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  1. I'm not a DCI insider and what you're saying is foreign to me: ("unwritten rule that is you were a person of color, you did not march with Corps X"). I've never heard this. Not saying it's not true, I'm just saying in over 50 years I've never heard it and I have dear friends that are former members, instructors, and executives in the activity. If it is true, the activity has devolved and needs to be fixed. When I marched (1969 - 1975) there were only three different types of people: horn players, drummers, and guard members. That was it.
  2. Always thought of Drum Corps as more progressive than the rest of society in general. We obviously knew who the kids of color were, who the gay kids were (for the most part), and it wasn't a "thing" since we all focused on a common goal. If Garfield feels they have an issue that needs to be addressed (and it's not just virtue signaling), well, good for them!
  3. God Bless America and the Troopers! Bring back National Squads.
  4. I can only speak for one corps and as I saw it. We had a smart and successful Director and he always thought he was serving the audience, and we did too. Everything else fell into place from that.
  5. For me, Garfield's show the summer after 09/11. I really appreciated it and it was very good. Not an entire show, but Anaheim Kingsmen "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" from 1972 also works. (Zapruder-like film quality)
  6. In high school the hot cheerleader types would NEVER give a band geek dude the time of day. However, in 2020 they will for a small fee. That's progress for our side. 🙂
  7. The "discussion" of COVID veered way off the context of Drum Corps. It quickly turns into dueling bar graphs, self-aggrandizing pseudo-scientists, and personal attacks. If you are a moderator why would you want to have to constantly police something like that? Easier to cut it off entirely. This is a privately owned website and I don't blame them.
  8. Maybe because this is a website related to Drum Corps? If I want information on COVID-19, DCP is one of the last places I would look to. But that's just me.
  9. What make this a medal contender is not so much the food combination but calling it a "Fajita". Bonus points for Pace "picante sauce".
  10. OMG.......ours was at least a pale flesh color. I think you just moved into at least 2nd place (silver medal).
  11. My doctor administered the COVID-19 antibody test to me and my wife. We both came back negative. Yes, it can kill me. Yes, it's still a very real threat but I am OVER IT. I wear a surgical mask at all times in public and will continue to wash my hands a million times a day. Time to live life again.
  12. And I was supposed to be in Rome today touring the Vatican as part of a three-week Italian vacation. F U Covid-19
  13. Some excellent submissions today and I believe we have a new leader; Mello Dude. Spaghetti food poisoning is going to be tough to beat.