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  1. I believe it and I don't blame DCI either. They can't control the cost of housing, transportation and insurance. It's sad that not any kid can take part in the activity anymore.
  2. I’d much rather be in the stands watching the finished product of the smaller corps than watching the “big boys” practice. Plus, it’s a lot of people preening around in their corps jacket trying to look important.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing Blue Devils (& SCV) in San Bernardino on June 26th. However the group I'm going with, I'm told, will be spending a lot of the time in the parking lot watching practice and warm-ups.......🙄. Never understood that concept.
  4. mmmm, well...not really. Tom Float was indeed a Kingsmen snare in 1972, but not really a designer, or instructor. That was Donnie Porter Jr.
  5. I do believe I saw a bunch of future Tom Floats and Ralph Hardimons running around.
  6. Ayala was very good too, but not Chino Hills level good. Ayala wore complete mesh head and face coverings, which made me wonder how they were able to see or breath. I thought high school music programs especially in CA. were at low funding levels. Someone is shelling out a TON of money. Forgot to mention my pet peeve; oversized pits. They were all huge. One group had 19 vibraphones, marimbas, and xylophones. 🙄
  7. I think I saw it last Sunday. Not a single cymbal, but a line of cymbals like a bass drum line.
  8. Yes, I believe you. I just didn't recognize it. And cymbals were featured by Chino Hills H.S. They did this thing where they tucked one end against their body and "clanked" the other end like bass drummers doing a run. Incredible. I may need to review my rigid dogma of what is, and it not, "Drum Corps."
  9. Hmmmm, ok. But a friend with us marched in Bridgemen (snare) during two years they won high drums. He intimated the same unless I heard him out of context....? I can't argue the point as I'm not a drummer, just a marginal horn player. Main point is these kids are very good at a very young age.
  10. I attend my first WGI Drum Line show in Rancho Cucamonga CA this past weekend. I was only a wanna-be drummer, but I noticed a few things. There was a lack of basic rudiments at all levels and rolls were extremely tight, too tight. However, the talent level was unreal! Who needs rudiments!? They were like nothing I could have imagined. Many of these kids were 14/15, and played like confident-seasoned Drum Corps veterans. And they played so fast! I had no idea it was such a production; large video screens, massive (but useful) props, and lots of electronics. Chino Hills High School really stood out. I marched with some legendary drummers and many of these kids are going to be just as good if not better, far younger. They must pick up sticks as soon as they can walk.
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