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  1. Hot takes, wild guesses, no shame 1) Bloo 2) BD 3) Crown 4) Vanguard 5) BK 6) Cavies 7) Stars 8 ) Boston 9) Crossmen 10) Cadets 11) Splanta 12) Mandies
  2. I disagree, a lot actually. I think people are tired of huge props, both audience and judges. But maybe more important of a factor than size, I think, is color (how flashy they are) and staging. Coats, Devils, and Spirit, to me had the most annoying and distracting props. Too much, too colorful. Their presence takes the visual focus away from the corps itself. SCV's on the other hand, were just as big (less of them though), but they served just as stages for the performers and didn't distract from what they were doing. Because they were black/dark grey. And Crown and B
  3. 1. Bloo 2. SCV 3. BAC 4. BD 5. Crown 6. Cadets 7. Cavies 8. BK 9. Mandarins 10. Phantom 11. Stars 12. Spirit GE: Bloo Brass: SCV Visual: BAC Guard: Bloo Percussion: SCV Predictions based of course on nothing more than general trends and a LOT of speculation... ;)
  4. Wow, ok. First of all, what gives you the right to criticize the judges, or determine 'good judging' from 'bad judging'? Judging is not a simple process, because much of the drum corps activity is subjective. Sure, there's some things you can measure objectively, like cleanliness and execution. But GE? Analysis of the book? There's a lot of grey area. Even seemingly objective subcaptions are often influenced by subjective opinions about what surrounds it, and how it fits into context. That's avoided as much as possible, but it can never be eliminated. I don't mean to start some
  5. Sooo yea just gonna ignore Blue Stars? Ok. Ignoring that, I'm saying Cadets for worst and Vanguard for best.
  6. Right? Historically, it's like combining Crown visual design and drill with Cadets percussion with '90s Blue Devils brass. I looked into it once I realized I haven't liked Crown's shows the last 2 years but I've really liked Boston's. Now I know why - visual team moved.