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  1. I dont know who you are describing, but it sounds like the Visual Caption Head. Been doing that for years... Everyone else is gone and off the field, and he needs to make sure he is SEEN. Fragile. Juvenile. Disappointed he was hired back as by deduction it seems like he was the source of Darcie's Staff issues last year.
  2. What's the deal with the caption judges withholding the upper echelon on BOX 5? Like if they've been capped at 19.4 of something... I remember Several corps already getting 19.9 and 20s In prelims. That BAC Guard run was perfect.
  3. What a night. Boston was on fire. Some inconsistencies in the music and visual captions tonight based on the trends from the last couple of weeks. Hopefully a different panel tomorrow will bring those back to the mean. Amazing run by the Cadets, my wife was in tears, They are Back! Flo sure f-ed up Bluecoats run, surely some sort of interference on the speaker mics, Bluecoats have bought 4 keytars it seems.
  4. 4 years drum corps 3 years HS BOA level 3 years WGI Percussion Bass drum 20 years visual caption head 10 years WGI (SW guard) instructor 8 years Drill Designer
  5. Quite true, the baton twirler soloist has not had a worst show in her life and tonight was a fluke for sure. Here to hoping BAC guard can pull off 3 spectacular performances in the dome with no humidity and dry hands.
  6. Oh are they doing averages from the 3 major regionals??? I thought it might have been scores from Allentown to decide the order...
  7. Boston draws a lot of their component GE from their guard. And namely their tosses. If they don't catch their tosses the Effect goes out the window. A guard judge might say a dropped toss is not as big but for the GE guys a whole section of a show losses points because of drops.
  8. ####, contest dynamics now mean that crown will probably win Saturday nights show with a higher score than Boston and Boston will perform 3rd in quarterfinals... No worries though, this corps knows how to climb the standings finals week.
  9. Welp Boston will live and die by their strongest section. The guard picked a bad time to have their worst run of the year. Regroup and refocus for the dome and fight till the end. The guard will have to be flawless on finals night to win. That much is clear.
  10. I hope I'm not reading too much into this, but when BD has an undefeated season and a championship they get purple rings. Instead of blue rings.....
  11. As I shared earlier in this Thread, the 2000 Crusaders felt this love and support from the activity as well. We got a Standing O while waiting for the Live Show Production before the top 5. We felt like Legends then, I'm sure these Giants are walking above the clouds everyday.
  12. I appreciate the Corps doing what is best for the Kids and their well-being and Health. But, Corps these days have to realize that there is a MASSIVE Demand for "CONTENT" from them. Outside of just performing. The professional Level Camera and Recording equipment could be getting put to use and Monetizing this demand for Pre-season and In-Season Content. The First corps to figure out Twitch will make so much money from running a Daily stream during ensemble, Lot Warm-ups, BTS, Staff, Member Post-show Reactions. The Content is limitless.
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