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  1. I mean come on...let's do this.... 🙂
  2. You forgot to add that this will all be done from the grassy knoll at the behest of the CIA.....
  3. But that is going to happen regardless and there would be additional fans added to fill those that leave...its the way of the world.
  4. I don't see DCI adding WW's ever. I think people just like to say that they are and proclaim it will be the last straw and they will leave the activity forever.....and then 2 months later they are buying tickets to a show. I mean really what would it hurt....can you imagine some of the insane WW features we would
  5. People have been saying WW's are on the way for 30 years....It is just something they want to complain about and fear monger with. Even if it does happen in one thread they will be complaining and gnashing their teeth about the decision and in another thread asking when San Antonio tickets go on sale and which corps offers the best seats if you buy from them.
  6. No it isn't because it's true. For you to pretend that it isn't is what is asinine. How is/was drum corps different than marching band other than instrumentation? Its marching and music on a football field. You are basically saying a pecan isn't a nut because it doesn't have the word nut in it. ETA: And why is it an insult being called a band? I mean there are MANY MANY bands that are better than some DCI groups today and that has been the case for decades. At the top? No....but get down to the middle of the pack and there are HS bands that are today better than what is put out by some in that area. Sorry....
  7. Drum Corps has ALWAYS been marching band....just different instrumentation....stop trying to say otherwise.
  8. It is artistic expression in that the designers and members are attempting to explore new and creative ways to create programs within the idiom of the activity. Of course your point about appreciating historical artistic works in current times are noted and understood. They do stand the test of time and are still appreciated and used for inspiration for new artists all the time in fact we see their inspiration in the drum corps activity as well. My point was and is that art never stops evolving nor should the drum corps activity and yes the use of and experimentation with electronics is part of the evolution as are props and other yet to be explored creative tools. Maybe DCI does need to start containing the "arms race" as you call it. I do agree that some corps litter the field with stuff just for stuffs sake that offer no real compliment to the concept or design. If such designs were not rewarded I think you would see a change begin to happen in the activity to push creativity with and WITHOUT the use of giant wastes of money and effort. Maybe The Cadets poor use of props this year and overall subpar design and their corresponding placement is a start in that direction? I don't know, I don't have the answers to that.
  9. That's fine. But are you selfish enough to think that if YOU don't like the evolution of the activity then it shouldn't evolve? I don't think you are. If you don't like modern drum corps that is fine, no one is telling you that you have to. If you have kids would you want them to remain 8 years old because you liked them best at that age? If drum corps was exactly as it was in the 70's, 80's or 90's or whatever era people think was their favorite the one thing for certain would be that drum corps would no longer exist at all.
  10. Someone else beat me to it but that has been the case since the beginning of the activity. Always has been and always will be.
  11. You want to know what I think anytime this topic comes up? Whether anyone wants to admit it or not the Drum Corps activity is a form of artistic expression. What would have happened if the forward progression of art would have stopped at any point in history because people thought "this is what art is and it can't change from this form ever". It's a dumb argument but by all means continue to do the equivalent of reducing your exposure to art to anything up to the time of say Micheal Angelo. You are missing so much greatness and the only one losing is you not those moving the idiom forward. (When I say you I don't mean you specifically garfield but the "you" being those that want the activity to be what it was way back when)