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  1. like these? Certainly would make a different drum corps tour experience than what we dinos have known. https://youtu.be/0kpApw-ehSA https://d13sa6bna7z32x.cloudfront.net/assets/videos/Cabin_Walkthrough_030518_H264.mp4
  2. xandandl

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    PatriotLedger today features short vid. (beginning at .50) of Sr. Crusaders at their last Scituate long walk. https://youtu.be/nqmtbTgw6Ns
  3. xandandl

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    With this teaser, The Crusaders seem to be MILKing it.
  4. xandandl

    Uniforms of the Future

    Calling njthundrdd, Calling njthundredd! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyOCG4OGcMY
  5. I was informed by very good sources that both BD and the Crusaders were investigating these: .https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2018/02/02/new-bus-service-brings-back-comfortable-overnight-travel/1086707001/ But given that each unit only houses 24 (half the number of passengers as the contemporary coaches corps use) that would double the outlay for gas, drivers, etc. Interesting though.
  6. you don't have to be on it.
  7. xandandl

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    yes, both small CYO corps. St. Jean parish in Lynn is no more.
  8. Back on thread topic please.
  9. What other options for housing might corps consider with schools closing, armories now off limits, and hotels growing more expensive? I once had a discussion in Minneapolis with Chris Komnick of Madison Scouts who had an investigation ongoing for 10-12 man tents hearkening back to the C. Beebe days and reminiscent of when Scouts camped outside J. Birney Crum when their housing fell through at last minute. They seemed to be building on the sub-groups that Jim Mason era initiated to make the large (150-154) member contemporary corps more relatable when every third member has the first name of Mike, Jim, etc.
  10. yes he was. He was long time director at Brother Martin H.S. in New Orleans and had a sly sense of humor according to Moe Latour.
  11. I thought these numbers were a bit high against what I have been hearing at professional associations' meetings. So I searched and found your source which dates from 2001, almost the previous century but still used by subsequent administrations who failed to do a census of such schools. (cf. According to the Digest of Education Statistics, 2001, (Table 89) In 2011, Arne Duncan, then Cabinet Sup. of Education under Obama, projected 27 States would see a decrease for high schools; the remaining 23 increasing were the Carolinas and Rocky Mountain States (from Mexico to Montana) with spot sections of other states such as Texas and California. So it's the hot weather hotbelts for DCI tour who have the schools with the Rust Belt, Grain Belt, and New England shutting down. I'll do some more digging to have an actual link for present decade of 21st century data. Thanks.
  12. his name wasn't Marty Hurley was it?
  13. xandandl

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    In a PM, someone to me spoke of PR'19 as "the Joanettes." I had to remind the pmer that The Joanettes were a girls corps from Leominster, MA last seen in DCI Div III in the early 80's. These 21st. century noobies... 🙄
  14. True situation. Twice on the same tour in Upper Michigan in the first years of DCI, the corpsI helped administer arrived on site at housing situations which fell through at last moment. At one our buses arrived only to see the local fire departments housing down the remains from the all night fire which consumed it. (Remember these were the days before computers and cell phones.) I asked where the local Catholic church was, walked there and introduced myself to the pastor as I explained the situation. He gave me the keys to the school complex and never charged a fee. In fact, he summoned the church ladies guild who arranged a welcoming pancake breakfast the next morning. Our kids showed their appreciation by leaving the grounds in the best shape ever. Two days later we had traveled to the Wisconsin border only to find where we were to billet over run by rats. The staff and kids looked at me who went again to that town's Catholic high school and talked with the priest in charge. I name-dropped the previous priest and they spoke by phone; turns out they had worked together in previous assignments. Again I was given the keys to the campus and no bill ever came to the corps. Except for the off the street dog walking into the girls showers when they were washing down because a door had been propped to release the accumulated steam, neither place saw any problems and wrote the corps excellent letters of commendation. By far these are exceptional situations. I know corps like Cadets, Boston Crusaders, Cavaliers, Crown, etc. have each a staff member who solely works 12 mos. all year lining up housing; even then there are last minute glitches, emergencies, and changes in school admins. which makes housing such a hurdle. Most corps now also have an advance team who arrive the day before the corps is expected to curb any last minute surprises; rarely do these folks ever see a show as they are already on their way to the next site. Several corps have staffers do the summer tour schedule in the winter or Spring to assuage as many possible problems as possible.
  15. xandandl

    TMEA 2019

    Crossmen at booth 2451