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  1. In this regard then, While I was at Boston Buffalo Ensemble Rehearsal this past August, They were working a section of the ballad where the Mellos where on side 1 and had a soft melodic line that required delicate playing and soft smooth dynamic transitions. Some of the players started to have blend issues and where sacrificing sonority to get the proper shape. The Box told them to make sure they had their horns pointed at the MIC on the Front Sideline and just play within the Section. Then Off Mic a comment was made to the Sound board to increase the volume off of that mic by two clicks. The next rep, the sound was smooth, emotive and what was intended. Even sitting there at the box right next to the caption heads, you could not ever tell that the sound was not just coming from the Mellos' Left Side but also from the Side 1 Speakers if they didn't point that out. I think many of the issues that arise from the noticeable change from True acoustic to amplified-assisted is the fact that FLO chooses to plant their mics right on the Speakers themselves. And thus the change at the Speaker level is obvious when you're sitting at home watching the Mix that FLO chooses to transmit. I think if FLO changed their standard MIC positions to being halfway up the stands for all shows, you'll see that the corps balance the speakers for the live paying audience, not the people listening to an unchecked balance broadcast by FLO and their incompetence.
  2. People don't go to see OC corps because the quality is not the same a BD. Not because of the size of the corps. People will pay to see BD whether they have 154 or 100. Same with much of the rest of the top 10. Its coming to the point that most corps are not maximizing the rules with regards to amplification as they could. A properly mic'd hornline of 50 could be just as loud and sound better than a hornline of 80+ without mics. "Its not the size of the Boat, but the motion of the ocean."
  3. Find me a professional musician (brass player) that plays acoustically to large crowds and I'll show you a broke musician. It's simply a part of the idiom now, Volume and projection have an impact on Sound Equality and the complexity of the material allowed to be solo material. Imagine Crown Gabriel's Oboe solo/ solis without proper amplification, Only the people crowding the Front sideline would have heard the delicate nature of much of that solo. Same with the Soloist in Bluecoats show last year, (namely in "Come Together") Had that soloist had to Project to reach the Music judges in the Box he would have had a helluva time trying to get the same quality that he achieved. Also with Sound Reinforcement, Everyone in the audience could hear the detail, not just the people in the line of fire of the physical bell. Live quality playing is the name of the game now, There is little that would convince the corps of putting that sand back in the bottle now.
  4. I'm not a CPA so I'm not sure if I'm using the correct terms but, in my mind; If you decrease the amount of money you have to spend to earn the same amount of money, the amount of money you take home at the end of the day increases. I guess I should say, decreasing your cost will increase your profit. If a corps can sell the same amount of tickets using 100 members than it could using 154, why use 154 when you could be more profitable using 100.
  5. Yeah I mean we all want to see this activity continue so the sooner the corps realize that reducing cost will also increase their revenue then they will start to see the light. It does seem though that something pretty dramatic event will have to happen for the corps to begin to consider taking their show indoors. Perhaps Weather and an onslaught of extreme weather will mean that corps simply cant operate in the same manner as temperature outdoors during the summer become unsafe for the performers. Heck even now some shows are being delayed because of the heat index being unsafe for even the people sitting in the stands let alone the performers. Perhaps in 10 -15 years where DCI might still be holding onto some strict rules and WGI offers them a Blank slate to do with what they wish, some of the designers will pull the activity into the indoor direction. And those that want to remain outdoors and remain true to the idiom as it was originally intended will remain in DCI and ultimately succumb to the natural progression of the activity. I hope a hostile take over doesn't occur and the activity naturally progresses but as the founders of DCI did so many years ago, when they created DCI, when a group of designers think they are being held down from flourishing and evolving they will find a way. And the better product of the two will survive and thrive, while the latter slowly fades into history.
  6. So the OC corps are shut out from the Corps directors vote. Only 20 WC are "voting" members. Well that answer some questions to me as to how the majority of the WC corps voted. And the reasoning Erik gave was just that, the "Throw it on the wall and see if it sticks" approach to this proposal left corps hesitant. The corps will need some solid evidence and $$ figures in their hands to change this rule. Thank you for the POD and the insight.
