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Rhythm Across Rice Lake

Friess Family Community Campus

Rice Lake High School
30 S. Wisconsin Ave.
Rice Lake, WI 54868

Monday, July 28 -- 7:00 p.m. (CDT)
--Blue Saints
--Music City
--Racine Scouts
--Blue Devils B
So last night's Greendale lineup, but with Music City in for Colt Cadets.
Another show for which DCI says "ticket information ... will be available soon".
No rain in the NWS forecast; temperatures expected to be in the upper 60s when the show starts.
Can Spartans cut into BDB's lead? Or will BDB pull farther away? How close can MC get to the leaders? And will Saints be able to pass the 50 mark before the season ends?
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And still no scores. It's a conspiracy!

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Blue Devils B ​75.95

Spartans ​74.00

Music City 70.65

Racine Scouts 56.80

Blue Saints 48.10
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DCI's website this morning confirms those scores. Here is the recap. BDB takes everything except color guard, where Spartans hold strong. (Spartans, shrinking the overall gap by only one tenth since Greendale, were also tops in two other subcaptions.) Music City second in brass and musical analysis.

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