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  1. We're only six months away from our first preview! Coincidentally, I recently moved from Denton, TX to about an hour away from Rockford. That means I'll probably end up going to Music in The Park and record it myself 😎 (but that also means no more summer SCV recordings at UNT 😔) The working repertoire is still being finalized I think. They have four total pieces including the already verified Mahler 5.
  2. Look how much fun everyone was having. Haha.
  3. Is this like 2015 where BD won finals without wining a single regional?
  4. Same. Running on apple tv. Force quitting the app and restarting the stream doesn't help. Happening on both high and multi cam.
  5. One of my top fave BD shows. Crazy that was almost 10 years ago. Really curious why they dropped Incident in Jazz from this season.
  6. Mirror? Says too many people have downloaded.
  7. Great show! I recorded Madison, SOA, phantom, crown, coats, devils, cavies. Should see them on the video tube cloud thing late tonight or tomorrow morning. posted from the DrumScorps app
  8. First Texas show of the season for me after moving from Denton, TX to Chicago! I made the same mistake as last year for this stadium where I thought I purchased tickets on the 50 but they’re actually on the 40... d’oh! Still a great view! See everyone there!
  9. I’d bet it’s for sync/copy rights. They did the same last year for the Michael Jackson sample. Maybe it’s easier/cheaper to sample a cover of a song rather than using the original.
  10. Last year's 2018 forum ended with 108 pages, this one is already at 94 at it's still pre-season. Lot's of discussion this season!
  11. and also a little blast from the past.
  12. Quick snippet of their public performance yesterday. Some show music.
  13. I get it every now and then, more so if I'm linking to embedded media that generates a preview (like a tweet or yt video). If you're linking to something that auto generates a preview, removing the preview usually lets you post. I messaged the admins a while back but we couldn't figure out what was causing it.
  14. Incident in Jazz (used in 2010) was cut but it may still be intertwined. Still have the march(?) camp recording where they were playing with it.