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  1. As much as it hurts to say as part of the Class Of Florida Crusaders who infused the corps with talent at the turn of the millennia, This is the right move for the corps.. Texas not Florida is the absolute powerhouse in the Marching Arts activity. On average the student wanting to march Drum Corps is going to be a better musician and have better fundamentals than the average kid coming out of Florida. The larger impact in the Brass section.. The Guard and percussion will be coming from far and wide across the Country to try and get into this Top Guard and now recently Top Instruction Percussion Section.
  2. I think so too, And even after Allentwon when they started to water down parts the results where still the same.. Clean or not the book had doomed them. So hard to shake placements up in the individual captions once you have a couple of Regionals under your belt..
  3. That is my hope and my excitement for this addition, They can affect Boston in the right ways to make them on par with the other corps in the Top 5. Elevate the product from a very good Band Show, to a state-of-the-art Drum Corps Production.
  4. I would venture to guess that if the BC team are not the ones arranging the parts themselves they will have a heavy influence on the book to the point that it is practically their book, regardless if they wrote it themselves. Otherwise I think Boston are missing the point in bringing them on board in the first place.. Why bring them on board if you are not going to allow them to influence and change your process. Egos aside I think everyone on Boston's team knows that these guys are gold at them moment and would want to have their help in anyway they can.
  5. Colin's strengths are being the guy who is there every day on tour with the guys leading the group to get the best out of the kids... Don't think its been in the writing, especially after last year. When we visited in Buffalo, the staff and lead field guys all knew my wife from the Cadet days and they kept on saying to her, "It's not about how many notes you play anymore, its all about being perfect." So they knew by that point that they needed to go in a new direction, The New Trend is what Mike Jackson and Kevin Shah created over the years at Broken City.. I'm sure Colin and the field guys will use this as a learning experience to get some inside information on the stylistic choices that the Broken City team make and that will help Colin and the guys on their own future endeavors in the Winter arena.... My hope is that Mike and Kevin are included in the Design meetings so that their influence can be felt not only in the drum Writing but stylistically in the music and staging choices made overall in the show.. A Departure from in your face Ryan George/ Jay Bocook still and more subtle, woven layered styled pieces that have been the imprint of the top 3 groups the last couple of years.. MY hope is that Colin and the existing team will just worry about getting the kids to perform the music and leave the Broken City guys to design and heavily influence the book and overall design of the show.
  6. THE BAC BOD does it again!!! Huge news for the Corps as a whole, Not just the percussion. I figure that their style will have an influence on some of the Music and programming they do to incorporate and bring some of that signature Mike Jackson and Kevin Shah style that have made Broken City such a success in recent years. I really like that the BOD is tackling their weaknesses head on and addressing them right away with the exact thing that they needed, a fresh style change to the writing and they are getting it from the trendsetters in the activity. BRAVO!!!! I can wait to see what this team puts together.
  7. Huge!!!!! BAC scores the biggest free agents of the off season!!!
  8. Any new stadiums now are money makers, They have closed door deals with the NFL that if they secure a new stadium they get the mother of all events, A Super Bowl... You'd bet that any new stadium being built in Buffalo will have stipulations from the City and local Commerce and tourism industry that the stadium be a viable Super Bowl draw and since the last Rain drench superbowl between the Colts and Bears most of the Superbowls have gone to New Stadiums, that are domed. The exceptions are stadiums that have good weather in February.
  9. In looking for this I'd look at who area has a good local Marching band circuit that can support 40+ corps during a week and has the amenities to support a DCI Fan base for a week. #1 Atlanta. The Stadium is A+ A huge indoor convention center next door to support indoor warmups should the weather be inclement. The city is great to support a Week long event in August and there are plenty of schools in the area that are willing and able to house the corps for a week. #2 Dallas, Cowboys Stadium is a top facility and would be able to hold a competition. The Corps have a multitude of Housing sites available to them since the Marching scene in Texas is huge. Temps are a problem but with the indoor stadium you are good to go. #3 Minneapolis, Vikings stadium is a new stadium the area has held a DCI Regional before and you would imagine not having too much trouble securing housing. Weather in Early august is glorious in the area. Mall of the Americas would provide some entertainment and can host the festivities during the week. #4 Buffalo, New Era Field, Decent stadium with easy access for us Canadians. Its hosted a finals before so I would imagine that housing is not an issue. Weather needless to say is perfect in early August. Niagara has lots of entertainment to keep anyone busy during the week.
  10. Ok My take on this is that Yes the current marching members are more Diverse in their Sex, Sexual Orientation, and Race. And yes the most important Design and Caption positions are not. But that is just because the roots of Drum Corps was in Catholic church, or War veterans and those groups where are predominantly White and predominantly Male. And the designers for those early groups are still around today. This is the second or third generation of designers that are still doing it today and will probably continue to do it for another decade. (Gaines, Sacktig, ScoJo, Chandler,) Most of these guys marched in the 80-90's and while the diversity was better than it was in the 60 and 70's it was still not as diverse as it is today. Today's Caption Managers and Field techs are diverse Because most of them Marched in the 2000's and 2010's and they just have to climb the ladder and increasingly earn their positions when they become available to them. But I have no doubt that once they get their shot, the diversity among the top staff in 15-20 years will be as diverse as the current population of Marching members.
  11. Oh well, One can dream... But it leaves the question where is the Broken City team going? and who takes over at BK if indeed they have departed.
  12. No IKE is the Program Coordinator at Mandarins, It was his decision to fire the Percussion staff. You would think he wouldn't make a move like that without having a replacement in mind.. I questioned my source about the relationship between the two and he said they are very friendly and get along. So yeah, If Ayala and Broken City have a baby and its called Mandarins, I'm there, I'm all for it.. Crossing my fingers that they managed to get a deal done..
  13. So I got word from a close source that Mandarins has fired their entire percussion staff. With the rumored departure of Jackson and Shah from BK, this could be a plausible landing spot for that coveted staff and for me the Mandarins would continue their rise into the elite ranks of DCI. A collab with Ike Jackson, Mike Jackson and Shah would be pretty amazing, Talk about Style!
  14. I think the Wording now goes; Technician -> Caption Head/ Manager -> Choreographer/Arranger -> Caption Coordinator -> Design Team -> Program Coordinator. The higher you go up the ladder the more your pay and importance in the organization. Caption coordinator is what we used to call a Caption Head, but now its seems like most caption heads at least in the Guard world are the main people that are committing the most time to the group. The people that will rehearse the group all summer while the Caption Coordinator is the name of the group..
  15. Score another one for Algernon... Kudos man Phantom is taking their time writing this press release.. I wonder if its for effect or if they are pending commitments to finalize the announcement.