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  1. A little nervous about that tarp. That close formation at the end could be a bit dangerous with the wind.
  2. Not ideal, but I don't think it's a disaster to the Mandarins. The biggest thing they miss from this is the feedback from the judges. They still got to perform which allows them to continue to hone their show. The scores themselves from tonight would have been relatively meaningless. I assume that Mandarins and Scouts will be seeded close together. Scouts currently have a slight advantage on the seeding front - I think I calculated something like a .115 difference. Allentown will decide things as far as seeding goes, but I suspect it will continue to be a close battle throughout prelims and semis. Both corps are scheduled to compete in Allentown and Rome, so they actually have two head-to-head matchups unless there has been a recent change of plans for Scouts.
  3. My wife and I are excited to be attending finals for the first time this year. We have two marching Mandarins, who we're hoping do end up marching on Saturday. We made the decision to go to finals really late and we've bought tickets to prelims and semifinals. We have not yet bought finals tickets and had a few questions before we try to buy some: If our kids do not make finals, do they need a ticket? I'm assuming not, but want to make sure so we know if we need 2 or potentially 4 tickets depending on results. At this point, how likely would we be to pick up finals tickets in Indy (maybe after finalists are determined?). Trying to determine if we should look for some on eBay, StubHub, etc. before we go, or if it may be best just to wait at this point. Any suggestions on where to find decent seats at this point?
  4. Good news is that's a corps record score for the Mandarins. Bad news is they've got some making up to do to catch Scouts. Beat them by .3 in San Antonio, but since then Scouts have really upped their game. And Academy hot on the tail.
  5. Thanks. Haven't chatted with him yet to see how serious. Hopefully something that goes away quickly.
  6. I guess my son has a quite intense stomach bug that several others in the group have. Hope it doesn't become an epidemic. It seems like I remember hearing about one corps having a bad issue like that last year that really impacted them.
  7. Percussion score is holding Mandarins back. Not sure what, if anything, they can do about that at this point. Guard score also dropped 1/2 point, so hopefully they can get that back.
  8. 01-BlueDevils-93.925 02-SCVanguard-93.575 03-Crown-92.45 04-Bluecoats-91.2 05-Cavaliers-90.2 06-Boston-88.6 07-Cadets-88.525 08-Phantom-85.25 09-Crossmen-84 10-Scouts-81.5 11-Mandarins-80.975 12-Academy-79.075
  9. Not sure I saw that big of difference btw Scouts and Mandarins, but I'm biased.
  10. I'm not at all good at this, but I'm guessing SCV gets #1 spot
  11. Hate those stick thingies, but fantastic other than that.
  12. loading... Multi Cam <over and over again for last 20 mins>
  13. Flo's been great all season, but now going in and out. Anyone else?
  14. At least Crossmen are honest with the title of their show
  15. Ouch! Guard girl just whacked herself on the head with rifle. Aren't those moderately heavy?