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  1. OK, I could not wait, so here is my DCPA idea. There is two parts to the season: regular season and finals week! or Regular is points ala VCL. Every corps has the same points on week one. You earn points for placement and caption wins. You do this till finals week. Finals week uses real captions but not everyone has the same points! Salary cap has a base but you got your bonus points from the regular season added to it! This is realistic... Some corps impove while some do not as much. The best corps in the regular season have the best shoot. Since we have finals week captions, we ca
  2. No... It wont punish the top directors. I would of won season 5 with one corps :P In season 4, I had 1 corps per divison and swept the live season. Now lets say i had menagerie in div1 and made finals... how did that help the league? Nope... didn't help one bit. The hard part is folding your corps or picking which corps to drop a div. The end result is more directors in the big dance and more corps in the league. More happy directors and a more active league...THAT MEANS MORE FUN FOR ALL! Now I have a fantastic idea for an all age fantasy league! It would use caption
  3. Yeah, I'm out but I still lurk around. I'll throw in my two cents. I've been in numerous fantasy league (FDCI, FDC, VCL, DCPI) and there is two routes a league can go: 1. A system based on actuall corps numbers (DCPI, FDCI, DCP). 2. A system based on submited points (VCL) While I agree with Harry that there really needs to be a DCP-A, I can't agree with him that this system needs to change. It is based on DCI and uses real caption and while it is true with number crunching could get you places, it is not 100% true. Back when I did FDCI, I started in the back of the pack. I notice that corp
  4. During last years finals, I went through a unique situation that required me to fold Mystré. Shortly befor this event happened, I was aproached by a director on how to form and create a corps. I advise this person and they created a corps. Also, I've tought this person everything I know on how to run a corps, pick captions, etc.... Well this person recently asked if they could use the Mystré name. Well I came on DCPI and lurked arround and saw that Mystré got dead last at the Peach Cobbler Classic. Well this is no way for my corps to leave!!!!! I quickly sent an Email to my understudy and tol
  5. Ok... It's been a few months for me on DCP and here is my last post ever. Of course, I have to put it on the DCPI forum. :P I'm not going into any detail into what happened that has made me decided to leave DCP because it dosen't need to be know. No, I was not banned. :P First thanks goes to Steve for allowing me to continue Mystré during finals week, and for those that put up some post for me. I'm not going into any detail into what happened that has made me decided to leave DCP because it dosen't need to be know (No, I was no banned or anything in that respect). To the friends I've made in