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  1. If someone can delete this account permanently I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  2. ::goes to check sources:: Karl Lowe!!!!!! The man works in mysterious ways!
  3. Put me on board with the SCV dislike train. I REALLY wanted to like it, but I just didn't. The music, the floor. I don't think guards should limit themselves by sticking to one part of the floor just because the floor is designed a certain way. SCV didn't particularly innovate with the way they used the floor, everyone seemed too close together most of the time and the flow of the staging was predictable. A blank canvas/floor would have been better to give the designers some breathing room. A noble idea to innovate with that floor, but so far, in my eyes, a failure. I honestly didn't like
  4. The bigger the guard the more you can get away with that walking crap. I watched it in 2006 SW class on fan network the other day and was wondering what was with all the walking. Walking/running is being rewarded too often just because it is clean. Isn't part of open and world class to layer body on equipment as they move around the floor? WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT!?
  5. Did anyone have a flashback of pride 2002?
  6. Unless there is a waiver of copyright for the show and the music (both of them, those designers are working artists) then it seems extremely wrong if not illegal to ohhhh sayyyy, make money off of the performances on a subscription based website. I am not even sure I like how WGI does it, but at least they are non-profit and do a whole ton for the community.
  7. SA is going to be a battle all year.
  8. SRSLY! I mean come on, when it comes to PMing insults you know it's serious business! I blocked you before you could do it again :)