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  1. Vessel Indoor Percussion would like to announce our Caption Heads for the 2023 season. Joining us again as the Visual Caption Head is Gary Briggs. Back with us again, now as the Battery Caption Head, is Matthew King. And we are happy announce the newest member to our Caption Head team, James Catherall, who will be our Front Ensemble Caption Head. Visit our website for more information about these individuals and the wealth of experience they bring to us. We will be announcing our instructional staff, audition dates, experience camp dates, and posting our audition packets in the coming days. There are exciting things happening for Vessel, so stay tuned! https://vesselindoorpercussion.org/design-team-caption-heads
  2. Greetings! For about six months now I have hosted Sketchbook Podcast which focuses on creativity, preparation, & effort with artists, creators, & educators. Part 1 of the interview with Chris Komnick, executive director of the Madison Scouts, releases at midnight on April 13th. I fully realize that to many, Komnick and/or the Scouts tend to incite some polarizing posts and threads. But this episode is drum corps related and so I thought I would make sure to publicize here. Ep. 28, Part 1: Chris Komnick (Executive Director, Madison Scouts D&BC) So that you have an idea of what exactly we talked about, here are the bullet points for Part 1: Personal Profile Life, Education, and career Komnick's path from marching member to executive director. Is drum corps too expensive? Increase in costs, where does the tuition go, & how much does member tuition actually cover. The effects of BAC assembling their "super group" of designers and staff in 2016 & the California Wage & Hour Laws on DCI. Have the two coasts altered the financial landscape of DCI? Does the cancellation of the 2020 season function as a "financial reset" for DCI? The timeline and process behind deciding to become gender-inclusive. To some, this may not seem we got too deep into DCI and/or the Madison Scouts. But I assure you that Part 2 will definitely focus on the highs and lows of the Madison Scouts. Part 2 will release later this week. Sketchbook Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, & wherever fine podcasts are downloaded. Ep. 28, Part 1: Chris Komnick (Executive Director, Madison Scouts D&BC)
  3. The Red Lion Area Senior High School Marching Lions located in Red Lion, Pennsylvania is currently in search of an additional full or part time Color Guard Instructor for a 24-member color guard. Rehearsals during the school year are held Tuesdays 3-530; Wednesdays 530-8PM, and Thursdays 6PM-9PM. Looking for a candidate to begin around August 13, 2018. Rehearsals are also held on Saturdays of competitions. Base salary for a full time position is $2,483 plus a percentage for years of experience. Part time instructor is pro-rated. Calendar of marching season events can be found here: www.tinyurl.com/rlbandschedule18. Interested candidates should contact Mr. Curtis Crone, Red Lion Area Director of Bands.cronec@rlasd.net or 717-495-4843. Closing date for interested candidates is Friday, June 29, 2018.
