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  1. Ticketmaster must be using Windows 95. Update: got mine as well. Thanks!
  2. Ticket update to my previous post above: Ticketmaster is now showing my Prelims, Semis, & Finals tickets as CANCELED which I guess means a refund with no rollover for those seats in 2021. The St Louis Mid-West tickets are still not showing a status & I haven't received an email for that show. It's still showing that event as SOLD OUT. Must be there computer running all of these cancelations, postponements, etc with little or no human intervention.
  3. Because there are several methods for ticket purchases, there seems to be much confusion coupled with the vague messaging* from the Tickets can be purchased thru the DCI Ticket Office, Friends of DCI for Championship week, large regional shows directly thru Ticketmaster, individual corps, and individual show sponsors. My interpretation is that my Championship week tickets via Ticketmaster show POSTPONED which should mean that my tickets will be frozen with the same seats for 2021. (That's what happens with other concert, theater, etc. events thru Ticketmaster.) I hope that is the case as I'd like to keep my same seats. This maybe true for Championship week tix purchased via Friends of DCI? The other Ticketmaster events are showing CANCELED, except for Mid-West which seems to be in limbo, will be refunded due to those venues being contracted year to year. (refund credited to your credit card used for purchase) For the DCI Ticket Office events, those funds will be credited toward ticket purchases for the 2021 season or you can make a donation using those funds. I'm sure that's due to those show venues that may change year to year. That's my interpretation anyway. But what do I know. Not much; you? *Statement not intended as a slam on
  4. I think so but I thought about attending one of those churches that are still meeting in FL & LA. Maybe take them a few crates of poisonous snakes instead of a casserole. #Idiots
  5. I'm beginning to think it's an algorithm issue on Ticketmaster with the St Louis Mid-West event. It has never shown up in a "DCI" search since it was uploaded when they went up for sale along with Detroit & Orlando. (Still not showing in Ticketmaster search results; see link) I'm thinking DCI instructed Ticketmaster to cancel all events that they handle except for Prelims, Semis, & Finals since they have a long term contract with Lucas Oil. The other venues are year to year, so the other Ticketmaster DCI events were canceled; except for St Louis which is not showing up on their program's "radar". I would like to keep my same seats for Championship week & receive refunds for Detroit & St. Louis. However, St. Louis is still in limbo not showing canceled or postponed. It's actually showing "Sold Out" when you go to the POS page. Maybe DCI is trying to contract The Dome at America's Center for 2021? I'd be fine with keeping those same seats as well. Looks like the DCI Ticket office handled events will offer donation or a credit for ticket purchase next year. (Same for show or corps sponsored ticket sales.) = DCI Search results = St Louis Point of Sale page I'm also fine with making donations from my other ticket purchases but I think I'd rather donate those funds to a specific corps where I have ties. Looks like they want the "donation" to go to
  6. I received those emails for my (3) DCI ticketed events with those 2 options as well. I also purchased other events via Ticketmaster. So far, the only email I've received for those events, states that I will receive a refund to the credit card used for purchase for the Detroit Premiere Show. I have not received an email for St Louis Mid-West or the Prelim, Semis, & Finals events.
  7. The state has officially closed all of our schools as well as our surrounding states for the rest of the year. Seniors may have their commencement in the late summer if this thing dies down. Our faculty meeting via Zoom was sad. We're setting up online learning for the rest of the year. 😷 An 87 year old gentlemen with several health conditions one street over passed away after contracting the virus. Getting to close to home now.
  8. Based on the Ticketmaster canceled vs postponed events on my account, I'm thinking they'll refund Detroit (canceled) & Mid-West (not marked yet) but give you a "roll-over" for Indianapolis (postponed). I'm thinking this is probably due to DCI having an extended contract with the Lucas Oil for finals week but the other dates are contracted year to year? I'll take the roll over for Finals week. Haven't heard any details for the DCI Ticket Office smaller events. 😷
  9. Will this divorce get messy or do the parties involved agree on custody, finances, etc? Will be checking FB for opinions from you know who.
  10. Article link to a summary of an advice video to his family from a Critical Care Pulmonologist at Cornell Hospital in New York City. Dr. David Price, based currently in the epicenter, shares tips about how to protect yourself during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Good read - stay safe!
  11. I went to college with one of their design team members & I have requested a reboot of the 2017 ballad, "Everything Must Change".
  12. That's how I act when I get out of bed in the morning until I have my coffee & my wife cooks breakfast. The problem is she never cooks breakfast & I have to brew my coffee. (The preceding statements were meant for humor & encouragement.)
  13. Yes, anything John Williams! But I was leaning more toward a "Behold! II" for the 2021 repertoire.
  14. Or just have their parents car pool like a little league team.
  15. I still think will qualify for some of the grant money under the stimulus package. But how can The Kennedy Center announce layoffs right after receiving a $25 million grant specifically earmarked for the organization from the stimulus package? They lose their pay in a week & their health benefits at the end of May if not reopened.
  16. COVID-19 IS CAUSING THE FINANCIAL LOSS OF THE 2020 DCI SEASON. REPEATING: The WHO recognizes that COVID-19 can become can be transmitted as an "aerosol" in certain situations. The research is still out on this topic, but most now agree that it can be transmitted when the particles are broken down. See their statements & conclusions below:
  17. The WHO recognizes that COVID-19 can become can be transmitted as an "aerosol" in certain situations. The research is still out on this topic, but most now agree that it can be transmitted when the particles are broken down. See their statements & conclusions below:
  18. Actually, Dr. Fauci, The National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the WHO, & the CDC may disagree with you. Some research says it can be suspended in the air as an aerosol for up to 3 hours. (broken down in smaller particles after the original sneeze or cough; see video) "The More You Know"
  19. McCormick Place; I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news. But it is good for the Chicago nation. Been to a few conventions in the largest center in the US. Beautiful facility.
  20. Could they be used for you know who? I know, innocent until proven...
  21. For best effect, I suggest a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones. For your encouragement:
  22. If there is a BOA season. Kirk Herbstreit does't think there will be a football season this fall. Hope he's wrong.