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  1. I spent a few decades in Drum Corps exile. Around when did the tail start wagging the dog?
  2. I agree with you!! But you responded to the right message, but the wrong person (me). And your son, or daughter, is fortunate to have an involved and supportive parent.
  3. I don't see it as a money grab. I see it as just trying to keep the doors open. The activity is in desperate times.
  4. Fun to read everyone's stories, but I can not relate. Cold weather and Drum Corps never came close to each other.
  5. Here’s my anecdotal COVID experience. While traveling, my daughter lost her tasters and had a mild headache. The next day I got very sick; 102 – 103 fever, dry cough, and very tired. On day four all symptoms disappeared and I felt fine. This was 6 months ago and have no residual issues that I know of. My daughter only had her mild symptoms for one day. My wife never got sick. Feel very fortunate as you may be able to tell by my avatar, I’m no spring chicken.
  6. Imagine the gall of a conference making decisions that protect their marquee program.
  7. Only in the sense it would be a year like no other, but to not fully recognize a corps that has the guts and fortitude to make it onto the filed would be wrong and even harmful. To diminish 2021 when we didn't have a 2020 sounds.........counterproductive. The sun doesn't revolve around BD or SC. At least it shouldn't.
  8. If Cavs et al. put on a full show, yes, judge them and everyone else. Except NO ASTERISKS! There should be the opposite of an asterisks next to whomever wins due to the hardship and challenges that will have to be overcome. If BD and SC don't want to compete (understandably) that's their problem. They don't get to take the ball and go home.
  9. To not march in 2021 is not "gutsy". To march in 2021 is gutsy.
  10. This is unbelievably sad. It's not like you can just flip a switch and have 2022 like nothing ever happened.
  11. Definitely agree on the Bridgemen! I remember the sound of their bodies hitting the ground as they "fainted" (76?). It was oddly hilarious. One of the best crops, along with 2-7, to never win DCI. They would have had their guard been better.