  4. Crimson Kings Drum Corps seeks Drill designer for Soundsport shows and an upcoming Brooklyn Nets fall 2017 Barclays Center performance. We are looking for both prepackaged drill (preferably scalable) and group specific drill options. Our Corps is currently 25 members. We are actively recruiting and 60 members is our target number. Open to all styles of music, however our Corps still uses G bugles and Fifes. Open to Avant garde, traditional military, and hybrid drill maneuvers, dance, etc. Our Members range from ages 10 to 22. Content should be age and guideline appropriate. Please have links to any of your materials, and compensation requirements. Open to experienced and brand new designers and arrangers. The New York Crimson Kings Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps, established in the 1950s, is the oldest and most honored Asian-American drum corps on the east coast dedicated to youth development through music and performing arts education. Please let us know if you also teach your drill with the staff. Should be familiar with marching band, DCI, DCA, Soundsport judging requirements and Maneuvers Send examples, resume/experience to nycrimsonkings@gmail.com crimsonkings.com facebook.com/crimsonkings
  5. First, a brief history lesson: On December 1, 1996, paperwork was filed in the State of Florida to create Heat Wave of Orlando Drum & Bugle Corps, Inc., the first DCA corps to come out of the Sunshine State. Heat Wave would go on to win or share the DCA Class A Championship twice. Skip ahead to 2009, when a change of direction led to a NEW name, Sun Devils, Inc. The Sun Devils took a more “serious” approach to programming than their fun-loving Florida-themed predecessors. Through a series of ups and downs, the Sun Devils would ultimately go on to become DCA Class A Finalists twice amid numerous DCA South Class A titles. Following the 2014 DCA season, there were philosophical differences that led to a split between the Sun Devils’ staff and administration. On October 1, 2014, the Board of Sun Devils, Inc. voted to change the name to Florida Marching Arts, Inc. The name change was part of a marketing decision based on the fact that we support more than one performing unit. On October 7, 2014, a group of former Sun Devils staff members founded Solaris Performing Arts, Inc. as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Florida. You can read more about them here: http://www.solarisdrumcorps.org. To be clear, these are two separate groups operated by two separate organizations. So then you may be asking yourself, “well what happens to the Sun Devils?” That’s a very important question. There was much discussion on this topic and it was decided that, given recent events, it would be wise to forego competition in 2015 in order to firm up the corps’ infrastructure and ensure its long-term success. That said, the group is not experiencing financial woes (as is often the case in drum corps today). Additionally, the team in place has already made huge strides in repairing and/or replacing aging equipment and resources. And to be clear, the group is FAR from “inactive.” In fact, the group will be rehearsing in coming months in order to prepare for summer performances as well as solidify the nucleus that will help bring the corps BACK to competition in 2016 and beyond. Our new website is being developed at this time, but you can look for updates periodically athttp://sundevilspag.org. Moving forward, Florida Marching Arts, Inc. endeavors to create and foster more performance opportunities in the State of Florida. Our mission is first and foremost, to give back to the community by providing a positive atmosphere in which our young people receive an education in the performing arts and develop life-enriching character traits such as discipline, teamwork, integrity, leadership, dedication, and good citizenship. Our newest program offering is called PHOENIX. PHOENIX is a mixed ensemble that will perform in WGI’s Winter Winds circuit and possibly DCI’s new SoundSport division. By now you may be asking yourself, “so what is WGI Winds?” Glad you asked! “Continuing the Sport of the Arts tradition of performance and competition, WGI Winds is a unique form of the marching music activity. In fact, winds doesn’t mean “winds only.” Groups can include anything found in a concert band or orchestra as well as color guard and percussion performers. Winds is a natural extension of the WGI organization and will complete WGI’s support of the total band program.” What this means, is a unique and exciting performance opportunity that is open to literally EVERYONE! PHOENIX is open to all ages, ability levels, and instrumentation. Anyone with a great attitude and a desire to participate is welcome. The first organizational meeting for PHOENIX is scheduled for January 17th. More information will be available at their website: http://www.phoenixcorps.org/ PHOENIX is currently looking for staff and member applicants for their 2015 campaign. This first exploration of a new circuit(s) will start small – staying primarily local – with minimal fees and expenses. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have always wanted to check out the activity to “get their feet wet” so-to-speak without the exorbitant financial commitment normally associated with drum corps today. Please go to our website for more information on how you can become a performer or staff member today! We would be remiss if we did not offer a mention of our sister organization – Impact Drum & Bugle Corps. Impact has been performing at DCA’s mini corps championships and entertaining audiences all over for the past three seasons. The corps has shifted gears a bit this year with regards to programming and has taken on a very challenging but extremely fun and modern book. Impact welcomes all players ages 18 and up. You can find out more about Impact here: http://www.impactoforlando.org. In addition to the groups mentioned above, there are many more WGI Winds, DCI SoundSport, and other groups in development all over the state – probably the most exciting of which is the return of junior corps to the Sunshine State! Our friends at Heat Wave of Florida are bringing DCI-aged drum corps back to Florida. You can check them out here:http://www.heatwaveofflorida.com. In summary, drum corps/the marching arts are not dead in Florida. In fact, they’re very much alive AND GROWING! If you’ve read this far, we want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read and understand what has been going on. We appreciate your patience while we went “silent.” During any transition period emotions and tensions understandably tend to run high. It was our intent to stay quiet until emotions calmed and details were worked out and ready to share. We invite you to follow ALL the goings on at Florida Marching Arts, Inc. by visiting our website at http://www.fmainc.org. From there you can find information on all of our performing units, make a donation, learn more about joining, volunteer, or inquire about joining our staff. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support. We’ll see you on the 50. Florida Marching Arts, Inc. is the longest running active drum corps organization in the State of Florida. Florida Marching Arts, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Florida and is registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501©3 not-for-profit corporation, governed by a board of directors.
