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  1. i found this completely dreadful and am quite shocked that so few have mentioned it! such a disservice to all the hardworking designers out there to have there work defaced.
  2. let those dirty commies have thier female militia we'll always have the kilgore rangerettes!
  3. aside from movement/equipment skills your people skills are the most important! getting along with others,being supportive,showing appreciation and gratefullness,abilty to be open to learning and paying attention,helping someone else to do better are all characters that are important and will be noticed. have fun!
  4. Amaichi! this program is sublime,sophisticated and sensitive,the performers are exquisite and very well trained,the design is superbly presented and layered seamlessly.the show connects with a tremendous resonance and should be extremely well recieved by the judging community and fans alike! attention must be paid!
  5. No but it should have been! as for it being a fan fav there's no accounting for bad taste in our activity [by fans,designers and judges] and these type of shows are living proof!
  6. aside from the creators,the other people who should be lined up and shot in this show are the judges who have rewarded it.
  7. yes,in probably one of the worst designed,pandering,ill concieved "world class" programs i have watched this season...very little redeeming value.....just awful!
  8. just watched Santa Clara Vanguard again and this program just gets more powerful and poignant with each viewing!an incredible theatrical experience that escalates into an emotional tour de force ending!this ensemble's show has everything i want and more and demonstrates the positive strengths of our activities art applique.the quality of performance and achievement are superb and creative.the equipment work is detailed and nuanced at every turn. i applaud and salute everyone connected with this wonderful production!
  9. looks like a three way grab for gold in both world classes[independent and schoolastic]. SCV,Onyx and Pride are all fantastic and giving the fans tons of variety and superior performance qualities.each one of them at the top of their game.adding the beloved aimachi from japan into the mix [their video is soon to be under scrutiny of the powers that be]will prove to be even more interesting possibly making a four way contest a reality. defending champs carmel won't have an easy time retaining their title with flagagain and logan all scoring in the same neighborhoods and all serving up something diffent in thier approach to the activity.