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  1. Blue Knights Carolina Crown Cavaliers Blue Devils Crossmen Bloo Pacific Crest Blue Stars SCV Genesis I really enjoyed a majority of what I watched this season, but these are my favorites.
  2. I had several repeated drops watching on the FloSports app on a 2017 12-inch iPad Pro. I switched to my desktop PC, which is wired to my router. No more drops, but there was still very noticeable video compression for the duration of the stream.
  3. My only regret from tonight is that I didn't tune in early enough for the Marines. I was thoroughly entertained throughout, not just tonight, but this entire week. I still can't believe it's already over again.
  4. ####, they're done. I don't want it to end. I wish there was more of this season left. Great job Devs, and congrats to everyone for putting together another memorable season.
  5. I think the most impressive part about the shoe feature is that I've never seen anyone's shoes fly off their hands this season.
  6. I'm fully convinced that if there weren't a time limit, Bloo would still be playing Hey Jude and the crowd would still be singing along and having a grand ol time well into BD's setup time.
  7. Nailed the super D. Didn't go for the G again tonight, but he probably no longer has it after such a strenuous season.
  8. How does Bryce Gardner not look a single year older than he did when he first marched Troopers??
  9. Every year I think this is gonna be my last year to follow drum corps, that all these changes have dampened my enjoyment of the activity. Yet every year, on championship week, I find more than enough reasons to reel me back in. So you better believe I'm ####### ####### pumped right now for next year.
  10. Crown got the crowd on their feed with the opening statement. That's how impactful it is.
  11. Cavies converted me over these past two nights. What an emotional roller coaster.
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