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  1. and then their open class show gets moved to the delta but still called the Diablo Valley classic. Classic bait and switch is more like it! Grrrrrr
  2. My favorite show of the night!!! WOW I love this show.
  3. All I heard was SCV soloist! looked like a cool show but I couldn't even hear the drumline it was cranked so loud. (BD's drumline played circles around their triplet based playing it safe book) Mandarins and Cavaliers were great!
  4. All I heard was their 15 person hornline they crank up super loud to hide the rest. Looked like a cool show but sounded Waaaaaayyyyyyyy too loud on the mic'd players. Look behind you. I see Blue Smoke!
  5. All I can say is that is the best bass feature I ever saw!
  6. He was cheated by the DNC bird brain. Those 3 million votes came from California.
  7. You think Blo would hire a "director"? They are dipsters with dslr's
  8. I don't get it. my little plastic Chinese speakers sound like garbage?!?!
  9. Why so certain corps can dog pile on there even though they suck.
  10. I don't care if they sit down and play. I want to hear some good music. that is all.
  11. Me I like whomever plays the best music each year. which mean most of the time I root for both. I have donated my photo of the Mandarins from 1971 to the Blue Devils. I asked them to forward it to them. I hope they did.