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  1. His 1979 solo was in my book the greatest in DCI history.
  2. Exactly why I don't go to DCI events or subscribe online anymore. Still make my yearly donation to the Scouts but that's it.
  3. I've become kind of addicted to watching her DCI reactions. I think it's great that she is so much more animated by the old school stuff. Especially Madison. I suppose that's to be expected though.
  4. I have heard rumors and they involve farm animals and lard.
  5. He only got involved because he had a family member in the Crossmen (maybe a son?). He's been independently wealthy for years and fell in love with the activity. Provided a lot of support. As far as I know he doesn't have a music background.
  6. Fred Morrison is a millionaire. I doubt he's looking for employment.
  7. He has literally contributed a #### ton of his own money to the corps over the years. How quickly people forget.
  8. I was poking around the Ludwig website and their snares look like a carbon copy of what everyone else is making. https://www.conn-selmer.com/en-us/instruments/educational-percussion/marching-drums/ludwig-ultimate-marching-snare-drums
  9. I bought one of the new wood Rogers 6.5 by 14 DynaSonics and it is incredible. The gloss black finish rivals a Steinway.
  10. And again the "Legendary" "Dr." Michael Schmidt has been snubbed. šŸ¤¢
  11. No it's Legends Mouthpieces. And he's freaking out about it - always the victim.
  12. Yes. Now he's claiming to be a "Dr." of divinity and has a fictitious counseling business.
  13. He's an infamous DCI troll from way back. Many here know of him. Claims to be the "Loudest Trumpet Player Ever". Being sued for defamation by a mouthpiece company. And I was just fooling around.
  14. "Dr." Michael Schmidt will lose the lawsuit against him.
  15. "Dr." Michael Schmidt snubbed yet again. Oh the injustice!