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  1. This is a good thing, and for too many years one individual had more control/power in the organization, and parent organization, without the proper oversight that should have been in place. I think going forward, yes it will always be an unfortunate part of their past, but it is not the drum corps, but rather the aforementioned individual that is the one who is the one that sullied the name.
  2. There have been multiple posts from his Facebook account recently, so I guess that whatever (if anything) happened, he is feeling in positive enough spirits to be posting on social media. If that means anything in regards to any recent possible trial/legal proceedings.
  3. In no particular order, except for the first... 1) 1997- The definition of getting the crowd on their feet. The rest... 1992- First year I watched drum corps, so I have to include it. 1975- A great show 1999- Lit the stadium on fire on finals night 1995- Those mellos at the beginning of the closer...what all mellos should aspire to 1988- Yes, by far the best Malaguena EVER!!!! 1996- Just pure fun 2010- Back in finals
  4. The one section at approx. 1:57:50, a younger voice speaks about, "...I was supposed to march this summer...but now I don't want to..." Then the same voice goes on to talk about how (based on comments on Reddit) that his disappointment/disapproval with the current state of drum corps, "...resonates with much of the fan base..." Interesting comments and a source used that would not be allowable by me as a teacher if a student was doing a research paper. But the overall film is quite interesting, if just from the history standpoint.
  5. My Ultimate Finals Lineup: Venue: J. Birney Crum Stadium (Allentown, PA) Weather: Clear skies, 65 degrees, NO wind, Less than 10% humidity Before the Show - I&E Performers Participants (that are not in a Finals Corps) 7:00pm - National Anthem - Carl Lewis, wait no, Roseanne Barr, no no, Whitney Houston (if we can't resurrect her, then a recording) 7:06pm - Pick pretty much any year of the U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps (Exhibition) 7:30pm - 2010 Blue Stars 7:47pm - 1997 or 2001 Glassmen 8:04pm - 2017 Boston 8:21pm - 1992 SCV 8:38pm - 2006 Cavaliers 8:55pm - 1989 Phantom Regiment 9:12pm - Intermission: USMA Hellcats 9:35pm - 2014 Bluecoats 9:52pm - 1991 Star 10:09pm - 2011 Crown 10:26pm - 1975 Scouts 10:43pm - 2017 or 1986 Blue Devils 11:00pm - 1992 Crossmen 11:25pm - I&E Winners (Snare, Quads, Trumpet, Small Ensemble, well anything that is brass, percussion, or guard, NO WOODWINDS or STRINGS!!!) 11:47pm - Bread Pudding at RAM
  6. I think in today's "drum corps landscape" that the emergence of the profiles, videos, etc. of different corps on social media and YouTube have played a role. Also, the fact that students can audition via YouTube (easier than old school mailing a VHS or Beta tape), and that many corps have camps all across the country, allow students to be able to audition much closer to home, rather than drive 600+ miles, or have to fly, to make an audition camp. Think even more about the costs for these initial camps, and having to possibly travel across the region, or even country, to go to a camp? I know when I marched, one dude in the bass line came into the first audition camp and showed the staff the dates and times of flights he would be taking to make each subsequent camp should he make the bassline. Needless to say, this impressed the staff, and though he did make it on his own ability, his organization with travel ahead of time, impressed the staff, and gave him a leg up form the jump. I on the other hand, was willing to travel the 600+ miles by car to get to camp, and also felt quite confident that I had a strong chance to make it, but not all feel as confident.
  7. Obviously, geography and finances are going to play a role in the decision you make regarding where to audition. Ultimately, find one that can help you grow as a musician, get the fantastic drum corps experience, and give yourself a chance to make a Top-12 group (assuming you don't make one your first time out) in the years that follow.
  8. On the same note, at one of the contests I judged this past season, 3 groups did a full blown "The Greatest Showman," show, and another did a piece from the movie score as well. The only one that did any of it well, or even had a good arrangement for marching band, was the group that did just a single tune from the overall score. Ultimately, directors need to be mindful of the difference between good music, and music that is good AND translates well to the marching field. Too many directors miss the mark on that part of the equation when putting together a show.
  9. My buddy and I have always said that for high school groups there should be a fee to play certain things, that only should be performed by top notch groups. For example, having to listen to bad renditions of "Maleguena," "West Side Story," "Phantom of the Opera," etc. is nauseating at times during a high school season.