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  1. queenanne_1536

    Reference in SCV 2018

    I wasn't aware of that either, and I know SCV's shows from 1984 to present more than anyone elses.
  2. queenanne_1536

    DCI By the Decade - The 2000s

    I know, what losers the Blue Devils were in the 2000s, right? 🙂
  3. queenanne_1536

    DCI By the Decade - The 2000s

    Pretty cool. Thanks for putting together. Unless I'm missing something, two points: 1. The 2000s is 10 years, not 9. 2000-2009 is 10 years. 2. The Blue Devils did not medal every year in the 2000s. They placed 4th in 2005 (1. Cadets, 2. Cavies, 3. Regiment).
  4. queenanne_1536

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Hope housecleaning happens in Rockford and Madison.
  5. Yes, back in my day it seems they sure did hate each other. I know the tide has turned and there's a lot of friendship and respect between the two groups, which I love. That's what I meant though - obviously BD and SCV were working together on this in some capcity, so I wonder what is really happening.
  6. I get your point on Point 1. With Point 2. I think not having OC corps at World prelims would rarely impact ticket sales. I marched OC before WC. The first year I was in OC we did not go to championships, yet nearly every member and their family did go ('84 Atlanta). I did not, and therefore had that whole week off - no one was around, they were all in Atlanta. The next two years we went to championships and stayed the whole week (didn't advance to world prelims). Everyone stayed. Everyone went to prelims, semifinals and finals in '85 and' 86. Everyone's parents who came in went to all three shows. Heck, we didn't make OC finals one year, and we all went anyway. Let's face facts, it's the top world corps that are the by far biggest draw. Very few would blow into OC prelims and finals then blow out missing WC all together. Of course, there may be a few, but I'd venture almost all stay through finals week regardless of how far they advance. ####, I was happy we didn't advance when in OC because the season was over and I got to go watch Vanguard rehearse at night instead of rehearsing myself.
  7. queenanne_1536

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Yep! This. If you've got a sinking ship and it's your crew that's sinking that ship, you replace the crew.
  8. Me too, so I have to wonder what is really going on here. It seems weird to me that both organizations would come to this conclusion independent of one another. I have long thought if you're open class, you're open class, and they should not advance on to world prelims.
  9. queenanne_1536

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    I would agree. For me, most of the finalist corps were boring. A few outstanding, a few very good, and the rest boring.
  10. I agree. They've really laid the foundations out in Boston for tremendous future success. I hope they can build on that. I loved their drill in 2018. Probably my favorite drill of the year.
  11. Only they weren't better than Crown. Had they been, they would have beaten Crown. While I think BAC had the better designed show overall and BAC was one of my favorites while Crown was one of my least favorites, BAC was not on the same level as Crown musically, and no where near the top 3 musically and visually. There's a reason there are so many captions and compenents to scoring, judging and program design and execution. It's not as simple as saying "should have been."
  12. I agree. It's not about the placement. It's about the things you outlined. It still would have been a very big improvement if they had stayed in 6th, in my opinion.
  13. queenanne_1536

    Putting it all in context

    I like your ideas. Especially #2. I think they should dump quarters. If you're open class you're done open class finals, and the champion gets to perform finals night.
  14. queenanne_1536

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Perhaps. Probably true for some, or many. I know I want SCV to win every year. But I also want them to deserve to win every year. I want them to be the best every year. I love most of their shows, but this one was really special to me.
  15. queenanne_1536

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    What are you basing that on? Literally every one I know was gushing over SCV's actual show, and wanted them to win because they thought it was the best show of the season, even some of my friends who are major BD homers were pulling for SCV because they thought their show was the best. I, myself, want the best show each year to win. Of course "best show" is a personal choice, but in my circle the personal choice was SCV.