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  1. ibexpercussion

    Corps as Movies

    I think leaving those aspects out, and just focussing on the other ideas/concepts communicated in the storyline.
  2. ibexpercussion

    Corps as Movies

    Forgive me if this has been done before, but it's the off-season, and I'm bored. So, if you were to compare a Corps to a movie, which movie would it be... Blue Knights- "Donnie Darko" SCV- "On the Waterfront" (not just because they did music from that in 1997) Phantom- "The Pianist" Blue Devils- "Casino" or "The Godfather" (once again, not just because they played the music in 2006) Velvet Knights (old school version)- any Mel Brooks movie Crown- the Avengers franchise Bluecoats- "A Clockwork Orange" Any others you can think of.......
  3. That was the first year I saw a DCI show, and later when the CDs came out, I might have had a friend who had the CDs copy them to cassette tape for me. I would be riding the bus to and from school, or to and from basketball games (yes it is possible to be a band nerd and an athlete) and would be immersed in the music. Without having ever seen some of the groups (only saw Cavaliers, Crossmen, Glassmen, VK, Bluecoats, Dutch Boy, and Limited Edition in Centerville, OH) I would imagine what they looked like, and how the shows were actually put together visually. Anymore, with the internet (thanks to Al Gore...) newbies to the activity do not have to imagine what a group looks like, or how the program plays out visually. Some were obvious, like Blue Devils, Blue Knights, I thought, "Hey, I bet they were a blue uniform," but in my mind the Cadets were in a military green or khaki (it would make sense, right?), SCV was a blue color (I think because of the colors of the Israeli flag, and the connection to the music in the show), Phantom Regiment was black (not far off), Madison Scouts were yellow and blue, and so on... All this to say, SCV's show was one of the ones I transferred to another cassette, so I could have my favorite shows all on one tape. That list for those wondering was... A-Side- Crossmen, SCV, BD, Cavaliers B-Side- VK, BK, Madison, Star
  4. After the different helpful responses I am now in full on download-mode. I might not be up for air until these are all archived.
  5. Anyone know the etiquette/law about downloading the YouTube videos, and saving them as other video file formats?
  6. ...but 2015 is there, and even the edits that didn't make the CDs , DVDs, and BluRays are in the video. It's a Festivus Miracle!!!
  7. ibexpercussion

    Help me out here!

    What if you look at it from a different perspective, and pick shows that fit that perspective. How about the major rule changes that got us from there to here... -Doing away with the "tick system" of judging allowed corps to take more risks with their shows musically and visually, and m ore asymmetrical drill [I think this was around 1970, but there seemed to be a time of transition until about 1983 or so] Any show with drill written by George Zingali -Allowing groups to ground their pit/front ensemble/wherever it is exactly located percussion ensemble [1978 I believe when groups could have instruments start from anywhere on the field, and not behind the starting line] 1980 Spirit maybe -Allowing of any key bugles (for bell front instruments) [2000 season was the first year this was allowed if I remember correctly] Anything in the 2000 season would be a good choice -Allowing for amplification of keyboard instruments [2004 when it was first utilized, passed in the 2003 winter meetings I believe] the Cadets 2005 with the "vocal drum break" -Allowing for use of electronic instruments, keyboards, etc. [2008 was the first year I believe] Bluecoats 2014 -Allowing for trombones, french horns, etc. to be utilized [2014 was the first season] So maybe BD 2017, the use of trombones was incredible -Not having a rule about wearing a traditional uniform, headgear, etc. (I know this makes me sound like a real dinosaur) [really started in 2016 with the Bluecoats, though you had seen a little of this form other groups previously] So go with Bluecoats 2016
  8. ibexpercussion

    Countdown 2008 dvd (Series?)

    I would like to see them bring this back, and run a lineup with 3 from each decade again, that might look like this... 70s- Kingsmen 73, Madison 75, 27th 75 80s- Spirit 87, SCV 89, Suncoast 84 90s- Star 91 or 93, Crossmen 92 or 98, VK 92 00s- Cavaliers 02 or 06, BD 03 or 07 or 04 or 09, Cadets 05 10s- Bluecoats 14 or 16, Academy 16, Boston 17 Honorable Metnions: Crown 11, Glassmen 99, PR 96, BK 14, feel free to add others...
  9. ibexpercussion

    Countdown 2008 dvd (Series?)

    Each only getting one was kind of a bummer, would've liked to have seen 2 per group maybe. Because in some cases, a group had a better show in a more recent decade, but won in another decade because A) there were fewer to choose from, or B) the masses that voted weren't as educated about those older shows, and thus picked the more popular name.
  10. ibexpercussion

    Countdown 2008 dvd (Series?)

    Those were fun theater events, and I would always encourage our students to go. Especially when they did the one where it was something like 2 or 3 from each decade (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s).
  11. ibexpercussion

    They're trashing our trophies

    Our school doesn't even display the band's trophies, plaques, etc. Our group has been undefeated in class (Band, Percussion, and DM the past 4 years, and the past 3 for guard as well), as well as making Finals at our state championships 2 different years (with only 30 members in the entire band on the average). Yet, there is still no true mentioning of the band. We do our best to promote through social media, tag/mention the school, district, admins, etc. in posts, yet still not much love for the band. Ultimately, the students still what they are supposed to do, and are learning in the process. So this year the band director painted one wall of the band room the primary color of our school, and put up every concert festival plaque (including the 2 times we've been invited to state concert festival), and our Sweepstakes Award (Superior rating at a marching contest, concert festival, and state concert festival in the same year. Just between he and I we call it the, "**** You Wall." At least we feel like we're sending a message anytime someone walks into the band room, even if they are completely oblivious to it, it makes us feel better. Lol
  12. ibexpercussion

    Dynasty Drums shut down?

    SCV might have to make a call to Concord and request a line of System Blue drums...
  13. ibexpercussion

    Crossmen 2019

    Anyone think of "To defend all I love," might refer to the Amazons defending Themyscira, from Wonder Woman fame? They were there to defend the island, and not attack, or be on the offense like the Vikings. Just a thought...
  14. ibexpercussion

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    There's also the possibility that DCI may be forced to move on from Dan, if more things keep coming to light, that are of such a deplorable nature.
  15. ibexpercussion

    2019 Predictions!

    Let's take a shot for fun... 1) BD 2) Bluecoats 3) Boston 4) Crown 5) SCV 6) Cadets 7) Cavies 8) Blue Knights 9) Crossmen 10) Blue Stars 11) Phantom 12) Spirit 13) Academy 14) Madarins 15) BDB or SCV Cadets (which ever one wins OC)