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  1. Last year's 2018 forum ended with 108 pages, this one is already at 94 at it's still pre-season. Lot's of discussion this season!
  2. and also a little blast from the past.
  3. Quick snippet of their public performance yesterday. Some show music.
  4. I get it every now and then, more so if I'm linking to embedded media that generates a preview (like a tweet or yt video). If you're linking to something that auto generates a preview, removing the preview usually lets you post. I messaged the admins a while back but we couldn't figure out what was causing it.
  5. Incident in Jazz (used in 2010) was cut but it may still be intertwined. Still have the march(?) camp recording where they were playing with it.
  6. I think BD's arrangement is a lot closer to the source. Most of the material will be coming from the beginning fanfare. Lot's of trumpets ;)
  7. Music inspired by: "Cycle Song" Imogen Heap "Rhythm Song" Imogen Heap "A True Passion" Lorne Balfe "Stroke of Genius" Lorne Balfe "Symphony No. 3" Aram Khachaturian "Ghostlight" Dave Glyde "Circus" Britney Spears
  8. Their official show graphic is pretty cool as always. Lot's of symbolism. There's an element of comedy and tragedy, quite literally. Excited to see the full repertoire and see how it all ties together.
  9. or The End is Near but that sounds too dreary for a show name. Scott's teasers on instagram show there's a lot more text. "The.." and "..near" are for sure in there.
  10. New clue! Boo! 😉
  11. Hey all, what a long off-season! With spring training approaching, things are starting to cook! Here's some innocent "speculation" i'd like to share with you all. As is becoming tradition, you might hear a little familiar melody from a past life. Need a hint? It's quite an incident... Trumpet's galore, this poetic symphony has quite the intro. A hymn of praise they call it. Do the devils visit Russia? 😉
  12. Law is totally unclear. Feel free to download and archive for personal use but don't redistribute the video or exported audio for profit.