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  1. I saw Bucs at Scranton and I am not surprised they scored a 99.
  2. Oh my gosh! I actually agree on all points, including a need to run under the stands break. We were just below you in section R? I think. 50 and just past halfway up the stands.
  3. Can you remember what year we played Eli off the line and Jerry Dunn did the solo work? I did Kingsmen around the time you were there, but as I remember it was co-ed all sections. Came up with some good guys from Johnsonburg that year.
  4. When I left Westshore in 72, we were all male, later in 72 I was a Gardner Guard for a short time and they were all male. Later in 72, I went to Johnsonburg and they were co-ed already. That was last time I was in an all male corps(maybe 74 with Bucs, but can't remember for sure). Hamburg was already co-ed when I marched there. I must say co-ed is the way to go, especially all-age.....
  5. 1969 My first year in drum corps, we were 12th. played standstill for the record. But watching finals for my first time(I was with WBS), my favorite 2 memories were there. First was knowing who was coming out when the streetbeats started to rock under the stands, and watching Cabs put up a cloud of dust marking time before they started the show. All the corps rocked that night and this 15 year old was smitten......
  6. Wow...we even dug our way thru mountains of snow and and miles of forests to get there..
  7. I hated stadiums that were also baseball parks. Pitchers mound and in the case of the old Baltimore stadium the bleachers didn't line up with the sideline so perspective was off. I can't remember that being an issue at Dream, but man when it rained at Dream......
  8. We hosted a small DCA show back when the field was still grass..I remember Sunrisers, maybe Westshore, Johnsonburg did a standstill...Once the Crossmen were here for a camp, then did a show around those years. We had kids from Brockway in the Corps and some were Phantom. After Cabs Alumni, I have been hoping to put Drum Corps back on that field.(Hate the 4th on a weekday, it cramps who we can get here)
  9. Did you ever do Altoona? I think it was called Brass Impact.? The stadium there is Mansion park and looks, is pretty nice. Was pretty nice back in the late 60's/early 70's and now is renovated w/turf and great lighting/parking and surrounding area.Very similar to Scranton
  10. I think Aquinas was an excellent venue. I also liked Bucknell's stadium.(was it Mathiewson). Hershey was good. Actually remember more not so good places, but had great shows. In the end, Aquinas and all the old Horseshoe stadiums seemed to be better.
  11. Hey I remember all that....Bucs wore pants and t's I think...muddy as hell....