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Just now, BigW said:

That sounds like fun! It sounds friendly like Thomas and Friends. :laugh:

She's the Crossmen alum in the family. I'm just one of the friends.  LOL.

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2 hours ago, BigW said:

You playin' in the pit?

No pit. I'm the emcee for the corps' performance.

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On 6/25/2018 at 3:56 PM, BigW said:

The first competitor were the Erie Thunderbirds, marching about 40 total members, a bit down from last season, but the quality of who they have I think makes up for this. The program's a straight up fire-themed one, with solid choices- the main body of the show is from the classic Kenton album 'Cuban Fire', the title piece and" La Suerte de los Tontos"  with the Finale from Stravinsky's "Firebird" wrapping up the presentation.

The thing that really surprised me about the arrangements was that they clew very closely to the original Johnny Richards/Juan Cascales arrangements in their harmonic structure- they're not the usual take based on Downey's interpretation in that aspect. There were some spots I expected corps director Sean Bartlett's arrangement to take some cuts and back off, but the corps goes there- and they will get it there. The show takes a lot of opportunities to showcase a lot of young and solid talent, which is also a plus. The show's got everyone deeply involved at some point. Serious channeling of Sammy Noto from the Sopranos and Carl Fontana from a fine young Bari soloist (playing a solo that may give him carpal tunnel, the fingerings are really obtuse...) are going to really shine once the reps kick in and the corps can perform with consistency and relaxed confidence.

The corps has spent the last couple of weeks pressing hard to finish the program, a lot of fast learning took place, which was new for several of them, but they held up well in front of the packed stands. Again, more reps, just finding that comfort zone and consistency- I firmly believe the T-Birds will be in the hunt for a finalist spot if they keep grinding and applying themselves. Class A will be a fight this season, and people had better show up early at prelims to watch it. I think the most compelling and gutsy performances may well be out of A since half the field is fighting for a top 4 spot. Assumptions in A in previous years that certain teams have a lock have proven to be wrong, anything can and will happen.

Thanks for the shout out BigW - and thanks for bringing snacks and refreshments for the corps! We truly appreciate it (especially the Donald Duck OJ!) Hope to see you again this summer!

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