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  1. I agree with you. It's a bold choice that will certainly stand out on the field.
  2. I found it on FB - I wasn't fortunate enough to be the one who recorded it. Crown has earned my respect even more so now and it speaks volumes of their core character.
  3. Cadets at Carolina Crown play Cadillac of the Skies. Thank you Crown for allowing the Cadets kids to share the legacy and that FHNSAB! Talk about a class act!
  4. This gives me very Center Grove back in it's glory days vibes and in a good way 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Glad to see/hear they are sticking with their most recent show roots, production rather - I stand corrected. Very exciting musical selections. Now that Cadets are no more, Bloo now gets my fandom and my financial support. I don't think Drum Corps has been pushed this far by anyone other than the Cadets back then. Just based on clips of their camps, the experiences they are creating for members/potential members, as they did in December with Dave Vives, blows my mind and I'm all about it! In case anyone missed this gem:
  6. I couldn't agree more! As an alumni who has always donated, I wouldn't give a dime if any of the last board members are a part of this because of the COMPLETE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY - not a dime.
  7. SCV 2024 Staff & Admin link below. I'm not good with strict rules 🤷🏻‍♂️ https://www.scvanguard.org/vanguard-staff/ Should be a good production and now home to a LOT of Cadets this season!
  8. Same with the Cadets guard in the late 90's. When she was judging, we knew we were 2nd behind BD while every other judge had us 1st, always. One regional in 98 she placed us 5th and behind the Glassmen, which she awarded best guard to - I remember at retreat SCV members looking over at us like WTF just happened. We always thought April had ###### her off at some point by yelling at her... who knows. If I'm not mistaken, she was the first to score BD guard, with ticks, drops, etc. perfect 10's at finals. My point is there has always been bias with her judging.
  9. Finally, a positive Cadets thread - one that is highlighting and honoring the legendary stamp they've left in the activity. The other Cadets thread is a super buzzkill 😡 I didn't start in the activity until I was 15 and I would have never made the cut for Cadets 1994 guard but that's the show that showed me just how clean a guard could be. 1996 was another WOW factor when it came to the guard so I made the jump in 97 - my years with the Cadets were AMAZING! It was hard - they pushed us HARD back then but it shaped the person I became. 1996 Cadets just had it all for me and will forever be my favorite show, even more so than winning in 1998.
  10. Cadets having been my 3rd corps to march with in the late 90's had exceptional food! Other corps were extremely jealous of how well we were fed!
  11. According to The Army of Survivors guide that was posted earlier, I've now moved on to another phase of emotional abuse, ignoring you. Just for the record, the best overall facial tissue is the Kleenex ultra soft.
  12. Thank you for articulating what I was attempting to say. It's not exactly the yelling but the comments said.
  13. We are all aware of your abuse - it's as if you bring it up weekly on this forum and I am sorry that happened to you. I am simply stating that there is a line and I simply do not believe if an instructor shouts a few times that it constitutes as emotional abuse. I also stand by my opinion that some people, not all, are simply too soft in present times. If I were shouted at for completely running the wrong drill set, I would take that as a "lets get your head in the game and focus" rather a "he shouted at me and I'm going to go file a complaint to get the instructor removed". There is a line.
  14. An instructor shouts and you pull out the abuse in sports handbook. You sound like someone who couldn't/didn't cut it in the activity and/or handle any kind of heat to help you become better. Let's just give everyone a first place trophy because they tried, right?
  15. Yelling at times is not abuse and that comment is a reach - people are too soft now. If I could send a box of tissues with my reply they would be attached <<here>>.
  16. To be fair, how long did April last in the activity?! Everyone wanted to work with her because she produced results, despite being a screamer and humiliating members. The fear was real but it came with the territory of being one of the best. I'm not saying this technique is right but it certainly gets people talking. Having never even met Lentz, few can argue his creative and brilliant mind.
  17. Beyond amazing! I think I've watched this at least 10x in a row.
  18. This is true however I like the visibility aspect where we can ALL see how much is donated - a lot of trust issues at the top right now.
  19. How does alumni not get an “urgent assistance” email or this not made a “dire situation” in advance when there was ample time for a remote possibility?! As a corporate exec myself, ALL of the top is to blame and heads should roll. What an embarrassing #### show. As an alumni, I’m heartbroken and furious at the same time how this was so mismanaged and communicated. Had any of us alumni known the actual current state, we could have, would have, made a difference.
  20. As an alumni, I’m heartbroken and furious at the same time how this was so mismanaged and communicated. Had any of us alumni known the actual current state, we could have, would have, made a difference.
  21. Cadets taking Subel would be epic and IMO, allow them to be competetive with the top 4 - one can hope!
  22. Big W for them! Adam is a very talented as a visionary leader.
  23. A legend like that isn't allowed to just leave the activity. Where's the petition? lol
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