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  1. flammaster

    Bluecoats and Thank You Scientist

    I never said they were not "Talented" (which itself is a fallacy better known as PRACTICE). I do and have many times called out BD for doing stupid stuff. Yowza. I thought Tommy was a lame show and would have been ten times lamer with vocals. Just because they are legal now doesn't mean you can't call them out. Session 44 was one of the very few instances where a vocalist actually did work. The only thing missing from this band is a bunch of Murses and a fixie bike. I am unrepentant in calling out stupid crap. the new BD uniforms are even more a joke and they know I can't stand them. nice try.
  2. flammaster

    Bluecoats and Thank You Scientist

    The performance of the music was excellent but that cheesy singer ugghhh next
  3. flammaster

    Bluecoats and Thank You Scientist

    There is a reason drum corps was always different from BAND and this is the main one.
  4. flammaster

    Bluecoats and Thank You Scientist

    It doesn't matter who was POPULAR we didn't sink so low as to play POP. We listened to good progressive music which was never popular but none of that mattered as we were actual musicians who didn't care about hitting it "big". Back then it was about the MUSIC not being popular. People who pay 200 dollars for sneakers generally fall for what is popular and simple. All those "prog" bands as they call them now days played lots of notes and sought to stimulate minds rather than sell drinks and trinkets. If my corps was to collaborate to who was popular back then I would have quit without notice.
  5. flammaster

    Bluecoats and Thank You Scientist

    barrrrrrrf! How insipid can you get? I just threw up.
  6. Most of the Mandarins drumline comes from Tri-City Percussion.
  7. flammaster

    Blue Devils 2019

    No actually their left handed guitarist has already aged out and now teaches B corps pit.
  8. I am rooting for an SCV repeat this year. Good luck Vanguard!
  9. I still haven't gotten over BD playing Rocky in 77.
  10. flammaster

    The Cadets 2019

    2018 Cadets were my favorite show! They did some real high brow stuff. I hope to see them out west soon.
  11. flammaster

    New show announcements request

    I remember when you could call up the hall and ask what they music was going to be around November. They would tell you.
  12. There are aspects of both I absolutely love. There are also aspects of both I do not.
  13. exactly. I am not a fan of surveys as it is just a way for them to not do their job and look at what they are actually doing. Besides I know they will continue to suck with a capital SUCK.
  14. Like when you "rent a movie" online. make it only work once and you can stop and start if you have to.
  15. I have a RED set of drums!