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Just now got back on CGP, (Thanks Sabastienne). Here's my thoughts.....

There is a trend in TCGC that is growing more and more....taking the fun out of winterguard and the activity in general. I currently am involved with 4 guards that are highly active in the circuit. The philosophy of all 4 has been "to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experiance to the members". Remember, what we do is's just flags in a gym.

However, I do like to play the numbers game some...atleast enough to check them once and a while. While I appreciate the site maker's attempt in making it a bit more user friendly for the curious, I hope it is intended as a possitive and not a neg.

As for the bickering.....where's my cocktail! Mama is watching a catfight!

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Of course it's positive, MHSmirage! Just for fun :)

I'm really not concerned with the bickering. It's also fun!!

Thanks, aguardguy, for checking out the site. After everyone's pleas to add the other classes, you will all be happy to know that I will add them after this weekend :)

HoustonBaby...thanks for your support! Some people just don't know how to relax! ;-)

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