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  1. All I know is in 76 I should have gone to the east bay and not down south.
  2. It is all about the illegal immigration. Now you bring down one of your there foreign color guards and they kick a@@, this is what's go'n happen. I mean it aint about the S word at all...now I know that when I drive our good, god fearing American colorguard to their performances I use that word quite a lot, especially at them d@#$ed foreign drivers, so it aint that they have not been "acquainted" with that particular word a tall. I tell you what... Oh and as regards your Unicorns.... ####...####...####...####!!! I despise unicorns!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh they still talk long poo about other corps, just like we did...
  4. Now that's what I'm talking about!!!! I remember getting on a Blue Devil bus to go up to the Portland show in the Winter of 75/76 to find that they had found a company named, "Vanguard", that made toilet seat covers and displayed in the front of the bus so every time you exited you saw "Vanguard Toilet Seat Covers"! I laughed my ### off. My personal rivalry ended when I said "I Do" and married a Blue Devil, but Park & Bark and "Really, you call going up and down yard lines a drill concept?" are words that still exit my mouth. I love you guys!!! By the way, "Cities of Glass" was an amazing show!!! D@#$ it!!!!
  5. No seriously, almost every post has been prefaced with, "I think." Let's take this discussion back a few years... For the record, regardless of the facade, there has always been a huge rivalry between Blue Devils and The Santa Clara Vanguard. Seriously. We all talk pretty when the lights go down, but underneath it all...yea. Look at the evolutions of the two corps. I will go to war for some of the BD shows and have, but I will also talk the longest poo about them too. I think the words, "Park and Bark" and "Smoke and Mirrors (2010 excluded)", play heavily in my verbage. I marched with some of those guys in college, suprising how limited their vocabularies are for college kids, and while we rocked it in band, on the Summer field, it was war. Now I know that if you go wake up some dinasours, the guys/girls who actually marched, you'll find that there was a corps called Blessed Sac that wasn't very fond of BAC (Boston Crusaders) and the Kilties needed police escorts into and out of the country of Canada. Homework is called for here.