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  1. You are completely overly emotional and not dealing factually in this thread IMHO. Your response may be true to you but to most it is not. I really don't want to further derail this thread on this so let's just agree to disagree and move on.
  2. This is a garbage response. Obviously you are anti-business/anti-c I think Mike D offered a good response this this post. I will add that is impossible to enter a discussion with someone, in this case you, that refuses to be factual in their responses. People can disagree with the actions that DCI took and still agree that they rightfully had a reason to and a right to act.
  3. I never said he was alone in being wrong. 🙂
  4. That is what YOU think should have happened. That doesn't make YOU right.
  5. Hypothetical: Let's say you work for Exxon. You go out on social media and blast the energy companies on climate change and how the whole sector of energy production is to blame. You sign you name and your title and company name to said post. Many people will applaud you for you "speaking truth to power" but Exxon will still, and rightfully so, can your butt in about 5 minutes flat if not sooner. You are living in a fantasy world if you think otherwise.
  6. Problem here is that most school districts are in similar if not identical situations as DCI finds itself in. ISDs and states are just NOW starting to institute rules and in some cases laws pertaining to the sharing of information regarding issues surrounding student contact with dismissed teachers. This is in no way shape or form a problem exclusive to DCI.
  7. Finally someone with a non-emotional response that looks at just this situation!! No, yeah but GH!! or What about Fred Morrison!! Stu for the win.
  8. That may be the case for a baseball or soccer club but we all know that the money involved in running a drum corps goes well beyond what can be provided from season to season on member dues alone.
  9. The request was to speak with DCI about the petition to remove Dan A. They responded directly to the heart of that by stating they stood by Dan A. Now you can disagree with their stance but you in no way can disagree that they didn't answer the question asked and that they did so promptly.
  10. How is that statement cowardly? It addresses the request and provides an answer to her direct question. They replied to her quickly and directly. I mean I hate to be put in a position to defend their actions but you are being ridiculous in your expectations.
  11. Sure, but if the inflow of dollars is primarily from one source (member dues) and that one source can only cover the servicing of debt where does that leave them for their other operating expenses? We just don't know that at this time. They could have been in rock solid financial shape or they could have been living "pay-check to pay-check" so to speak. No one knows.
  12. This. Yes, DCI has been a wreck in this area for a long, long time. The expectation by people that it will change over-night and get EVERYTHING right on the first swing is unrealistic.
  13. I think the problem with this thread is people's inability (and rightfully so) to separate the Arsenal issue from the rest of the issues facing DCI. I just tend to look at things through the lens of how it would be handled in a professional business organization and most people here are reacting first and foremost from an emotional stand-point.
  14. That isn't at all what I said so stop being so emotional in your response. It may have made you feel good that he made the statement he did but it wasn't handled in a professional way by him. Full stop. Yes, things need to change within the activity and at DCI HQ. There still needs to be a basic level of professionalism and decorum attached to that change. Hypothetical: Let's say that a top 5 program goes out and makes a post saying come march here we will give you reduced fees and oh by the way we won't abuse you like some other corps may and have in the past. Would that be acceptable? No way.