  6. 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps Staff Openings 2016 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps (TCL) of Highland, NY is looking to add new staff members for the 2016 season. TCL is entering its 24th season as an all-age parade and exhibition corps. The TCL organization has a growing program and is looking for individuals with a lot of energy and a passion for sustaining the drum corps activity in the Mid-Hudson region. We are looking for individuals who will push our team members to grow as individuals and performers; while having fun and developing pride and ownership in the success of our team-driven organization. The following positions are open: · Battery Percussion Instructor · Percussion Technician - Responsible for working directly with the caption head in instructing music and visual responsibilities for the parade season. · Program and Staff Coordinator Highland, NY is located in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NY; around halfway between New York City and Albany. Rehearsals are weekly year-round on Friday evenings (7:30pm-10:30pm). The instructional team meets weekly at rehearsals and quarterly off-site. Approximately 3-4 weekend field rehearsals are scheduled in May/June to prepare for field exhibitions. Applicants must have experience in the marching activity specifically, and past teaching experience is preferred but not a necessity. In additional to subject expertise, staff must attend staff meetings and maintain open communication with all other administrative and instructional team members. Pay and responsibilities will be based on the applicant’s experience and time commitment. All who are interested should apply. email: tclcorps@gmail.com phone: (845) 728 - 0415
  7. LAKE HOPATCONG, NJ Fusion Core is happy to announce Paul Cullen as the 2016 Music and Ensemble Consultant. His experience in the activity will undoubtedly help make the Core's 10th anniversary a great year! Paul Cullen comes to Fusion after years of experience in DCI, DCA, WGI and numerous state and local Pageantry Circuits, most recently as the Brass Caption Head for the Reading Buccaneers (DCA). Beginning in 1995, this will be Paul’s 19th year in the marching arts as a performer, technician, caption head and designer. For more information on Fusion Core, including our Open House and 2016 Education Team, please visit our website at www.fusioncorenj.com. ###
  8. HEAT WAVE OF FLORIDA IS PROUD TO PRESENT OUR BRASS ARRANGER AND PROGRAM COORDINATOR FOR THE 2016 SEASON WELCOME MR JOEY PERO. Mr Pero has a long and illustrious music career, and is best known in the Drum Corps activity for his ability to hit the high notes. He has performed with notables such as Maynard Ferguson, Played with the Las Vegas and touring cast for the Jersey boys, Has arranged for the Ghost riders, Empire Statesmen, and so much more. We're VERY Excited to have Joey on our team and can't wait to see the improvements he has in store!!!
