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  1. That’s kind of the heart of the problem. There’s no actual word on the current state of financial condition other than that bingo appears to be going well. The audit is on prior years. SCV could very well have enough funds to be fine for the season. Or have things in place to make sure they’re fine. Too many utilizing a recent report on historical data to assume what’s happening right this second.
  2. Never said they’re going to follow said guidance, but the auditors would have provided it.
  3. Just an all out brawl of fans throwing fans at the corps for playing it?
  4. You keep responding, what’s that say about you then if I’m soooooooo unknowledgeable and possess a “low IQ”
  5. It’s literally impossible to physically see with your own eyes physical cash they had on hand 3 years ago. You cannot do it. Therefore it does not satisfy the procedure.
  6. A subjective materiality issue, set by the auditors, based on information from 3 years ago. Qualified opinions are not that uncommon. I’ve been involved in plenty of them being issued. To non profits. An audit opinion is literally word play. Especially one in this circumstance.
  7. You chose to point out that the auditors stated they couldn’t “observe” (please read the word observe), physical cash from 2021 and 2022. So I’m asking you, are you able to observe physical cash from 2 and 3 years ago?
  8. Hilarious. You enjoy your time stressing about the organization and holding the hatred for it in your heart. I’ll be enjoying seeing them perform this summer and enjoying every minute of every corps.
  9. Whose saying I haven’t accepted that aren’t saying anything? That isn’t something to be debated. You’re trying to go after me for things I’ve acknowledged. Again, they have no legal right to say anything other than what’s required by state law for reporting purposes. I’ve accepted they aren’t saying anything. That is not the point. A performative audit was done for state regulation purposes. The state got their audit. Happy times for them. The audit holds little weight in the grand scheme of things because it’s on old information that the auditors won’t be able to prove certain things. Noticed I said certain things. I’ve acknowledged it’s clear that retention of support records was poor. Clearly the auditors were able to use other methods to prove amounts to a point where they could comfortably issue an opinion on the financials.
  10. I’m sorry you don’t like the fact that they have no legal right to tell you anything. The audit opinion is the audit opinion and I’ve experienced too many to not state what it’s actually saying here within the facts of the situation. Again, sorry you don’t like the organizational leadership or how they handle things. It’s clear to me there isn’t anything you can do to change it.
  11. I’m not sure how many times I have to state that I’m pure regarding the audit and financials and saying that based on my years of experience auditing non-profits and preparing 990s for non-profits. I’m not speaking on the operational aspect, lack of communication, etc etc blah blah blah. I don’t care about that because frankly I’m not donating to the corps and so long as they aren’t abusing members, the organization how no legal right to tell me squat. My only points here are that people are looking at this audit opinion and screaming the sky is falling. And that really just isn’t what the audit is stating. Especially when you take into consideration it’s regarding financials from more than 2 years ago. This audit was purely performative for government certification purposes. To get “caught up”. If audits on current financials began to state these things, I’ve have a little more concern. But even then, the opinion isn’t indicative of fraud. If the auditors had come to the conclusion that any of these figures were out of the ordinary, completely unproven, unable to gather any evidence, they would have issued an adverse opinion or disclaimed an opinion.
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