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  1. George - you raise a lot of good points. After following DCI for so long and BOA for not as long, one of my favorite marching programs across the two of them is 2010 Tarpon Springs - the paranormal show. What a great show!
  2. Did I say the corps should move away from it's identity???
  3. The only thing I loved about 2007 was the keyboard intro Vespertine Formations (sp?). The rest I was not fond of but I know it was well done. And before anyone mentions it - JD and Paul R are gone. Does it take a 12-step program to realize and accept that fact?
  4. You - who expressed in a user update that you needed to get away from DCP? I can understand that message and it was in a small section of DCP on the side of my screen. I don't need things enlarged to understand someone else's thoughts as if the larger it is the more I will pay attention to it.
  5. This is getting to be a complete drag this year. Not just this thread but so many others.
  6. Question: When the puppet shows are finished do the meat puppets go into the fridge or the freezer? One would think they would spoil - after all, they are made of meat.
  7. You "need to get it out?" What would you call everything else you've said about the corps - keeping it in?
  8. Or they keep them and use them for the next season's show like they did in 2005/2006, Thing is - think of all the additional expenses of changing the uniforms like new shoes and shakos/plumes.
  9. I agree. I think there are a couple of nice moments. Once they clean up some of the dirt it will look even better.
  10. That comment about hypocrisy was not directed towards you. I had written something replying to a comment earlier on in the thread and removed it.