  9. We have a handful of corps that have the talent to win gold, which is outstanding. The sheer number of great ideas this year is more than I've ever seen in DCI, and I've been watching (or marching) since the mid-80s. What pains me most is when show designs hobble great talent, that demoralize almost as much as inspire. What I love to see most is a show design that empowers MMs to achieve their highest potential as performers, as people, and as artists, making the show itself into a work of art that transcends the idiom of drum corps. Usually, it's the show concepts that either click, or fail. A great concept will most always lead to a string of inspired, aesthetically-unified, and effective (GE) decisions in all captions. A poor concept will fail to a greater or lesser degree in all regards, including demoralizing MMs who have to live with it, act like they love it, but hate it secretly until afterwards, when they just end up regretting the decision they made to trust the design team and join the corps. That's the worst of all possible outcomes. Solution to poor design = Open Innovation Here's how to do it (though versions of this have been tried in the past, I'm well aware): 1. The design team must let go a bit and open up, instead of being like Charleton Heston ("...FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!!"). Egos must be shelved. It's OK, we have to tell the corps directors and design teams. You'll still get your salaries because you're paid to CO-innovate and collaborate, to execute the designs, and hardest of all: to teach a group of young people how to create art. People out there, including potential members who will actually perform the show, have great ideas. Closed innovation doesn't work anymore in business, and it doesn't work well in DCI, at least for several corps, and even sometimes for the very best organizations. (Object lesson: 12.25, 10, Yowza, etc.) 2. They solicit show ideas from fans and alumni, but do so in an organized way, requesting concept, music, arrangement, visual, uniform, flag, prop, etc., ideas that communicate that theme. A standard format and strict requirements for submitting show design proposals must be communicated, just like any professional proposal. I'm talking actual RFPs (requests for proposals). And they could even require that the ideas if rejected cannot be used by other DCI organizations, which would keep the IP (intellectual property) within the community, as it were. Even better: they could request (or even require) individuals and/or teams of future MMs submit proposals. Could be a component of their auditions. 3. They allow the community to view the ideas, comment, and vote. 4. They give the community 50% of the votes, and their team 50%, and the best idea wins. Maybe the second or fourth best ideas will win the following year(s). How could you go wrong with the above? The days of the dictatorial corps director mucking things up are numbered. Just like the days of white guys in cigar-filled rooms deciding which candidate from which prominent political family will represent their party for governor or president. (Oh wait.....) Closed innovation, top-down, dictatorial decisions are so 20th century. So pre-social media. So Greatest Generation. Charleton Heston died angry, red-faced, half-crazy, but reports say that he was holding his wrinkled shrunken antique piece. Don't let this happen to you, top-5 corps. Let go. This is the Millennial Generation marching. They want co-ownership in their organizations. They want to lend a hand, to be empowered, to express their voice, and invest everything they have in its success, from concept to execution, from paper to the Gold medal around their neck at Finals. Trust the alumni, fans, and most of all: future MMs, not just yourselves. Open Innovation will avoid show designs that are inept from the get-go. Open Innovation will yield gold.
  10. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are looking for a Majorette Team Coordinator (Christian preferred) full-time or part-time. This is a paying position and opportunity for year-round position. Our season is year-round for practices, shows/performance events, parades, and competitions. Must have College or BOA or WBTF or NBTA or USTA or DMA or WGI or Drum and Bugle Corps or DCI or DCA or experience Practice is Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please send resume to deepimpactdrumline@hotmail.com
  11. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are looking for a Marching Woodwind and Brass Section Coordinator (Christian preferred) full-time or part-time. This is a paying position and opportunity for year-round position. Our season is year-round for practices, shows/performance events, parades, and competitions. Must have College or BOA or WGI or Drum and Bugle Corps or DCI or DCA experience Practice is Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please call Ron Thorpe at 423-462-2059. Please send resume to deepimpactdrumline@hotmail.com.
  12. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are looking for a Percussion Coordinator (Christian preferred) full-time or part-time. This is a paying position and opportunity for year-round position. Our season is year-round for practices, shows/performance events, parades, and competitions. Must have College or BOA or WGI or Drum and Bugle Corps or DCI or DCA experience Practice is Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please call Ron Thorpe at 423-462-2059. Please send resume along with a 2- to 3-minute video of you percussing on the drum pad to deepimpactdrumline@hotmail.com.
