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  1. I agree. I love the show. I'm disappointed with the rebroadcast today, because I really wanted to watch the final three. I had plans last night and was able to catch Crown during the break before scores were announced, but I didn't see Stars and Cavies.
  2. I loved their 2007 show. I knew that year something special was in the making for them. Cheesy yes, but I still loved it. Then they gave us such sophistication in 2008 and it was marvelous.
  3. Most corps aren't original. They are borrowing from each other, from the stage, from film, and from BOA. He wasn't targeted by Devils fans. He was saying dumb ####, once again, and people (including I, a non-Devils fan) called him out. He couldn't handle the heat.
  4. Hahaha. So true about the self-check-outs. I know more people who don't know how to use their phones than do. It's a hopeless cause.
  5. Just stop. You were the one in 2019 after Allentown trying to school everyone by saying "I told you so." You told us nothing - Crown still finished 4th and you were wrong. You have a huge Crown bias and it clouds your judgement. And, as I recall in 2019, nearly everyone, including I, was saying Crown was going to finish 4th (for practically the entire season), exactly where they finished. YOU were the one who said ALL SEASON LONG Crown had a shot to win, and after Allentown you claimed they were surging and had a chance to win. LOL, indeed.
  6. My Tiers Tier 1: Bluecoats and Blue Devils Tier 2: Vanguard and Crown Tier 3: Boston and Cavies Tier 4: Blue Stars, Regiment, Mandarins (and perhaps Cadets and Blue Knights) Tier 5: Madison, Crossmen and Colts
  7. I agree Phantom is on the up and up, but the only reason they are currently beating the Blue Stars is because of Blue Stars percussion scores. Blue Stars show isn't a French show. War & Peace is Russian and the music is largely by Russian composers. Of course, the story chronicles Napoleon's invasion of Russia, but it's a Russian story, not a French one.
  8. LOL. So people have to have a lesson in how to use their phones right for the app to work. Sorry, but most people don't know how to change their media volume and not their ring volume. Maybe Crown should hand out "how to use your phone" manuals at their shows. The whole concept is frankly stupid.
  9. Oh, yeah, I loved Rach Star too. It was so cheesy but it was so good. I loved all their shows 2006 - 2016. They were probably my favorite corps during that stretch, but the 4 I mentioned are really my favorites, especially 2009. That was so glorious in every way. 2008 was stunning too. I was so happy for that show to crack into the top 4 with that massive 96.8 that was only topped when Vanguard got 4th in 2013 with a 96.85. I wasn't crazy about 2017, and didn't like 2018 in the least, but 2019 was another sensational show.
  10. This is me every year. I am never really much a fan of their musical program, but it's because I love classical music and enjoy those types of shows much better. I was a fool for a long time counting Devils out and I'm never going to make that mistake again. I would LOVE to see them out of the top 3, but I don't think it's going to happen this year.
  11. George is clueless. The best thing you can do is ignore him. He is wrong all the time, and is a Devils hater. I'm a Devils hater too, but at least I can admit it. I spewed B.S. about the Devils for years and I was wrong. They have deserved everything they have gotten. Since 2007, they have been the best corps hands down. Until (if it ever happens) the Devils slide down the rankings, they are the corps to beat - year after year. It will be interesting to see how this Crown show evolves over the season. I'm not a fan of the voiceovers, but they music book and drill are so fun and interesting. I'm going to have to go back and watch 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2015 today. My four favorite Crown shows. I remember tweeting them after 2009 finals "You make me miss Star of Indiana a little less." So true. They remind me so much for them with that sensational brass line.
  12. That's a fair assessment. I do focus more on the design than the music (as much as I'm a music lover). My favorites this year are Crown and Regiment (I love both visually and musically) and Bluecoats visually. It is such a visually feast IMO. I only heard Bluecoats once and have seen more a Crown or Regiment, and was really focused on Bluecoats visually, so I'll have to get more familiar with them musically.
  13. 1. I wasn't jumping on someone. I was asking them a question. A legitimate question. I think asking someone how they can judge a brass performance through a video streaming over the internet is valid. I can't, so I want to know how someone else thinks they can. 2. I am not doing the same thing. I am judging the overall design of the show, not the technical performances. Big difference. Design doesn't get distorted through a video, or rely on speaker placement, speaker volume and equipment failure. I don't have to be down on the field in close proximity to the individual to assess the design, like I would to assess the performances. I've said not one thing about anyone's technical performance or abilities, other than I think Crown's guard and hornline are sensational. I believe design takes a huge precedence when it comes to judging, and I believe Blue Devils and Bluecoats designs are far superior to Crown's, in the sense as to what the judges reward. 3. Why does being critical about something equate to hate? The two biggest elements I hate about modern drum corps are the lack of interesting and challenging drill and the lack of sustainable melodic music. Who has interesting and challenging drill and sustainable melodic music? Crown. So, I far from hate them. They are one of my favorites. I would love it if they won. It would be great for this activity if they won. But they didn't win in 2019 because of their design and I don't believe they are going to win in 2022 because of their design. It's not what the judges reward, in my opinion, unless something changes this year. 4. Crown may medal. Not will, may. Crown may be in contention to win, but I think it's going to be extremely tough for them. The design is just not what gets rewarded, plain and simple. Go back and watch the top 4 from 2019 and you'll see the one thing that differentiated them - design. While talent kept Crown in the top 4, design kept them out of the top 3. Broken record, yes, because Crown just isn't getting it. Either that, or they want to play to the fans and not the judges. 5. Bluecoats will likely medal. Bluecoats will likely be in contention to win. 6. Blue Devils will medal. Blue Devils will be in contention to win. Lastly, if you want to ignore me fine but that's too bad. It's too bad we can't have a discussion. People disagree with me all the time and that's part of the fun. There are plenty of people being critical about Vanguard and I'm not crying. In fact, the more I have watched Vanguard's show, the more I agree with them.
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