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  1. Define cohesiveness and structure as it relates to this activity. Sure there are rules regarding timing, space, and others that need to be adhered to but outside that....
  2. They would be judged based on the criteria. Period. A unit is judged on that day in that venue for that performance against the criteria. Why couldn't that work?
  3. Why? I hate to say it but WGI is the model for showing everyone that diversity conceptually can still be adjudicated.
  4. It all depends on the box we are willing to limit the activity to right? We all understand that there are limitations inherent to the activity. Different venues of different sizes and configuration every night, weather, we all know them. But, what they wear, what electronics they use and how their music is arranged and to what extent the visual over weighs the music are all things the corps can manipulate to put the most ENTERTAINING product on the field should be open. If woodwinds are a hard no that is great. But, we should allow them to explore those boundaries and understand that sometimes they will miss but most often they will hit. Stop being so stick in the past or the time you marched.
  5. I can tell you what the artistic people outside the world of drum corps say about drum corps or any pageantry art for that matter. Why do you limit yourself in your exploration of creativity? Why do you want to limit yourself to a set uniform/costume? Why do you limit yourself to the types of props and lighting that can be used if you are attempting to push the envelop of creativity? The fact is there is a box that designers are placed in with the activity and if we want to continue to evolve and grow the activity we need to be willing to expand that box. Maybe there are limits to the expansion but that should not include what a corps wears, what they play or how they play it. If we want to restrict to brass instruments that is fine but cool it with the pissing and moaning about uniforms, Quit complaining about props. The end goal is ENTERTAINMENT and in the times we live in we need to be open to what people react to be entertained. If you are old you have to get over the fact that times are changing.
  6. But you are assuming that the Brass Caption head doesn't heavily influence HOW music is arranged to meet their ideal sound profiles and for the performers he/she is responsible for teaching. They work hand in hand and that is how they are successful.
  7. Love popping into these threads to see people that have zero idea what they are talking about arguing like they are savants on the activity. Carry on...I'll go grab me some popcorn....
  8. I guess "spot on" is relative to what the target is. In this case the target being a drum corps artistic production not a historical portrayal of a biblical parable.
  9. You consider the parable of David and Goliath to be an accurate historical account? Huh....
  10. Parable - A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. It most certainly is a parable.
  11. Again you are claiming in order for something to be "spot on" it needs to be LITERAL and HISTORICALLY ACCURATE TO A FAULT. So I don't think I need to call him out. I guess next you are going to claim since Tears for Fears wasn't around during the battle of David and Goliath they shouldn't have chosen that musical material. It's art/entertainment people....use your imagination and pull the stick out and stop over analyzing everything. Good gravy......
  12. See my above post about being so literal....
  13. And the story of David and Goliath is a parable which is used to illustrate a larger lesson. Quit being so literal and you will enjoy art more.
  14. I'm 100% on board with corps doing whatever they want with their uniform/costuming to better immerse the audience into their concept. That doesn't mean that I'm 100% on board with all of their execution to meet that goal.