  13. Hi- We're a growing band in the Greater Charlotte area looking for a guard instructor that can choreograph and teach. We are looking for someone that can teach not only for band camp but also the winter season (we don't currently have a winter guard because we don't have an instructor). Our marching season schedule starts at the beginning of August- we have 14 days of camp (somewhat negotiable), Monday nights 6-8, Tuesdays 5-8 and 6 Saturdays in Sept. and Oct. for competitions. We will pay a separate fee for choreography and the season. We are not interested in hiring someone directly out of high school and would prefer to have someone with prior experience. Please email Amy Vitulli at amy.vitulli@ucps.k12.nc.us if you are interested in teaching with us. Thanks!
  14. This Color Guard is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is an indoor and marching independent unit. We are looking for a Color Guard Caption Head and for Color Guard Instructors (Christian preferred) full-time or part-time. Pay and opportunity for year-round position. Our season is year-round for practices, performance events/shows, parades, and competitions. Must have BOA or WGI or TIA or Drum and Bugle Corps or DCI or DCA experience Instructors needed for the following Flag Corps divisions: Alumni Color Guard -- Ages -- 23 to 60 A Color Guard -- Ages 16 to 22 B Color Guard -- Ages 11 to 15 C Color Guard -- Ages 5 - 10 Practice is Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Monday Through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please send resume to rwyouthgospel(@hotmail.co
  15. Sun Devils Announce 2015 Executive Director and Corps Director FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Sun Devils Drum and Bugle Corps are excited to announce that corps founding member John “JJ” Johnson will once again return as the Executive Director. JJ’s leadership has been crucial to organization since the beginning. As a founding father of this drum corps his consistent involvement has helped to truly develop the personality of the drum corps. Anthony Parisi will be taking over the responsibilities of Corps Director. Anthony has been an integral part of the corps resurgence. He has worked tirelessly on both the design and administrative direction of the corps over the last 2 years. Anthony’s experience with the Sun Devils family has made him a natural fit to replace our friend Robb Van Eck who retired as corps director after the 2014 season. Anthony looks forward to continuing many of the standards that have been set over the history of the corps while helping the corps to grow and take our next steps toward success. Anthony had this to say about the 2015 season “The team of staff and members we have assembled over the last few years are a true family. We are in the process of adding some amazing people to further move the corps in the right direction, competitively, educationally and administratively. I am looking forward to working closely with JJ and the rest of the management team to reach our true potential while never losing site of the fact why we really do this, Family! ” More announcements about additional administrative and Creative staff will be coming shortly, so stay tuned! See the bios for JJ and Anthony below. John “JJ” Johnson, Executive Director JJ has been involved with the marching arts since 1989, starting with the 7 time BOA Grand National Champions, Marian Catholic High School. As a graduate of Marian Catholic, the lessons learned have spanned a lifetime. While at NIU, JJ garnered several accolades including, Rookie of the Year, Director's award, and he also was a two time recipient of the Marching Huskie of the Year Award. JJ started his drum corps career back in 2000. While with Heat Wave, which happened to be JJ's first drum corps experience, he played soprano, mellophone, and then eventually Drum Major. Utilizing the skills learned from Marian Catholic and Northern Illinois University, he excelled and eventually became Executive Director of Heat Wave and more recently, the Sun Devils. "I am looking forward to another fun and challenging season. We have every intention on building upon last year's successes." Anthony Parisi, Corps Director Anthony Parisi has spent most of the last 20 years deeply involved in many aspects of the marching activity. In high school and college he marched both brass and percussion. Anthony moved on and participated in junior corps for partial seasons with both the Bluecoats and Boston Crusaders. He began his DCA career with a year in the Sunrisers and then marched for the next 8 years with the World Champion Hawthorne Caballeros playing both baritone and euphonium. Anthony has been involved with the Tampa Bay Thunder drum and bugle corps as both a visual and brass tech and was also involved for several years with the WGI World Finalist Emanon Winter Guard as a visual tech/consultant. Anthony has been the Assistant Director/Drill Designer/Show Coordinator for several bands in the NY/NJ/PA area, including 4 time winner of the Yamaha Cup and Northern States/NJ Champions, Pequannock Township High School. Anthony has also worked with Riptide Indoor Percussion(RPT)Recently he was the Drill Designer for the St. Augustine Ancient City Regiment. Outside the marching arena Anthony works for Expedia Local Experts as a concierge in the Orlando hospitality market.
