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  1. No Bentonville in 2020....was the closest show to me...been going there since 2011.
  2. What about props...more or less? I'd be alright with long as we know what they are...I could be wrong...but isn't 2013 the last time a corps won the title with no props...and Crown seems to place higher without a whole lot of them...2009, 2012, 2013, 2015...
  3. I don['t think we'll have to worry about recruitment for next season just because Crown didn't medal. With the Ott, and the large amount of people who say they were sure Crown was going to overtake SCV....The commentators for the awards ceremony made a point a couple times or more that they even thought Crown could have overcome SCV. So even though they don't get the bronze, they left this season in a much better place that I think will improve their standing in 2020...but that's just my just have to wait for the audio recording from tonight...
  4. so close to least they won brass for all three nights.
  5. You think it's safe enough to say Crown will bring home the Ott tomorrow?
  6. I was expecting to have added something at the end where they just stand in a line. But I loved how the drum major reacted at the end. It was clear how proud of them he was...and I'm sure those kids on the field took notice of his reaction. That kind of thing just fuels their drive to do even better on the next run. Crown was the favorite in my theater tonight.I noticed three or four people in seating below me that jumped on that opening hit, and a guy behind me that let out an audible "Jesus!" I thought they would overtake SCV tonight. But the margin isn't that far. What did they add that they didn't have before? I noticed only a couple of things. All in all, I can see them catching SCV in the end.
  7. Yeah...that makes total sense.....I guess it was a dumb question now that I think about it.
  8. This has probably been addressed somewhere else...but why can't they have the Big, Loud, and Live, for Semi-Finals instead of prelims? I would think the theater turn out would soar.
  9. Are they still gunna add something to the end? It seems like the perfect to unveil it...the first time at prelims would get them started...semi's could help them get comfortable with it and then have it perfected at finals...course...that's me being optimistic. I could be completely wrong.
  10. Excellent. Took first in GE tonight...not sure what they did differently...
  11. I think there's a very high possibility that Crown and Cavies might flip flop like BD and Bloo in the last couple of shows before it's championship time. ...but on finals...Crown will come out on top of Cavies. by a slim margin. Crown hasn't peaked at all.They're scores are still increasing and at a higher and faster rate then the Cavies. I guess Cavies could them at finals, but I doubt it. There's also BAC to factor into it all as well. They just had the last three days without a show to clean. I wouldn't be surprised if they could jump ahead of Cavies tonight
  12. I've seen videos from their two recent shows...there's always huge gasps and cringe's when they through their horns into the air after the ballad, then a nervous chuckle after it's done...what do judges think of that kind of a move....does it help the show? It makes me cringe for sure when that happens.
  13. Well they had a few days off from competition, I thought they would have closed the gap a bit more. But I suppose that's the same with the other corps as well. They ranked first in music overall...they were in third in SA....i think..