  7. Corps aren't ultimately paying for these expenses on their own? Having the cost deducted from their performance fees? Or a separate line item on their own 990's That would change things, if the cost for housing each corps is also rolled into this 990 line then the benefits are further diminished. I always figured the corps fended for themselves with regards to housing. I've always heard of the odd corps that lost their housing site at the last minute and didn't think DCI was organizing and paying for those sites.
  8. Your insight to these matters is always on point thank you. So yeah not the astronomical cost savings that I thought but still on the average still a significant amount of money. And if you combine that with lowering corps number to 100 and the inherit cost savings to corps there, you can make a sound case that these mega stadiums are what is keeping the activity from seeing better returns and the potential for more corps to be involved. Now mentioning that the corps are paid out performance fees, I wonder if this is not also a driving force for the corps that have survived the last 20 years to try and keep their numbers low, so that these performance fees stay in their pockets at much higher payouts than say if there were a total of 30-35 WC corps and the payouts would have to be diluted so that all performing corps get their cut. Having the restrictions of a smaller venue however I do like the idea of an Allentown model at other weekends and major cities across the US. In a city like ATL or Dallas for example that would have the sheer number of people interested to have two shows at the same location in a weekend the lack of travel and floor time would be positives for the corps and fans alike. Those that can afford it can attend both days and get a back to back comparison. Those that can only afford one day can roam the lot one day and watch the shows the next.
  9. Whats the Seating capacity? Those shows might be good for local shows in mid week but DCI wants proper performance venues that offer height and concessions and amenities to accommodate a DCI crowd. That means that the average cost skyrocket once you are renting the College Outdoor Football Stadiums and the NFL Football Stadiums for your Regionals. Plus at those outdoor shows you always have the chance of being rained out. Indoor Arenas wont have that problem and even at the smaller NHL/ NBA Arenas you could seat 5000 on one side of the stadium and charge a premium over the average HS stadium. Even at an average price of $40 per seat @ 5000 people that's 200,000 in revenue from one event.
  10. The Total Functional Expenses for DCI in 2018 was $12,429,268 The line item identified as Show Expenses is $6,550,694 With so many other line items on Page 10, I would imagine this cost is what the venues asks from DCI to be able to use the stadiums for the shows.
  11. There are some serious Masochist out there. If the number spot you want in the Lot is the Inside of a BD or Crown Horn Arc. Imagine that amount of body shaking impact but sitting in the stands. And this second point is where the next visual frontier is in my mind, Tarps in most cases simply do not work outdoor, but they sure as hell do work indoors. The Costuming and Floor Combination will provide a new dimension of effect that can be used in the marching arts. And finally Lighting. I've expressed my DCI - Cirque comparisons before and I think what is separating this idiom from other professional performance environments is the use of lighting. I think as long as the Lights are not changed while a piece of Guard equipment in the Air (which can be regulated by rules) then all safety concerns should be quelled. To mitigate costs, the Lighting rigs and control board can be shared with the corps and the programming can be saved on the corps own programming module.
  12. Now I have never been to Indy but I have been to the Old Georgia Dome, Alamodome, and the old RCA Dome and those were obnoxious Echo Chambers. I'd have to think the the acoustics in a smaller arena would be much improved because the space that the sound waves could echo off each would be greatly diminished. It'll still have some echo but nowhere near as bad as a larger domed Stadium.
  13. Page 10 has the Functional Expenses, There are a lot of other categories that you would imagine would be separated from the actual show expenses. For example Judge cost and Travel and other matters are separated into different line items. I would imagine that the Venues tell DCI, WE need X amount of dollars to have the space available and for our Event staff to ensure the arena is protected and used correctly. I assume all of that is included in the Event Expenses.
  14. This is whats possible on a 90x60 Floor. Most professional Arenas that can house an NHL game have a floor space capable of 200x85 and with modifications 210 x 105.