  16. Los Angeles area DCI corps is in search of qualified brass caption head/instructor. If interested contacted us at: CitySound@City-Sound.org (323)228-7231 www.City-Sound.org https://www.facebook.../CitySoundCorps
  17. Los Angeles area DCI corps is in search of qualified brass caption head/instructor. If interested contacted us at: CitySound@City-Sound.org (323)228-7231 www.City-Sound.org https://www.facebook.com/CitySoundCorps
  18. Los Angeles area DCI corps is in search of qualified brass caption head/instructor. If interested contacted us at: CitySound@City-Sound.org (323)228-7231 www.City-Sound.org https://www.facebook.../CitySoundCorps
  19. NTERNS WANTED Interns for Crimson Kings Drum Corps office staff wanted. Applicants must have a clean record, and should have a positive attitude and good work ethic and be trustworthy. You should be a patient team player. Being multilingual is a plus in either Chinese and/or Spanish but not a requirement. College or high school student ideal candidate but not requirement. This is a part-time position with a year-round schedule. Times and details to be discussed upon contact What you gain -letters of recommendation/commendation -gaining valuable experience with non-profit organizations, performance organizations -flexible schedule, many of the duties can be done remotely -networking opportunities -professional experience for resume -New York City based business organization experience -Helping a championship award winning youth music and art performance organization established in 1953 expand -leadership mentoring -an opportunity to voice your opinions and contribute your ideas and creative efforts in the non-profit community -gain technical and logistical experience -potential for advancement Duties to include: -Emailing -assisting with recruiting -assisting sponsorship acquisition -assorted directed project management assisting and oversight to ensure completion of corps productions -archiving and updating of database of music, photos and documents -seeking performance/ cooperative opportunities for the corps -facilitating operation and cooperation with drum corps and corps boosters -assisting brainstorming ideas and streamlining/improving corps operations -reporting on status of assigned projects to corps directors and staff Please email resume and/or letter of interest to info@crimsonkings.com Thanks!
  20. Crimson Kings Drum Corps is now again searching for a Lead drum instructor. Please feel free to share this link! Thanks! =) As we continue to grow the Crimson Kings, we are seeking a Lead drum instructor to teach and expand our drumline in the heart of New York City’s Chinatown. You must have a clean record and experience teaching youth groups ages 10 to 22. You should be a patient team player with initiative interested in assisting further development of field and front ensemble percussion programs. You are enthusiastic, work well with youths, and love everything there is to love about drum corps activities. You will be responsible for teaching a range of experience levels but mostly beginners, creating music, routines, recruiting, and working towards developing an advanced field and pit percussion program. Experience with drum corps, DCA, DCI, winter units and/or marching band is ideal though we are open to similar type experiences. Please list any relevant experience in music and marching music percussion arranging/writing for keyboard percussion and field percussion. Being multilingual is a plus in either Chinese and/or Spanish but not a requirement. This is a part-time position with a year-round schedule. Times, requirements and compensation to be discussed upon contact. Please send resume and contact information to info@crimsonkings.com.
