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  1. I was precious too and had to learn a new instrument in order to participate in Drum Corps. It was hard but it didn't kill me and it paid off. There's nothing to stop marching band enthusiasts from starting their own summer league. Don't wreck ours in the name of "inclusivity."
  2. They're a marching band now, but they have ships, planes, guns, and defend our freedom, so they can call themselves whatever they want and I'll go with it.
  3. I KNOW of one, but the victims have never come forward publicly to my knowledge and its been a long time now.
  4. Yes, Junior Corps 71 - 74 and Alumni Corps in 2007. I was a very marginal baritone. Thanks for the kind words. Nice some remember us.
  5. Kingsmen rifle line did that in 1974 before the Exorcist Drum solo......but without the glitter and S&M bondage vibe.
  6. I’m extremely unimpressed by Drum Corps hardship stories from anyone because……….it’s DRUM CORPS! Hello? The fact Boston has been around for 80 years, is highly competitive, and has a great guard, THAT impresses the heck out of me and they deserve all credit due.
  7. I knew I liked you! Bobby Hoffman's drill disguised how small we were. Had we been a larger corps finals placements would have been different.
  8. Not really, to me at least, as we had lost to SCV four times before finals beginning at Whitewater.
  9. SCV came in 3rd in 1972 (HA!), won in 1973, so they didn't exactly come out of no where. They were definitely on everyone's radar. We lost to them in 1974 by .95 That sucked cuz we were better in 74 than when we won in 72.
  10. I came thisclose to joining 2-7 after the Kingsmen folded in 1975. Decided to stay in So Cal and go to college instead. What coulda been.
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