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  1. On the slip and fall my guess is if they just would have even acted like they cared about the guy and made sure the insurance was taking care of the issue and, I don't know, paid him for his services, that would have been the end of it. Even in cases where they want money there is a way to handle it and not handle it....they did not handle it well. Just admit it and move on....geeze. Now, with the issue of them not fully paying, or paying late, their staff from this summer the ineptitude of the past administration continues to come front and center. I hope they get things straightened out, I really do. The Cadet supporters all burying their head in the sand and screaming everyone is out to get us isn't a healthy path to take towards that goal.
  2. That is absolutely NOT what I said. Try again. Had the Cadets admin handled everything correctly and to the satisfaction of those involved then it never would have become a PR nightmare. That is not covering up anything in fact they could have been open about how they handled. They were not, they did not handle the situations to the satisfaction of those involved and so much so that they felt their only recourse to get satisfaction was to post their dissatisfaction in one case and to file a lawsuit in another case. If you are going to enter a discussion at least do so in good faith and don't attempt to mischaracterize what a poster has said just to cover for the organization you are attempting to cover for.
  3. Name another corps in the last 24 months that has had as many PR disasters as Cadets Jim. All corps has issues that arise but for whatever reason Cadets always make their way to social media with complaints of improper handling by admin. That is the issue. Again, containing an issue from turning into a PR disaster by making sure that the parties involved are handled professionally and with proper care does not equal a cover up. That means that admin did their job and the parties felt that there were treated well, with respect and the situation was handled to their satisfaction and all done transparently. That isn't covering anything up Jim. I don't have to provide another example to know that the Cadets admin (at the time of the incidents) didn't handle these specific situations well. If they had then there would not be aggrieved parties filing law-suits and making noise on social media.
  4. No one is saying anything about burying things. Yes, problems like these two could have happened anywhere and with any corps and MAYBE similar things (injuries to staff and members) did happen. If they did the corps didn't bury them but maybe handled them in a way that was positive for all parties involved so there was no need for the parties involved to go to social media to tell the story of how poorly the situation was handled by the corps admin. That is all that I'm saying. Not bury the situation but do a good job of containing it before it spins out of their control and making sure all parties are taken care of. In both of these situations you have parties that feel the admin didn't act in their best interests and failed to respond when contacted about the issue. Correct? The problem with GH was that people were in denial that the Cadets/GH were doing anything wrong. Had the board handled the GH issue correctly he would have been investigated and tossed when the first rumblings surfaced decades ago. But he wasn't because they were winning so people looked the other way......
  5. Yea, you guys are all right. Cadets handled this as well as they could. I mean look at all the other public relations disasters that the other top 12 corps have had over the last 24 months or so. Oh wait........
  6. Had they handled it better it would not have made its way to the public in the manner it did. That is a fact you cannot ignore. I guess you can but you'd be wrong. Maybe the words 'have not met the light of day' were not the best and should have been stated the it would not have been the public relations disaster it was due to ineffective management of the situation when it happened. That ineffective management falls at the feet of the corps director at the time does it not?
  7. Where in the world did you pull this from Jeff? I never stated that they should have made them public or anything about outing people for anything. I have stated that there is no reason for them to become public if they had handled them better internally. How you arrived where you arrived on this is just odd.
  8. I see you just want to argue to argue and I assume you have never been in management in your life ever. Yes, if the director and administration had dealt with the situations better when they occurred there would be no need for a parent to lash out because they didn't feel like the admin took the issue seriously and there would have been no need for a person to file a law suit had they handled the situation better at the time is occurred. Its management 101.
  9. Come on people. There were two issues that happened in the last 2 years(2018 sexual assault amongst members and 2019 worker injured) that would have never made the light of day had the previous director and admin (not the people just put in place) would have handled them better at the time they occurred. I get that people want Cadets to get past the issues but in order to do that they need to as they stated in the 2019 production and "Do, do, do, do better". I think they have the right people in place to do that now but that doesn't erase the mistakes of the past director and admin. Sorry.
  10. A pattern of not handling situations that require some type of administrative intelligence very well. That pattern. Also a pattern of 'supporters' making excuses for them. Don't expect everyone to agree but it's there.
  11. Which is why I said IF in my original post. However there is a pattern of behavior by the corps administration that cannot be ignored.
  12. Back to the original topic since this got derailed into a discussion on props..... I don't think anyone is arguing that the accident that occurred here with the plaintiff was anything but an accident. However the thing that looks not only bad but horribly bad and shows a severe lack of empathy and leadership on the part of the corp administration at the time was how they handled the situation. IF it went down as stated. To dump the person at the hospital and neither follow up with them to see if they are ok or make sure they made it back home safely is totally inexcusable. Is this how they would treat a marching member? If I were a parent of a current or future member I would be asking that question.
  13. I'm pretty sure God is telling them to fold the tents on this organization. The optics on this are just terrible and they apparently can't do anything right. Hopefully the newer new director will be smarter than the last two were. It doesn't seem to be a very high bar to hurdle. Who in their right mind has an employee get injured on the job and then dumps them at the hospital and never follows up with them again? The Cadets better hope there is more to the story because that is about as sorry and callous of a response an employer could have.