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  1. I guess you didn't see Boston's weapons last year or the year before or BDs saber line this year. The layering of body and equipment and high precision in today's color guard world is just off the charts. It is probably the one area of the activity that has grown the most in since 'the good ole' days'. Calling the athleticism of what they do a 'ballerina' move is a slap in the face to what those performers are doing. I'd also note that ballerina's are incredible athletes in their own right.
  2. There has been dancing in drum corps for DECADES. When people say stuff like that it makes me wonder if they have in fact ever even seen a drum corps.
  3. So when are the Cadets going to announce they are coming under the umbrella of Inspire Arts and renaming the corps "The NJ Junior Crusaders"? .....kidding...I'm just's a joke..... 😛 Hope the Cadets have a successful re-boot under this new leadership and a successful 2020 season.
  4. I don't really think it was a sweeping statement at all. HS marching bands have become very very good and I do agree that in terms of quality there is some overlap with the top of the HS marching band activity and DCI world class. However the top groups in DCI, and we can argue how far down that extends (top 6? 12? 17?) are quantitatively better than even the best HS bands. The designs are more sophisticated and intricate, the technique across all sections is at a higher level, more demanding and of a higher quality of performance and so forth. It comes down to performer maturity. 13-17 year olds who are in a band because they live in a specific district just cannot compete with 19-21 year olds that are hand picked out a large audition pool. That isn't a swipe or knock on HS marching band that is just cold hard reality.
  5. The conspiracy theorists is strong in this one..... Yes, DCI wants to undo decades of branding so someone can play a piccolo solo....
  6. I see you live in Norman as well so an Ok, Boomer would be appropriate....
  7. It's OKC so I assume the instrumentation includes juice-harp and washboard?
  8. I don't think there were any actual advocates for WW to be added. I think there were people who were not ready to hang themselves had it passed and I guess around here I can see how that passes as advocacy.
  9. Crown 2021 - Dante's Inferno played exclusively with Satan's Instrument! 64 piccolo's and 12 Sousaphones!! Can't wait!!!!!
  10. So if this is Drum Corps PLANET are WW's the extinction event astroid that wipes out the DINO's? (Settle, it's just a play on words/joke)
  11. But if smaller open class groups that have a hard time getting members actively recruited local WW students to help fill their ranks it could help them get a few more students in the doors. It increases by a large amount their local talent pool.
  12. Of course there is a brand, saying otherwise just isn't factual or particularly smart. There is still plenty unique about the activity. Drum Corps International What about that name is misleading in anyway? Are there not still drums? Is the organization not international, although not with a large number of international members?