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  1. Impressive CV's if there trying to run a law firm or an IT business. What I am looking for is people with experience in entertainment. Sports marketing, Broadway, Ringling Bros. DISNEY, professional entertainment. We can agree that this an area that everyone on the board is light on experience. Who on this board knows what it takes to market a successful production using today's streaming technologies to maximize exposure and profit. Who is worried about bringing DCI into the Future as a professional entertainment company that is producing a professional product. You try and tell the Bluecoats staff that they are doing a marching band show, and watch the reaction you get. DCI should be a training for ground for professional performers. Because if you follow one performer around the field it'd be hard to tell the difference between a Broadway performer and a DCI performer. The quality of the shows should be reaching these heights.. Bluecoats was already pretty close this year.
  2. If you think that not exactly what FLO did with their camera operators all season I've got news for you... The difference is that they never had a competent director coordinating the shots all season until Tom Blair showed up for finals week. The difference would be that the camera interns could be ageouts who know the activity and would have an interest in photography. Not some guy off the street that is filming drum corps on day and high school gymnastics the next day... This intern model already exists in all the world class corps, and has for the last 5 years
  3. And what is stopping DCI from using the wealth of Amazon's streaming service? Anyone and I mean anyone with a smartphone or a computer with a webcam can stream on twitch free of cost.
  4. Read above to what I refer to as interns. The DCI fan network (perhaps you're too young to remember) was a high cam shot from the press box all summer long, and everyone was happy. Finals of course is a different story and I would still want Tom Blair to produce that, but everything else was a high cam. We all know the multitude of Drum corps videos on YT. Every single one of those videos was shot on an iPhone or similar smart phone. Many of these videos had better quality than most FLO streams throughout the summer. Better sound, better overall experience. Now imagine that quality from the press box with a good vantage point all summer long..
  5. That's what I meant by intern, mostly recent ageouts, with a photography or graphic design background that want exposure, experience, and a shot to make it. They get to be a part of something that they can no longer do but on the other side of the lens.. think of them with an earpiece in their ear with a competent production director telling them what to film and when, and because they want to be a part of the action they will be paid in experience and a free ride for the summer. Perfect summer job for any kid wanting a shot.
  6. I would characterize the viewing experience of the old DCI Live/ Fan Network shows as a good viewing experience. One Shot from the press Box, Sound as its heard from the press box. The Cameras on the Latest Smart phones are much better than the handheld camcorders used in the 2000's A Solid Internet connection can stream at 1080p, we used to get 480 if we where lucky in the 2000's Heck even throw in a dedicated Microphone for the phone and boom You got a good viewing experience that we all adored from DCI Fan Network..
  7. You seem to know Dan Personally and perhaps that is having an influence on your views of the Leadership in DCI, but they have old ideas, using old methods. How much has the Model changed from the 90's? You say that they are aware of it, but outside of having a Person from the Dept of Agriculture on their board, they only have Corps Directors on their Board. Of those Corps directors who has had business training? They know the business of Drum Corps but don't know the business of Show Business. And that is the point of this discussion. Moving DCI from a Mom and Pop (amateur) Organization into Professional entertainment. They pay two sports marketing companies a total of $250,000 a year to run their marketing but outside of our little niche, who knows about Drum Corps? Why isnt Drum Corps seen at the level that professional Entertainment is? It's roughly the same amount of Money to take your family to see a Baseball game, or a Cirque Show. We as paying DCI customers only pay that much because we have a personal relationship to the Marching arts activity. What about Joe-smoe on the corner looking for something to do on a Wednesday night in Iowa.. Why couldn't he come to the show and spend some money? There is money being left on the table that a person with an actual education in the business of making money could implement to make DCI more profitable. And yes introducing a 22 yr Old would be a hard Ego hit for someone who's been around for 40 years to understand that a 22yr old might have new ideas that might be better for the Organization, but its absolutely possible that a young person, Maybe even a recent age-out with College accredited Business experience might have some connections and could present a business model different from the current one to make DCI and all of its Corps more money. Outside of the Politics in DCI, a good idea is a good idea, no matter who's mouth it comes from..
  8. DCI's 990 which I pulled the numbers from give you the bottom line of what DCI did financially in 2017 and what the spent and earned from this specific area. $95,000 Estimate is just that an estimate. That is for a quality coverage of the events (Different 2-3) Camera Angles, Director, Control Board, Director to make sure that the cameras are pointing at the right thing and the feed is showing the right camera angle at the right moment. A Media Engineer who can make sure all the equipment is working and sounding right. And 2-3 Camera operators (Interns, similar to the Media directors that the corps pay to follow them around all summer) In all honesty all you need for a solid viewing experience these days is a Smart Phone, A Twitch App, and a Solid Internet connection. And you're right I don't know what the details are in FLO/DCI agreement, but I would guess that you don't either. All you are contributing to the conversation is trying to dispute my estimates with nothing to provide of your own.
