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  1. I don't know what makes me sadder: 1. The fact that I read most of that 2. The fact that someone took the time to write it. Should have spent the time making waffles.
  2. Join the club sir. I miss drum corps of the past as well. 2014 was my last live show. I stopped watching online 2 years later. I still make my yearly donation to Madison (sent it yesterday) but have no interest in watching at all now. Thanks for your honest assessment. You are spot on!
  3. So this clown was never sponsored by Legends or Andalucia. I don't think he even knows how to tell the truth.
  4. WGI has been ruining Drum Corps for years and it's not likely to stop. Pretty soon all corps members will be wearing ballet shoes.
  5. Same here. Except for one view of the Scouts on youtube I didn't watch at all.
  6. Well genius, you are in the Madison Scouts thread.
  7. I think 2018 might have something to say about that.
  8. Yep - the old birthday scam. Best part of their show.
  9. I commute about 35 minutes to work on the coast every morning so I always tune to their show. Good music and they're pretty funny sometimes.
  10. Just in: The Dean and Rog show (local DJs) have issued a "Powder Your Nards Alert" for Houston today. It's already hot and sticky here. Stay hydrated!
  11. Yes, that was my understanding. One of Mason's folks is a high school buddy of mine and he confirmed worked with the Scouts for 3 or 4 years. I don't remember exactly how long.