  15. Expenses. Its a big topic on this board and many say that DCI costs are spiraling out of control. So I started to look at what is driving cost up through the roof. I started to look at the DCI's 990 to look at what their actual costs and expenses are. Pulling up their 2018 990 here ( ) you can find that in 2018 DCI spent $6,550,694 on Show Expenses (cost of renting facilities) Looking at their calendar they put on 108 shows in 2018 between WC, OC and Soundsport shows. If you average that out, they Spent $60,654 per show for the DCI tour. That's an insane amount of money for a Non-profit organization to put out to put on these shows. And that leads me to think what Can DCI do to bring this crazy amount of Cost down? And the one idea that keeps coming through my head is, the football Field. We are married to a football field as our performance venue and this marriage is becoming so expensive it is killing the organization from within. When if you look at most shows, Corps Rarely go outside of the 15 yard lines and rarely spend much time behind the back hash. Could DCI survive in a smaller venue? Could DCI perform inside the NBA/ NHL Arenas instead of a football field? Looking at the Size of NHL Rink. The regulation size is 200 x 85, But most NBA/NHL Size arenas can easily move the back and side bleachers and easily reach a common space of 210 x 105 Feet. Or what you would know as 15 to 15 and Front Sideline to Back Hash. Now you might ask what does an average Arena Cost to rent for a day? $20,000 a Night. If in 2018 DCI rented arenas instead of Football Stadiums the expenses for Show Expenses would shrink to: $2,160,000, a reduction of $4,390,694. Even if you inflate the $20,000 Cost by 50% $30,000 to cover for Security, event staff, Logistics etc.., You would have expenses at $3,240,000. A Reduction of $3,310,694.00. For comparison, Looking at WGI's 990; ( WGI spent $1,635,975 in 2018 on Event Expenses. They put on 77 events some are duplicated so you can 70 events in 2018 ( For comparison WGI is putting on 64 events in 2020) Their average expense was $23,371.07 per event. If you're thinking, Well they cant get as many people in an arena as they can in a Football stadium, you'd be right, If you where to sell one side of the arena as you did in a football stadium most arenas have a capacity of 12,202 for 180° shows Some are larger, Some are smaller. While the smaller shows are hosted in High School stadiums. The largest HS Stadiums in the country have a seating capacity of 20,000+ but you can only sell one side. But DCI is not in these large stadiums often so you could argue that most of the early season shows happen in locations where the seating capacity is around 5,000 people. So while the maximum number of people that could attend an event would be reduced to about 12,000 the average capacity will be increased to somewhere around 10,000 people for event. There is also the possibility for cities that normally have larger stadiums to have 2 shows one Saturday and Sunday to make sure that everyone wants to see the shows get to see the shows. Reducing Fuel cost and increasing member health as they get to get some serious floor time by going back to the same school. Funny enough that these large Regional NFL Stadiums are the ones that could be pointed too as having the largest impact on these expenses. They also offer performance audiences close to 20,000 people. So the average attendance size goes up. Meanwhile DCI because of the stacked nature of Arenas has more space on the 50, And can increase the amount of "VIP" or high cost tickets. Most of these arenas also have Suites, You can sell suites and club level tickets for a premium something that simply doesnt exist in the average Football Stadium. The next positive, NO WEATHER! No Rain Delays, No 98 Degree heat in Texas after Sundown. 65 Degrees A/C with a cold Beer in hand and with the corps so close you can reach out and touch them. And then the last component. For the individual Corps. While you can with ease field 154 members on a field of this size, you might start to feel cramped. For the corps it might improve the aesthetic to reduce the size for the corps to 100 members. You remove one Bus you remove 54 mouths to feed, and on down and continue the corps budget will shrink. You will still pay the same amount of money to see Blue Devils regardless if they have 154 members or if they have 100 members. With the Cost going down, More corps have an opportunity to compete and because of decreased member size more talent is distributed to other corps, and the overall talent goes up. So I ask knowing all of this, Is the Football Field and being outdoors essential to your enjoyment of Drum corps? If losing the Football Field meant that the activity not only survives but flourishes would you willingly waive goodbye to the Football Field? In my mind I already have.