  9. So Looking through it it does not specifically mention it but PART III Line 4B (Page 2, Described on Page 9) is described as " to promote the Drum Corps activity through the broadcast of live competitions and performances in movie theaters and streamed over the Internet" A total revenue of $462,085. Now this doesn't split up what was from FLO and what was from the Big Loud and Live theater events so you cant tell for sure but the Expense here is whats important. They spent $497,046 to display the theater events and I would assume pay for the music rights, or pay FLO... Still no evidence that proves which way the money is flowing. You could man your own crew of Interns with Good camera and sound equipment and one good Director and media (Sound/Visual) engineer to follow the corps around all summer (8 weeks) for $95,000. After the first year of using the equipment your cost would go down because your initial investment can carry over for a couple of years. so all your Cost would be is the salaries of the people producing the shows. Broadcast everything on Twitch for Free ( Meaning Twitch wont charge you to broadcast on their service.) And still have $400,000 left to pay for the Music rights. (Of which I would imagine does not cost that much). Then use Twitch and earn just as much if not more than the $959,131 that they are currently earning from Ticket and Subscriptions, Tiered Subscriptions, Ads, Donations, Sponsorships.. etc.., You can Tier the subscriptions so that you get what you pay for; Free - One show a week with 4-5 corps in the middle of the week just to get the appetite up. Since its Free Viewership is close to 100,000 people for these events. (DCI gets major Ad Revenue dollars here.) Tier 1 $5 / Month - Access to TOC Level shows with a good chunk of the highly competitive corps and the Free Level Shows. Tier 2 $20 / Month - Access to the Tier 1 content plus the Regionals. Finals Package $60 - to Watch Semis and Finals - Standalone access. Full Season Pass $120 to watch everything including finals.
  10. So here's the 990 from 2017; Looking through it now.
  11. Proof? I heard this and heard the other, I ask for proof and nothing?
  12. I think that DCI is starting to be exposed as being run by Old people that don't really have the business acumen to properly monetize this activity. Just some old Band Directors who dont really understand Show business. They need new blood on the board to really take this activity into the future. Hell Dan was the Director of Glassmen in 85 and ran Glassmen for 10 years before being elected as CEO of DCI. There's a 22 year old Marketing major and a 24 year old MBA graduating College this year that could do a better job at running DCI and making it more money than it currently does. This got me going down a rabbit hole to try and figure out if DCI is a Corporation or if its operating as a Non-Profit. And I found this searching FL Corporations; F970000033810&aggregateId=fornp-f97000003381-fd75e58c-14cc-41a0-8337-ed45308e057d&searchTerm=drum corps&listNameOrder=DRUMCORPSENTERPRISES N419160 and on the IL Corporation search; Some interesting things. The EIN Was revoked for non filing in 2005 in Florida The Corp was Revoked in IL in 2008 Jeff Fielder was listed on the 2004 Filing as a Chairman of DCI. Anyone have any up to date Tax Fillings for DCI? Any idea what name they are filing under?
  13. I initially thought this too but It was disputed that DCI is paying FLO. If you have any source for the money exchanged that would be interesting.
  14. There is a way if you don't limit yourself and expand your thinking.. Imagine that DCI could attract 40-50 K unique viewers to a Free platform. Twitch will monetize it by running ads. a New Audience gains exposure to this because twitch channels with large number of viewers are automatically shown on a special list on the home page. DCI could even bring in their own advertisers to Twitch which I'm sure Twitch would love. That is why when it was mentioned that DCI is paying FLO to show their content it was a shock to me because a good streamer makes alot of money just from streaming.. And their content is just from streaming video games online.. If I was sitting on the board of DCI, and I was paying to stream shows, I would immediately fire my marketing and promotions team. That is why I feel like Tresona and the Rights scare must have scared the Jesus out of DCI into thinking that a Multi year Flo Deal was a good thing for DCI. If DCI doesnt do this, Then I cant imagine that the Corps might just not create their own Twithc channels and have someone stream every single show they have live on twitch and charge a fee from it.. I would imagine FLO might have a problem with it, but that is the competition that FLO Faces and for what it is providing, It is POOP.
  15. I mentioned this idea briefly in my FLO S*cks thread, But a Service like Twitch and a High Speed Internet connection and a couple of good cameras and sound Equipment could do a better job than FLO is currently doing.. for those wondering is the preferred Social Media Site/App used by Game Streamers... The premise being that Viewers watch really good Gamers playing their favorite Video Games, Live. And there is a Chat feature so everyone watching along communicates with each other.. Quality is on par with YT/ Netflix, as its owned and operated by Amazon. Overwatch the most popular Streamed game even runs their Proffessional Esports League streamed through Twitch and regularly have streams of 80- 100K Viewers with not one single feed issue.. Bonus, to all of the above is that Twitch pays its Streamers for its content. So the streamers once they become popular enough (averaging more than 500 viewers per stream) Twitch starts to monetize the stream, and give the streamer an option to run Ads on the stream that the Streamer is paid a cut of. The streamer can modify the frequency of the ads and the more ads that are run the more money the streamer makes.. Twitch offers the service, to sell ads to advertisers and that is how they make money. From ad sales. As a viewer I also have to option to give "Bits" to the streamer directly. "Bits" are a sort of Twitch currency that you earn by watching certain streams or by purchasing them using a Credit Card that is on file with Twitch. I as a viewer also have an option to Subscribe to the Streamers channel which not only give the Streamer a direct cut of money, but also give me the viewer additional exclusive content, VOD Streams, special Chat emojis.. the Streamers have the option to set different tiers of subscription and the more they give the more content they receive. The only problem that I can see with this service is the rights for the Music. Within the Twitch app itself you can create Clip of the stream that you can save to post or make comments about on your own twitch account, so the rights would have to expanded but if DCI goes this route they would save money from not having to pay someone to stream your content on the internet.... And I would imagine that if a partnership is struck that Twitch has a way to make DCI's Streams Protected. And because Twitch is used to very high viewership numbers, even broadcasting NFL Games for Free online, their system should have Zero problems handling the DCI Season.. I really really hope that DCI is exploring its options with someone who is informed on the matter when its contract with FLO is up... There really are so many more options available now than there where even 4 years ago..