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  1. Below is the link for the Orlando screening of Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brother Hood.
  2. Phoenix Drum and Bugle Corps is currently looking for additional staff in all areas. If you have any interest in volunteering or being a member of the staff, please send an email to Please let us know what areas are your expertise and what you are interested in doing. Thanks,
  3. First, a brief history lesson: On December 1, 1996, paperwork was filed in the State of Florida to create Heat Wave of Orlando Drum & Bugle Corps, Inc., the first DCA corps to come out of the Sunshine State. Heat Wave would go on to win or share the DCA Class A Championship twice. Skip ahead to 2009, when a change of direction led to a NEW name, Sun Devils, Inc. The Sun Devils took a more “serious” approach to programming than their fun-loving Florida-themed predecessors. Through a series of ups and downs, the Sun Devils would ultimately go on to become DCA Class A Finalists twice
  4. I thought that schedule was a little bogus myself. Why do the Mini-Corps start so late?
  5. Maybe I'm stuck in the past but I would love to see Star of Indiana again. Look at the quality and level of musicianship of Star United...I'm sure if SOI came back there would be plenty of people willing to get involved. If you look around drum corps there are alum everywhere with successful music careers that would probably be interested in a rebirth of their corps. If it happened I'm certain it would be all out...full force and they'd be ready to produce quality...that's what they did before and that's the only way they know how to do it. One can dream....can't he?........
  6. Thanks, most of that is what I speculated. I can't wait to see what the future holds.
  7. Exciting news and next year should be interesting. Best of luck to Madison...always one of my favorites! I've been away from the activity for a while(most of the 2000's) can someone explain what happened to them and why they started hovering around the bottom 12?
  8. WOW, one more reason to still love drum corps. Way to go MalletMom...classy. Maybe there is hope in America.
  9. I have noticed...There are a few Star United videos on youtube and wow...there is some serious talent there.
  10. Thanks!!! Although I sort of miss-spoke...I should have put Mini-Corps. Not an all out All-Age fault. this is all kinda new to me.
  11. I've always been a DCI fan and know nothing of DCA. I just started back playing a few months ago and I'm about to join an All-Age Drum and Bugle Corps in my area. I wanted to know from you veterans what to expect and what my approach should be. Any good advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!
  12. Wow...How did I miss this? I have been away from the activity for a while...oh well, next. So how were the later versions? If you know...
  13. Has anyone ever done Carl Orff's Carmina Burana? I've loved it for so long....well, until people started using "O Fortuna" in every fight scene...Curious if anyone has performed it.
  14. In the Bluecoat's audition material it states that they only use Karl Hammond Custom Design Mouthpieces.