future, no surprise that similar thinking presents similar public statements, does it?
  8. xandandl

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    but is Gibbs gone or is he still the shadow over (Justin's) shoulder?
  9. xandandl

    Blue Devils 2019

    When do we yell "Vanguard!" ???
  10. xandandl

    SCV to BD..Shaun Gallant

    In the past decade, just how many folks have headed SCV? That may be more of the story here. PS. Is this why BDB and SCVC had issued identical press releases about staying home-bound in Cali this summer?
  11. Were not compulsories something DCI eliminated when they stepped away from American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars requirements back in 1972? One set of these championships dictated cadence levels. When Soundcoast Sound was originally The Band of Gold from Largo, Florida (a nice Gulfcoast suburb outside of Tampa and Clearwater Beach) and competed in the summer national veterans band championships run in conjunction with the veterans drum corps championships akin to how DCI does Soundsport alongside drum corps championships, they had to perform set compulsorary pieces before doing their field show; so too for other units. Drum corps that didn't do Flag Presentations had to pay the penalties. Color Guards had to do 3 moving fronts of the full ensemble for sixteen forward moving steps PLUS either the manual of arms or the posting of the National colors (and all other flags as well.) It seems what goes around, comes around; if you keep an old suit/dress in the closet long enough, it comes back in style (ask Bloo.) Perhaps the young theoreticians who joined the activity after 1972 A.D. might find some history research and digging quite a surprise to how we got to where we are in 21st century drum corps
  12. xandandl

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    This seems strange in the current DCI climate. Everyone is a heartbeat away. Wasn't that what Madison '18 was trying to perform? Remember Phantom Regiment's tragic and unexpected bus accident last summer or what the Cadets' had to face this Spring? Any unit that does not have a back-up plan with appropriate candidates and secondary chains of command at the ready would be imprudent, unrealistic, and risking the legacy and future of the drum corps. There should always be headhunters on the prowl for appropriate leadership, not just scouting what trumpeter can be brought on as a member to play a solo at galaxy stretching range for next season or if a hole appears for this year. An amazing part of the reality that Phantom Regiment dealt with last summer '17 in Arizona was how their CEO did yeoman work having the corps heal, perform, and continue while also having to continue tending to his injured wife who had been a passenger on that fatal bus. I'm sure it took its toll in many ways, especially those out of the public eye. Cadets' 84 years of alumni were always accused of having shadow governments, the rumored "Order of the Buckle" deep authorities, and a long maroon and gold line of disenfranchised but experienced folk able to step forward in case history took a turn. Isn't that part of what the Cadets' and Pioneer's struggles off the field has taught us: leadership can never be vested (anymore) in just one person, no matter how iconic or charismatic that person be or appear. There are many reasons Madison should be looking.
  13. question are TEP's always mature, well-rounded, personality balanced, experienced with people adults over thirty or do they sometimes happen to be a last minute volunteer because so and so can't get out of work, has sick children who can't be left, etc.? Having done touring as a quasi-admin for almost twenty DCI tours (with 3 units) I run out of fingers and toes counting how many times we've been met in the middle of the night/early morning by a semi-dazed, sleepy college kid or equivalent because Mom or Dad got hung up with "emergencies" etc. Not all shows can anticipate Garfield being the perfectly prepared, experienced, and cheerful TEP at 3:30 am while he is praying that the reports of lightning and tornado warnings dissipate before show step off and don't effect last minute walk up ticket purchases at the gate.. Otherwise, there is a merit to the proposal as a starting point of discussion.
  14. xandandl

    Caption Awards

    nope, otherwise (as in color guard under current system) only one judge is deciding who is best. Average is also the opinion of more than one person and limits rigging by bias. Unless of course you have suddenly become a fan of infallibility...
  15. xandandl

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    and the unis/costumes chosen didn't really help or give a Madison flair.