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  1. Acccording to several Crown BoDers I know personally, he announced to the boD awhile back to begin looking for his replacement due to his health issues.
  2. Out of respect to the Regiment alumni, phans and prhriends who post on this thread, out of respect for Mr. Warren (corps alum and director) and Mr. Valenzuela (recently announced resigned CEO) and others interested in the Phantom Regiment, I post here what I stated on another thread. In full disclosure, over the years I have been an occasional donor to the corps and past financial sponsor to several Regiment fmms. "re: Rick Valenzuela rick@regiment.org David Warren david@regiment.org I was wondering why Regiment made the OP's initial list twice, the only corps to do so.
  3. re: Rick Valenzuela rick@regiment.org David Warren david@regiment.org I was wondering why Regiment made the OP's initial list twice, the only corps to do so. (???) It occurred to me Mr. Valenzuela has resigned from his Rockford position as CEO until a replacement is named. However, Mr. Valenzuela who also has been serving as official liaison between DCI corps directors and DCI BoD, also announced that upon leaving Regiment he will be taking on a new position with System Blue whom we all know to be a manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments for bands and drum corps.
  4. good point. But keeping elbows locked and uniform as the kazoo section jazz runs back stepping to far sideline while trilling a triple tongue mellophone-like sustain will take some getting used to, ha, ha.
  5. Kazoos were used by Guardsmen BITD, harmonica was used by BD (Yowza!) and The Cavaliers previously. Oboe and bassoon by BOA, UIL, and USBAnds.
  6. Evolutionary development. Perhaps it is more Revolutionary changes, and I don't mean just a drum corps in Texas. While some see Woodwinds as the final straw and the picture boy for all the changes the designers have imposed on the drum corps public in the past decade or more, I find the ire and discussion as positive to wean the professional elitists and designers back to what DCI is at its core...corps serving youth for development as young adults. The discussion need not be rancorous but it has lately seemed quite one-sided out of Indy. As other posters have noted on severa
  7. as horrible as he may have been, how did Cadets get licensing for that 2000 program and with cooperation from Disney no less?
  8. Morning Call (Monday, Jan. 6th) features article about financial problems at the Ham Fam and difficulties with traffic around J. Birney Crum ongoing into the summer and perhaps Autumn according to local reports beyond this article. https://www.mcall.com/business/mc-biz-allentown-hamilton-street-bridge-work-20200106-t4g4pkclbbfgdfoixlzk2o6tge-story.html
  9. You are not open to opinions which differ from your own?
  10. Are parade permits required for picketing or is this covered under First Amendment Rights? And we could always repeat what the US did to Noriega when he hid out in the Vatican embassy. As the LATimes reported the doings in Panama: Noriega slept through three days of ear-splitting rock music blared toward the embassy from loudspeakers by American troops surrounding the place--harassment that kept awake his host, Archbishop Jose Sebastian Laboa, and was shut off only after Laboa’s repeated complaints.
  11. I anticipate that as the budgets crunch, world/political situation worsens, and choices have to be made between being a local youth oriented program vs. a "Blast" like summer program for college marching band candidates that there will be a split in DCI. It would even include some World Class units if usual donors no longer go with all the changes but would fund a more youth oriented (compared to designer oriented) program. Some may sense these comments as extreme but the behind close door rancor of DCI meetings and corps reps has long been a tradition, even modus operandi of the organization.