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  1. Troopers is currently Lauren Teel, and she has been there since at least 2017 (possibly earlier) I believe. She has been on staff since 2012 with the Troop. Glassmen Lee Beddis 1997-2000
  2. Crossmen was Mark Thurston 1984-1996, Colin McNutt and Thom Hannum in 98-99 (possibly longer), Lee Beddis 2001-2004, and 2019-Lane Summerlin.
  3. In most every case, the winner would've been the same. Some moments worked great in a dome, but might not have had the same impact outdoors... -The aforementioned infinity chord -Blue Stars (2010 I believe, possibly 2011) had a rim shot that just echoed forever. sometimes when I'm back in the oil can I think I still hear the faint echoes, kind of like the Phantom of the Opera -The shotgun mics getting the entire corps sound to pump through the amps...ambient wind sound through them?
  4. That's disappointing if he is not involved next year. His writing/arranging is fantastic, as well as a fresh approach to enhancing the overall musical package.
  5. Did I miss where Mike Jackson ended up after leaving Blue Knights?
  6. San Antonio (rotate the regional out in these years) NYC Las Vegas (but let's build a dome) San Francisco
  7. The mellos at the beginning of the closer...πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  8. Very well said, and we should just stop this thread at your post. Nothing more really needs to be added.
  9. I thought it was interesting to see that even with the difference in weight for the GE, Visual, and Music captions, the placements would not have changed (other than Crown finishing ahead of SCV). Ultimately, BD finishes in first by a slightly larger margin.
  10. I have heard a lot of people (at least in my circle of band/drum corps nerds) mention that if GE wasn't 40%, and music should be 40%, then we would have a different champion...blah blah blah. So I did a little math, and made this past year's numbers so that GE = 30%, Visual = 30%, and Music = 40%, and here are the results from Finals night. Corps- GE - Visual - Music = Total (+/- from 2019 score) {placement by these numbers} Blue Devils - 29.475 - 29.775 - 39.0 = 98.25 (-0.075) {1st} Bluecoats - 29.5875 - 29.45 - 39.117 = 98.1545 (-0.0835) {2nd} SCV - 28.81875 - 29.1 - 38.767 = 96.68575 (+0.08575) {4th} Crown - 28.89375 - 28.7 - 39.117 = 96.71075 (+0.14775) {3rd} Cavies - 28.55625 - 28.55 - 38.367 = 95.4735 (+0.0735) {5th} Boston - 28.125 - 29.0 - 37.317 = 94.442 (-0.046) {6th} Blue Knights - 27.69375 - 27.425 - 36.933 = 92.05175 (+0.00175) {7th} Blue Stars - 27.16875 - 27.65 - 36.467 = 91.285 (+0.06) {8th} the Cadets- 26.55 - 26.75 - 36.917 = 90.217 (+0.379) {9th} Mandarins - 26.6625 - 27.5 - 35.0 = 89.1625 (-0.1375) {10th} Crossmen - 26.1375 - 26.575 - 34.833 = 87.5455 (-0.0045) {11th} Phantom - 25.95 - 26.1 - 35.384 = 87.434 (+0.196) {12th} The only change in placement came with Crown jumping SCV based primarily on the spread in music. The biggest jump was the Cadets based on their scores being much higher in music than in visual or GE. In the end, this was just a fun look at what would happen if we went to a music heavy weighting as opposed to GE.
  11. Unfortunately, as a high school director, I've had to deal with idiots far too many times trying to get after our students. The real issue is, that only one time was it students being a$$holes to our kids. The other times it was adults, who were upset about what happened in the game (which had nothing to do with the band members), and tried to take it out on the students. Stupid people do stupid things, and unfortunately the rest of us has to deal with the fallout. That being said, I understand the director's desire to try and quell the situation before it went to the WWE level.
  12. A plethora of different moments, but one that truly stood out for me was a the end of Crossmen's show when the DM (Lydia) turns around, and the corps is just slowly brining it behind her...all the feels.
  13. 1) Cadets 2011 2) Phantom 2008 3) Bluecoats 2016 4) Crown 2013 5) SCV 2018
  14. I would love to see someone tackle either of the following: -Concept show based on the music of Led Zeppelin (thinking BD, Crossmen, Crown, Coats, SCV): "When the Levee Breaks" "Stairway" "Immigrant Song" "Kashmir" the list keeps going. Imagine the BD leads doing the harmonica part in When the Levee Breaks on trumpet!!! -Concept show based on the music of Queen (thinking Crown, BD, Coats): "Bohemian Rhapsody" "Somebody to Love" "Another One Bites the Dust" "Killer Queen" "Fat Bottom Girls" etc.