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  1. Inflation costs and costs due to implementation of safety standards and higher expectations of tour life (I'm not posting this as a debate as to whether the safety standards are needed or not needed, it is simple fact it costs money), running a corps on tour costs more than it ever used to. Those are the simple facts. As I stated earlier, I am glad to see more logical touring schedules for corps without a lot of backtracking. This clearly would cut down on shows in general. A shorter touring schedule allows for more shows to have more corps. A heftier lineup will lead to more ticket sales. I believe DCI is banking on fans traveling a little bit further and attending shows than they used to. And honestly, I think it will work. The only way to get back to a tour we are used to is to ensure the current shows sell out and that would allow DCI to slowly add more shows in the future. At least that would be the smart approach. The other thing I can say is donate, donate, donate to corps. I hate to say it, but it's about the money. Trust me if I could've won that $2 billion lottery, I would've been shelling out big time to corps. I love this activity more than I can speak about. I'll play the game and support whatever touring model comes out so long as my attendance helps ensure it continues. And I think that is the bigger picture here. We want this activity around, we have to keep attending.
  2. I'd wager unless there is some miraculous infusion of cash somewhere, Mercedes Benz is out of the questions for good.
  3. Assuming lineups aren't necessarily complete yet, I would have hoped pairing down the tour schedule would increase lineups at events. A bigger issue I saw last year was just so many events with small lineups. Small lineups aren't going to attract the crowds. Poking around at some individual corps schedules, happy to see a bit more logistical approach geographically. Not a lot of backtracking for shows like we saw last year. Many many corps not entering the tour until July 1. Do they delay spring training? Or extend spring training? Very happy to see a robust lineup for Prelims this year. Being the drum corps nut I am, I love the long day of prelims.
  4. I see very little chance of DCI moving finals unless something big and bad happens to the relationship with Indy. Also, as far as the comments about the new Buffalo stadium: 1) DCI already announced next year's tour will be similar to this year's. That kind of suggests no New York shows at all again. 2) I doubt DCI ever puts finals outside again when they can have a for sure weekend of profits from an indoor stadium. All this being said, my dream? Move finals to Atlanta in the Mercedes Benz Stadium. The acoustics in there were amazing for drum corps. Way better than they sound in Indy.
  5. I haven't got mine yet. But I'm a FOD member so they're probably going by sections.
  6. Well I guess he will be off the judging panels for next season then.
  7. Agreed! The 2000s Cavies were very sophisticated musically and I'm so here for it.
  8. Kinda what we see here with the new Mercedes’ Benz stadium. DCI can’t afford it anymore and with these stadiums costing as much as they do to build, I don’t see DCI being able to afford this one either. It’s truly a shame beside the Benz is an AMAZING venue for drum corps. Even better than Lucas oil if you ask me.
  9. I want a corps to recruit Gavin Greenaway to compose original music for a concept design. The stuff he wrote for Disney at the turn of the century is some of my favorite compositional work ever and the Cadets performing that work in 2000 is just incredible. I would love something like that again.
  10. I don't know about "mandated", but maybe challenges? Like we challenge all corps to x,y, or z.
  11. Without being a giant POS here: I got in line for finals at 2:45, gates were to open at 3:30. Gates were delayed opening (I couldn't quite hear what the lady said). They opened at about 3:45. From what I personally witnessed, the lines were moving. I was probably 150 deep in the southern-most line at the gate. The only hold-ups I saw were those that actually had bags searched and the scanning of tickets. To me, it appeared as though having the ticket scanners so close to the actual metal detectors caused a traffic jam. It could have been better had they unlocked only a couple of the actual doors to the stadium and had the ticket scanners there to alleviate some bottlenecking. Maybe that would've helped, maybe it wouldn't. Other than guests needing to get over the fact that everything in society today is digital and actually being prepared with their tickets pulled up. (I witnessed some people fumbling through their phones trying to find the tickets, personally unacceptable to me as we stood there for an hour waiting in line).
  12. I completely understand their reasoning behind changing the ending of the, but with how the music was written and the impact, the original ending as much more effective.
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