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  1. As I haven't seen any comments, just in case someone did not see what Dan Acheson had sent from DCI. Class.
  2. Have you noticed how many have viewed on line the funeral proceedings for Don Warren? It's at almost 61K. In other words, take the most DCI Championships in Montreal or LOS have ever had paid attendance and multiply it by 2. Outstanding!!!
  3. then again Tom Blair is a Cavies battery vet...one would expect the Cavs to have depth in the video field, no?
  4. how much does this BoD have to raise? They are up for $$$ challenges.
  5. Hmm!? Dan Potter gets the new CEO to admit that Monte Mast is a oenophile and the next thing we learn is that Cavies are starting the season in Napa Valley. Mere coincidence??? Seriously, joining the Cavaliers Family in spirit as they gather at St. Monica's this week to acknowledge all the blessings The Father shared with us all in Don Warren.
  6. and Reliable Rondo still has him yearly as part of the Indy TV panel. Go figya.
  7. Have to congratulate BAC's plan-ahead forethought of doing Concert in the Park and Spring Preview just before the 7th Game of the Stanley Cup when Hub City is already abuzz.
  8. Question yet to be answered now that Boston is into leather and straps (for slingshots): Did they ST in VT to empty the quarries in Barre and Proctor of the granite and marble for the stonings? If they are scouting the beaches up and down the Cape and shore for rocks and larger pebbles, stay out of Westport or put those Selectmen on BAC BOD. https://www.southcoasttoday.com/news/20190513/westport-creates-250-fine-for-stealing-beach-rocks You're welcome Chris for this souvie table newest item idea: rocks actually used by David against Goliath BAC '19; get yours now! (It will keep Brasso and Craiga out of your hair if you send them out now to collect them; they won't throw them at each other because the corps will lose $$$.)
  9. nope...enough of you Midwesterner bandos. How about making the opener in the dome in Arizona and getting the West Coast and Rocky Mountain corps involved, maybe even Texas.
  10. at 4 p.m. I guess, given that you two have been known to winter in Florida.
  11. so we are all invited to your party? how nice of you!
  12. yes, we noticed your playoff beard in the photo. So since when are you on the design team, ho, ho?
  13. The corps known for West Side Story mannnnnnnny seasons drove the mms through NYC several times and to Most Holy Name Church the years the corps did MASS.