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  1. It's so lame, and it's been going on since at least 1972. It's almost as annoying as having "VK ALL THE WAY" shouted during your DCI Finals performance.
  2. That song makes some of us cry. In a good way, though snif.
  3. 1972 Anaheim Kingsmen - Ritual Fire Dance 1974 Anaheim Kingsmen - Symphonie Fantastique (because who doesn't like music influenced by spurned love and a bad opium trip?) 1976 Blue Devils - Channel One Suite 1978 Blue Devils - Spanish Fantasy
  4. hmmmmm. Ok, so it IS still a thing! .......In Croatia and Jacksonville. Winter Guard should be an Olympic sport and I'll start the movement. After I retire.
  5. I've lived in California L.A./Orange County my entire life, and my mother's family is from Summit N.J., so been to NY too many times to count. Breakdancing? Who? Where? Didn't it end around the time Fresh Prince of Bel Air went off the air? Maybe they meant Hip-Hop.......?
  6. You're probably right. Drum Corps as it exists today would be a bit of a stretch, but Winter Guard is definitely in the realm. The Summer Olympics do have a small bit of Drum Corps connection as several alumni participated in the 1984 Summer Olympic band in L.A.
  7. why isn't indoor Winter Guard? It could be done as a winter or summer event. Ron Nankervis needs to get on that and make it happen. Pronto. And after that, Drum Corps. Start it off as an exhibition and by 2028 in Los Angeles a full-blown event. Who knew Breakdancing was still a thing?
  8. The official cause of death for me is when/if woodwinds are ever allowed on the field. That's the line in the sand for me.
  9. No. I should not have been. Had I wanted to be one bad enough I should/could have auditioned for Madison, or the Cavaliers. I was free to. Just like any female today can join any other corps other than the Cavaliers. They are no more "discriminatory" than the WNBA, or any other all female group. I hope I live long enough to see this cult of victimhood pass, but I doubt it.
  10. I know I was discriminated & oppressed while in Drum Corps. I wanted to be a RIFLE, I was good (still am), but they wouldn't let me because I wasn't female.
  11. How come I don't know this!? Who? Another corps the Anaheim Kingsmen inspired, or whatever term you want to use, was the Seneca Optimists. Their uniforms were exactly like ours only yellow. In fact, they had a nick-name of "Bananaheim" although not sure how widespread that was.
  12. Yes, it was inappropriate. I've been out of the activity for awhile, so when I made the comment I didn't consider the age of some of the marching members. Even with that, it was still wrong. My apologies to all I offended, the activity, color guard marching members, and Drum Corps Planet. It won't happen again.
  13. And how old are you!? As opposed to the jazz and American standards of Sinatra, Davis, & Martin I'm going to "assume" you'd prefer Justin Bieber & the Jonas Brothers based upon your postings.