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  1. Bruce Leo at 2:00. May God rest his soul.
  2. I agree with your disagreement. I can't think of a high school in our greater area that doesn't have a marching band. They're certainly not funded like they were b.i.t.d. but marching band counts towards the state mandated P.E. requirement and that alone is an incentive to participate.
  3. Not sure about the premise that Texas has the most marching talent, but I've always wondered why they've never produced a top-tier Drum Corps. I've concluded it must be the weather.
  4. Rookies had to carry Tom Float's luggage! Kidding. Never happened in our corps, but as a SAE pledge in college.........different story.
  5. I guess perspective depends on age but Madison had solidified "favorite corps" by the mid-70's. Santa Clara thought they were, but they were not.
  6. BWAHAHAHA! That's right up there with Poppy's "Pageantry Leeches"
  7. Wow. Thank you. I didn't know that. I knew East Coasters took their Drum Corps serioulsy but, YIKES! Better not mess with the band geeks after all.
  8. Wait. Wut!? When did this happen? I don't remember any Drum Corps murders. Are things even worse than I thought?
  9. It is astounding to me that is the case in modern Drum Corps. IF Drum Corps comes back those numbers will surely drop and I bet on one will be able to tell the difference.
  10. Interesting. Is he pleading guilty to a lesser charge or the original? Whatever the case, I hope the victims can have peace, healing, and closure.