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  1. and the low brass is already tagging themselves, not as Buicks or Cadillacs, but LandRovers (who will do a drill!)
  2. how soon before BAC has to register as a bank and hire Mr. Ream as loan and mortgage officer?
  3. It's when they abandoned teal and started wearing beige, brown, and tan that corps problems coincidentally began to go ...ugh, brown.
  4. especially any constructive comments about how to construct the props for under $$$ if props be used in the future.
  5. how many steaks can the Cavies get out of that?
  6. With the Netflix release of this next week, I wonder whether Cadets' memories will be renewed or make an appearance? Recent history is also the inspiration for Clint Eastwood’s retelling of the incredibly sad tale of “Richard Jewell” (Dec. 13), the portly security guard who went from national hero to wrongly accused villain in a matter of days after a bomb exploded on a crowded plaza at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
  7. I hear there is some great hard workers here.
  8. and not even an hour's drive outside of Houston (corps usually stay as much as an hour and a half away for practices for Regionals) an exsanguination. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/11/26/feral-hogs-kill-woman-texas/
  9. and some on DCP have posted rumors that Carolina Crown also sought a loan, but DCP offers no proof. Also rumors that Crown was seeking to buy land for practice hall; also rumors that Jim Coates told BoD to start looking for a successor. Lots of wind, no substance found for any of this.
  10. Ah, at first I didn't get the mechanics of that being a zip code.
  11. Sounds like leadership of MBI might be dealing with a case of realism..........................Minnesota in the winter rather than racing from one national gym to another for Winds.
  12. No Mr. Ream, you have misunderstood. You got the D right, but you forgot the CA as in DCA. If you have done your Reading of this thread more thoroughly, most of the dissidents on this thread wear/wore blue.