  21. The Sun Devils Drum and Bugle corps are pleased to announce Stephen Porter as the Color Guard Caption Head for the 2014 season. “Stephen brings an amazing artistic and educational resource to our family”, said Corps Director Robb Van Eck, “his background in dance, theater, and entertainment are uniquely suited the DCA experience we are striving to create with our program and the quality of his performing units is simply amazing.” Stephen will be hosting an open house/experience camp on February 2 and March 2 from 10 A.M to 2 P.M. with auditions for the guard on April 19 from 10 A.M to 8 P.M. at Lyman High School in Orlando, Florida. Originally from the Tampa Bay area, Mr. Porter graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2000, followed by two years at Valencia Community College in the Dance Program. While attending UCF, Mr. Porter held many positions: Music Assistant (First United Methodist Church of Winter Park), Dancer (Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom), Dance and Guard After School Instructor (Local Dance and Guard Teams throughout Central Florida), Vocalist (Orlando Opera Co. Chorus), Musical Theatre Performer (Regional Projects-Orlando, Theatre Winter Haven, Mt. Dora Theatre Co., Leesburg Mellon Patch Theatre), Vocalist (Caroling Company Dulgar Ent.), Vocalist (Orlando 13 Chamber ensemble), Color Guard performer (Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps, Beyond Imagination Winterguard, Knights Winterguard, Northeast Independent), Drum Major (UCF Marching Knights for a record 3 years), and UCF Vocal Society President. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in music education in 2000, Mr. Porter realized most of the performing opportunities he encountered required dance as well as music. After years of dancing in small studios, he decided to back up his technical dance; thus, he enrolled as a Dance Major at the Valencia Community College in 2000 for two valuable years. There, he grew to love dance and learned how much his music background reinforced the way he passes on his craft. Since starting the Lyman Dance Program in 2002, our program has flourished to over 180 dance class students and over 100 students involved in the extra-curricular auxiliary: they perform with the Lyman Marching Greyhounds, who have received straight Superior ratings at every festival attended since his arrival. The Color Guard has been promoted five divisions, and was the 2009 Florida Federation Gold Medalist and the Winter Guard International Bronze medalist. Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit and organization in which Mr. Porter is actively involved. A successful dance team has been established, and a curriculum has been established for dance sections leveled I-IV. In 2003, Mr. Porter was nominated for the Lyman Teacher of the Year. February 2008 Lyman Teacher of the Month April 2009 Lyman Teacher of the Month Selected by Lyman faculty to be in the May edition of Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine as an outstanding educator. The 2014 Sun Devils are Florida’s only competitive drum and bugle corps and are made up of membership from all around the state. They are a 501c3 and are part of the Sun Devils Performing Arts Groups which includes the Impact of Orlando mini-corps among other groups. Please connect to us on our web page at sundevilsdrumcorps.org or on Facebook and Twitter for information about membership, performance bookings, and fund-raising opportunities.
  22. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE http://www.city-sound.org Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: nlewis@city-sound.org “Murray Gusseck” 2014 PERCUSSION ARRANGER FOR CITY SOUND DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Murray Gusseck is considered an innovator and trend setter in the world of marching percussion. He has been a musician since the age of 7 when he studied piano and violin. At age 15 he took up playing the drums and has been performing in bands ever since. Murray made his mark as a teacher and composer with the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps, of which he has been both a performer and instructor for almost 20 years. He became nationally known for a unique compositional style, a signature sound, and a propensity for achieving a smooth drumset-oriented approach to this musical genre. Murray helped start Tapspace Publications in 1998 with friend and partner Jim Casella. He is the author of Parking Lot Etudes and co-author of Fresh Perspectives For The Modern Drumline, both of which have grown to be mainstream publications in the world of marching percussion. Murray attended San Jose State University in San Jose, CA as a music major specializing in world music. In 1998 he joined up with schoolmates Nima Rezai and Dan Heflin, and friend Chip Webster, to form "Merge" an eclectic world fusion quartet consisting of Chapman Stick, saxophone, keyboards, and drums. The group toured and performed in northern and southern California for several years, producing their self-titled CD "Merge" He has taught and/or arranged percussion music for many top high schools and winter percussion ensembles throughout the country. Currently Murray lives in the Portland, OR area where he helps manage Tapspace and plays drums locally. He is sponsored by Pearl Drums, Remo drumheads, Zildjian cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks. With the newly formed 2014 City Sound Drum line, we feel Murray’s percussion arrangements are not only vital for the new un-conventional 2014 show, but sonically on the cutting edge of percussion charts arranged just for city sound. We here at City Sound are all extremely excited that Murray is part of our staff. Sincerely Nathaniel W. Lewis, Executive Director City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps http://www.City-Sound.org
