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  1. Maybe because they want to showcase the section that has been gaining momentum this season? Everyone knows about the brass being ridiculous... maybe the percussion wanted the last word this year. :)
  2. Any thoughts on the lack of head coverings? (Other than Bloo's bowler hats)? I love the visibility of performer's faces and their ability to communicate better with the audience, but I feel like you can really see how young the performers are (I'm old... so that's not hard to understand). I feel like Phantom automatically looks more mature with those helmets on. Just curious what your thoughts are!
  3. As of right now, the tarp is rolled out during the closer, then disassembled to further compliment the deconstruction theme.
  4. I think Crown doesn't want to lose a brass spot to a string player. :) Though a live violin would be cool... hanging out of the stage coach or something....
  5. Yeah.. the stage coach driver (dad) does die... that's his grave downstage on side 2) The son gets the revenge.
  6. Villain kills 'dad' and steals bag. (What's inside? That could be fun to guess) Son seeks revenge. Stumbles on a saloon during his journey, fights over girl. Son camps out, contemplating his revenge while horn line plays gorgeously and his dad provides guidance from his grave. Son kills villain (the one who killed his dad) and gets his dad's bag back. Hope that helps!
  7. They are trying hard to get the word out about it this year...but DCI has NOT been supportive at all. I'm shocked they actually put an article out there recently.
  8. No cut-off... but the price goes up to $40 after July 31.
  9. NO!! That part is SOOOO exposed. When they nail it... it is so spectacular. When they don't... everyone knows...
  10. Have you guys heard about the StreetBeat5K? It's a 5K run/walk/jazz run that takes place the Saturday of DCI Finals. The fee is only $35, and HALF of your fee goes to support the music program of your choice. You can support your favorite corps, or even a marching band program, if you want! The run is timed, and you get a nice T-shirt out of the deal. I ran last year and had a blast. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there! (I'll be the one in the red and black/ 9 rings of hell outfit on.. because dressing up for 5Ks is fun!) Susie Harloff
  11. DCI finally put out an article about the race. Anyone else thinking about it?!
  12. I'm working on getting a map for you guys, but this is the route as described on the web site: The walk/run is scheduled to begin at 8AM. The start will be located at Military Park in beautiful downtown indianpolis. The course will wind along the White River and through White River State Park and past the NCAA museum. From there it heads south and will lead participants to the home of the DCI World Championships - Lucas Oil Stadium.