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  1. I would love if that happened. I would love if shows reverted back to having full wide open and readable drill, and sustained music, and the brass playing more. But, sadly, I don't think that's ever going to happen. And, no one is going to follow the lead of a 16th place corps, and they shouldn't. That would be a mistake. This is what I don't understand about Regiment and Scouts - everyone can see what is winning, yet both of their design teams fail epically.
  2. Exactly this. I too used to the think the Scouts were screwed all the time. I was wrong. Scott Stewart was wrong. They were never screwed. Of course, there are years were perhaps they could have placed a spot or two higher (or lower) and I wouldn't have argued otherwise. When contests are close, I have faith in the judges. I am writing them off. I'm sorry. I am. I am tired of having hope every off season only to be disappointed. It's rare when I'm not disappointed (2010, 2012, 2015) but more often than not as soon as I see the design I realize it's over. I just think as long and Dan and Chris are in charge it's going to get worse and worse.
  3. Well, not quite. You have to remember the Mason era is long gone. The activity has evolved considerably since then. Relative to other corps during his tenure, Mason did have the corps on a positive trajectory. His shows were also for the most part well designed. Personally, I think the one thing Scouts shows lacked during the Mason era was the demand/content necessary to catch corps ahead of them, rather than the corps behind them catching them. Still, that was a good period for the Scouts in terms of show design, and somewhat competitively. I firmly believe the 2015 results were a Mason hangover, and were Mason still with the corps they would be placing considerably higher than 16th. The problem with the current leadership of the Scouts is that they just are way in over their heads. They are lost. They have no idea what they are doing. 2016 was an entertaining show that had many problems, but it was still entertaining. In 2017, in reaction to missing finals the year before, the design team did a complete 180. Not only did the corps lose their identity with a completely boring show musically and visually, but the competitive gains were so marginal that the risk didn't pay off. The show was not well designed enough for that risk to pay off. In 2018, it seems we had another reaction and the show that came out of it was so ridiculous. Sadly, I was honestly so embarrassed for the membership last year. Had I been given that show to perform I would want to quit. I commend the membership for sticking it out (brotherhood) because it must have been really hard to not walk away. A big difference between Mason and Chris/Dan is Mason knew what he was doing, Chris/Dan are so clueless that it's laughable. I'm sorry, but you are a complete idiot if you are presented with that ridiculous prop, that utterly laughable narration, those uniforms, that musical design and that visual design and think it's ok. It's not. Far from it. It was also a complete waste to have the female player last year. She obviously is tremendously talented, but it was a huge waste. She was literally given nothing interesting to do or play, and that dress she wore was so dull. Last year's show was a complete and total failure on every single level. They were lucky they weren't beat by SCV Cadets and BDB. It's fortunate for them that those two corps are sitting out finals this year. I have no faith in 2019. I think it's going to get worse and worse. Really - who would want to march? Why would anyone? Answer: because you need to train to audition for BD, Bluecoats, or Blue Stars. Scouts are turning into a feeder corps, if they haven't fully turned into one already.
  4. If Madison were to drop to 20th place there would always be someone to say the young men and staff would do best to stay focused no matter what. If Madison were to drop to Open Class there would always be someone to say the young man and staff would do best to stay focused no matter what. The time for that ####-mentality should have been over years ago. In the 80s and 90s it sucked if Madison didn't make the top 5. In the 2000s it sucked if they didn't make the top 8. In the 2010s it sucked if they didn't make finals. Now it sucks if they don't make the top 15. Do you see a pattern here? Until those two pinheads running the show have their ##### kicked out the door nothing is going to change, improvement isn't going to come, only further decline is on the horizon. Does anyone with the Madison organization have ANY balls? Seriously, it's pathetic. ####### pathetic!
  5. Well.....the big difference is in both those instances those corps had exceptionally well designed shows. Academy hasn't repeated as a finalist because they can't design like they did in 2016. Madison is not going to have that this year. No way. Screw giving them a chance. They have no chance. Zero. None. They lost their chance when Dan and Chris didn't get their heads chopped off. As long as Dan and Chris are there, they have no chance. If you think otherwise you just aren't paying attention to the train wreck that has been the Madison Scouts for the past several years. Honestly, if my kid wanted to march there I would encourage them to go else where.
  6. It was beautiful from start to finish. It was really fun watching them go from 5th at their first show (1. Cavies, 2. Madison, 3. Star, 4. Bluecoats) to 3rd at semifinals. Such a bummer they couldn't hold on to that.
  7. I thought Elsa's in 2011 was magical. It all worked - the design, the story, and THAT GUARD! Wow, that guard was so stunning in that moment.
  8. That's an interesting thought. I think you can design for the talent you have and still put out a great design, much like Cavies did in 2016. That design was very good from the beginning and just got better and better. Mandarins last year is another great example. I think a good design with less talent generally fares better than a bad design with good talent, but you need both to be in the upper tier, for sure.
  9. That's too bad. 1986 was obviously a rough year for them. When they first debuted those all white uniforms in '87 it was magical, truly shocking. You literally gasped at how beautiful they looked. Breathtaking. You just knew that show had legs. It was really disappointing that they dropped 3rd to 5th finals week, but it was really magical.
  10. I will agree with you that Elsa's was great, and may have been an improvement. Juliet is my 2nd favorite Regiment show (after On Air). Dorma in 2012 was great too, but I don't think it was necessarily any improvement over 1991. Both were great for the time periods they were in. Swan Lake in 2014, however, we disagree. That should was messy, too, and had too many design issues. The costuming for one, was bad, and the costume change was done in such a basic way - really? The design team couldn't think of anything better. Relative to their timeframes the '87 show was exceptionally superior to the '14 show.
  11. You can get away with doing similar things when you have a top tier design staff that can create anew. However, when I was watching 2012 BD, I didn’t give 2008 BD a single thought. They were two completely different shows and two shows that were designed at the highest level. Repeating musical numbers is a big problem for Regiment, because it ALWAYS fails. I always think of the original show when and it never lives up to it. Never. So, why do it? There are hundreds, thousands, of great classical music pieces that Regiment could perform. The constant repeating is either laziness or a complete lack of ability to be original.
  12. I was one of them eating crow. Big time. The dream staff sure did lure a lot top talent there, which I wasn't aware of until the season started. Such a great time for them.
  13. Not when you have JW. That guy is a stud! Everything he touches turns to gold. I expect them to be even better. Whether they place higher or not is one thing, but they will be better.
  14. I do think money is a big part of the problem. To attract and retain top-tier staff you have to be able to pay them. Both staff payroll costs and costs of running corps have ballooned since the 80s. We saw a lot of corps fold in the 80s because of the problem of paying staff being their means and then folding. It's definitely a problem. That being said, as someone who is not in the least qualified for any staff person on Regiment, even I would have had the sense to say, "Eh, I'm not so sure about that." I just don't get it. It's baffling. It's even worse at Madison. If I was in charge and one of my designers brought that prop idea to me, I would have laughed thinking they were joking. When they replied it wasn't a joke I would have fired them. The narration was terrible too, as was the usage of the female player. What a waste of her talents. Honestly, I don't know how these designers at Madison and Regiment actually have jobs. I mean, based on what I've read on here, most of us (if not all) at least know what NOT to do.