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  1. Oh I know they have no written drill, but they’ve been marching more what we would call “regular drill” versus constant flutter steps with restaging.
  2. Same seating just looks odd because it’s turned opposite from the cross field and it’s built on a platform so the bottom portions of the stands are covered up. It does look really confusing at first
  3. Like last year, the drill does seem to be a problem again. Even with tempos cranked, from a visual package standpoint, it doesn’t hold against the new “staging” ideas of continued champion. Granted, BD has been doing more drill than they have in the last decade. Still, I’m not sure the way the drill has been this year and last year for Crown is effective enough to push to a win. Would love to be proven wrong.
  4. I agree the flag writing seemed almost out of reach in the moment for the ensemble. Granted they had some wind during the performance and it was the first public one. However, if there’s anything we know about BD their guard shows the eff up in Indy.
  5. It's still out there??? Can you send me a DM with it?
  6. Crown took a while to reach more people than I think was anticipated and the depth and sophistication of the music wasn't necessarily appreciated. Not to mention the visual package just wasn't all there. With BD last year, the concept was so obtainable and the music choices worked so well with the art concept let alone the fact that the kids performed the living #### out of it and deserved every ounce of a gold medal.
  7. It is quite more musically themed instead of just stacked rhythmic chords and snippets of melodies that we've become accustomed to getting from BD.
  8. Wed-Fri at Mercyhurst for me. Sidenote, the great Bruno Zuccala is out helping with the guard this week. Always good to see his mastery in weapons being taught to guards.
  9. By being a lame nerd like myself who scours the internet during DCI season for any crumbs I can get my hands on... I just sent you a message 😆
  10. It's BD, but it's more... I can't find the word... storytelling, fairytale like? It has a different feel while still being BD. It's a small pivot from recent years. I say none of this in negative light. It's a very good concept and the music is great. I just find the slight pivot to be interesting.
  11. Boston heading to western PA right as we get hit with the heat wave. Hoping they will still be able to safely hold rehearsal so I can scope things out.
  12. Just saw the video that was posted to Youtube. A different approach from BD. It feels as though they've turned slightly towards the way of Carolina Crown in recent years. The ballad isn't speaking to me emotionally yet and they clearly have some staging/visual contribution enhancement coming for the percussion feature. Interesting to see this from BD, but so far I'm digging.
  13. I can’t wait to see them when they stop in Erie next week!
  14. The trailers are still sitting at the sports park…. Someone should take them
  15. Local sources have stated Boston will be making a 3 day stop (19th-21st) in Erie on their way out to their first show. Boston loves coming to Mercyhurst University for a midway stop and rehearsal site. And I love being able to get over there to see them every day they are here! Will have reports once they are here!
  16. Well of course. More visibility brings more funding.
  17. I’m of the belief that nothing outside of illegal activities should be off the table for raising funds/having income. Corps should look into buying laundromats or car washes. Sure you’ll have to pay someone to be an attendant from now and then and now it isn’t going to make every corps financially stable. But even these two business models can provide a relatively steady baseline of income to keep the lights on. Bigger corporate sponsorships. You just need the right people to pitch the right angles to get big corporations to provide support. Before the downfall of the Cadets, there were already discussions in place involving Erie businesses and schools to create partnerships that would be mutually beneficial. I’m sad we didn’t get to see it pan out because it could have been a model example of how to pull in multiple resources to run the organization.
  18. I’d probably pay the 20 bucks and add on another donation. I love this activity too much to not support it.
  19. Less a show that needs a refresh, more music I’d like to see come back is the Gavin Greenaway compositions from Cadets 2000. I love that music
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