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  1. Fun to see that kinda reaction from someone who isn't familiar with the activity. You know that friend your share Drum Corp with and you hope they react the way you do....and they don't....and then they kinda aren't your friend anymore! lol. Anyway, fun to watch.
  2. Haha... my wife sprung for Jersey Surf zip hoodie. Just considered it a donation since it was pretty poor quality.
  3. I'll take the Thursday tickets! Thanks. Just text back when its convenient. Thanks again
  4. Darn a little too far for me. Anyone know of other open rehearsals in cincy/ northern ky in next week or so? Bluecoats or other Corp?
  5. Yes. I live in Northern Ky and will pick up my son in Lexington on the way. Hope the rain holds out. Really looking forward to seeing all the groups outside. Most every year I only get to see west coast groups at LOS.
  6. Just bought tickets in section G :( not the best but really looking forward to seeing the show with My big brother and my son. We all three played the trombone in band and we haven't seen a DCI show together since 2007 in Murfreesboro. Anyone have any tips for Vanderbilt? Where to park? Where to eat before hand? Things to do in the early part of day? My son and I will be driving down from Lexington for the day. Thanks
  7. Thank you. I actually live in Northern Kentucky. Last year I was able to catch the Cadets rehearse at Thomas More College. Was hoping for another nearby location this year.
  8. Let's hear it! Where are all the rehearsal sites In and around Indy on Tuesday and Wednesday?
  9. Bluecoats 2007-2012 All white Regiment Crown 2007-2009 Worst (I know you didn't ask) Crown 2014. Hands down!