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  1. ibexpercussion

    Music corps should NOT do

    On the same note, at one of the contests I judged this past season, 3 groups did a full blown "The Greatest Showman," show, and another did a piece from the movie score as well. The only one that did any of it well, or even had a good arrangement for marching band, was the group that did just a single tune from the overall score. Ultimately, directors need to be mindful of the difference between good music, and music that is good AND translates well to the marching field. Too many directors miss the mark on that part of the equation when putting together a show.
  2. ibexpercussion

    Music corps should NOT do

    My buddy and I have always said that for high school groups there should be a fee to play certain things, that only should be performed by top notch groups. For example, having to listen to bad renditions of "Maleguena," "West Side Story," "Phantom of the Opera," etc. is nauseating at times during a high school season.
  3. ibexpercussion

    Request for DCI

    I've mentioned about something like that for the Theater events they used to have (that weren't the Premier or Prelims). That would be fantastic!!! You could show 30-40 (or more) different "moments" (whether a theater event or BluRay), depending on how long you wanted the entire thing to be.
  4. ibexpercussion

    Past 10 Seasons

    That was a pretty fun finish. Add to that, the fact that BD got a penalty during prelims, and then the new ending, and climbed from 4th on prelims to 1st on Finals night.
  5. ibexpercussion

    Past 10 Seasons

    2012 because of the return of Crossmen to Finals!
  6. Yep. Black pants took away from the lower body velocity in the visual package.
  7. Also, the drill and visual design looked slow, and muddled, in many places once they switched to the black uniforms.
  8. ibexpercussion

    Yet Another Overly Proud Dad Alert!

    That is fantastic! Congrats to you and your son!!!
  9. ibexpercussion

    2019 Predictions!

    Prediction... I'll go to Finals week again, along with a handful of other shows, and have a great time. I'll go with friends, and meet up with old friends, and former members, and have a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and respect the hell out of the kids on the field.
  10. I've been out of the loop of new the past week or so...what has happened to cause people to be this on edge?
  11. ibexpercussion

    Show About Time...

    Maybe this isn't the right place, but trying to pick the brains of some knowledgable people... What ideas, concepts, themes, etc. would you put into a show about time? Specifically, a show entitled, "The Illusion of Time." Wondering if there are any things, other than what I have already thought, to bring to the table when our staff sits down near the end of the month to develop our show direction for the Fall.
  12. ibexpercussion

    Drum Corps Passwords

    Blu$m0ke $pl00!e
  13. ibexpercussion

    Callback camps

    It's clearly off-season with nothing to talk about, so find something to complain about. If the young people auditioning are honest with themselves, then they should be able to tell if they have a legitimate shot to make one of those "open spots," and if not, should not waster their time going to callback camps. I remember several individuals being asked back for camps because the staff wanted to make sure that all spots were going to be filled (as there was going to be those not show up, or not be prepared the next time).
  14. ibexpercussion

    Corps as Movies

    I think leaving those aspects out, and just focussing on the other ideas/concepts communicated in the storyline.