  23. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE http://www.city-sound.org Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: nlewis@city-sound.org “Andy Cross” ACCEPTS 2014 POSITION AS COLORGUARD INSTRUCTOR WITH CITY SOUND Andy attended Bernardo Yorba M.S. and Esperanza H.S. playing flute & bassoon and performing in orchestra, wind ensemble, marching band, & as drum major. After graduation, he studied Dance at Orange Coast College (Costa Mesa), Mt. San Antonio College (Pomona), Grossmont College (El Cajon, CA), with the Gloria Newman Dance Theater (Orange County), & with Shirley Jenkins at the University of Washington (Seattle). In 1989 Andy joined the Seattle Men’s Chorus (SMC) singing on their first CD, appearing on PBS specials, and performing at Boston Symphony Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City. He shared the stage with SMC’s special guests Natalie Cole, Bobby McFerrin, Dianne Schurr, Harvey Fierstein, & Maya Angelou. Andy has performed with the Seattle “R.O.T.C.” Colorguard (1987-1997) in SMC Concerts, in New York City’s Central Park, and at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas. He celebrates over 30 years of performing at “R.O.T.C.” events in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Long Beach, and Seattle. More recently, Andy has been in San Diego where he attended Dance classes at CoSA – Coronado School of the Arts (through Southwestern College), as well as performing a self-written Dance/CG solo with Rifles (at one point juggling 2) in the 2012 CoSA Spring Dance Concert. That Autumn he attended Grossmont College where he studied Dance and performed in both the Student-choreographed and the Faculty-choreographed Dance Concerts. In 2014 City Sound is ecstatic to have Andy as part of their staff all the while creating one of the most exciting color guards in Southern California. Andy’s massive professional dance experience and WGI teaching experience, will definitely give City Sound the visible projection need to be a sound contender this 2014 season. We are proud to let everyone know that Andy Cross is coming to City Sound as the new color guard instructor. Sincerely Nathaniel W. Lewis, Executive Director City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps http://www.City-Sound.org
  24. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ity Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE http://www.city-sound.org Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: nlewis@city-sound.org CHARLIE GROH ACCEPTS VISUAL MANAGER POSITION WITH CITY SOUND Born to itinerant beet farmers from North Dakota during the dust-bowl of the 1930's, Charles Nelson Groh has been a creative force since shortly after his birth. As the 10th (and last-born) of the Groh siblings, much of young Charles' formative years were spent in the care of his older brothers and sisters - as his parents sought work to sustain their large family. Left to doodle on his own and blessed with a vivid imagination, Charles was creating pencil and crayon sketches before the age of 4. By the time he was 10 and entered the 9th grade, he was an accomplished photographer - with photos published in the Fargo Chronicle and Bismark Times. Some referred to him as a prodigy. Now, recognized as the 'Zen Master' of the marching arts, Charlie has been a student, performer, instructor, designer, and director of marching bands and drum corps. As a member of the original DCI World Champion Anaheim Kingsmen in the early 1970s, and recently returned as the visual instructor and marching member for the Alumni Corps, The Kingsmen made their debut return at the Drum Corps International World Championships in 2007. Over 200 former members, now in their 40's thru 60's, returned to the field to perform and amaze audiences. Currently, Charlie has again taken his highly sought after marching expertise to the field with City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps From Los Angeles, CA. as Visual Manager for the corps. Everyone here at City Sound thinks Charlie Groh is exactly what the corps needs to take that next evolutionary step to a higher level of the marching arts. We are extremely excited and proud to have charlie Groh on our staff as the new Visual Manager! Sincerely Nathaniel W. Lewis, Executive Director City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps http://www.City-Sound.org
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