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  1. i miss the Wishbone, Single-Wing, and Power-I offenses in College Football. The forward pass is not real College Football.
  2. I think this exchange between you and JimF is DCP at it's best. A respectful discussion with differing opinions and ideas. Not so common on Internet message boards and I appreciate it. (and I think you're both right).
  3. The bean counters need to reel in the artist types or soon finals will take less than an hour.
  4. Guess it depends on the metrics used. The number of active corps in 1972 vs. 2021 is a pretty good one in my book to measure the health of the activity.
  5. or better yet, DCI caps the number of paid instructors AND props to provide parity between corps. Like what the NFL and NHL does. Drum Corps is dying. Do what can be done to cut down operating expenses so the activity has a chance for survival, and not for just a few.
  6. Not a fan because most of the time they look cheesy, make the field look cluttered, and drive up the cost of production without a good R.O.I.
  7. I have to assume Cavaliers are still all male because they feel it is in their best interest. Same motivation as Madison made their decision to go coed. Nothing beyond that. I just made the comment because I LOVE tradition and hate to see it end. *(still mourning the loss of skirts and English riding boots on color guards)
  8. I'm impressed your high school had a country club. Very boujee.
  9. I like the gif in your signature. I miss military bearing in Drum Corps.