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  1. Thanks Gadget! Wait for it... My favorite part of the show for sure! Nice twist to delay the curtain call! Happy to be standing up front with the others laying it down. (Did you catch the hidden tribute as well?) Hope to catch up soon, maybe at the Avon Lake show?
  2. For the hotel... don’t get any ideas out there We will meet up at the hotel this weekend!
  3. Nope - I own an Andalucia Bb ... I like that for my Bb needs (my once a year College Marching Band alumni parade). Just looking to replace a bell on a G Soprano
  4. Just looking to see if anyone has a K20 that would be for sale that could be used as parts. I am looking in particular for a K20 bell in good shape, and would like to find one that has a broken set of valve/lead pipe that the bell would be perfectly used as a spare part to be used in a project. I do not really want to destroy a perfect K20... but someone out there has to have one that is not playable, but the bell would be acceptable. If it all works perfectly, I could use a handful of bells to continue the process of this project. Thanks in advance!
  5. Correct - we are still playing our G bugles. Columbus Saints and Southern Knights are also on G's as well.
  6. Thanks for the shout out BigW - and thanks for bringing snacks and refreshments for the corps! We truly appreciate it (especially the Donald Duck OJ!) Hope to see you again this summer!
  7. The Erie Thunderbirds are at Millcreek, Warren, and Brockway ... all in Pennsylvania
  8. "Undaunted" - Music by Michael Giacchino Tragic Story of Rex Racer Grand Ol Prix True Heart of Racing Let Us Drink Milk
  9. I believe 2014 has 11 corps, which was a big growth from Annapolis in 13. That was exactly what we did - we knew it would be a good step in the right direction. In all seriousness, I can't wait for this event!
  10. The secret is out!! Can't wait to see everyone on the 50
  11. The Erie Thunderbirds are looking to add a few Brass to complete our 2017 hornline. We are looking for 3 sopranos (trumpet), 1 Euphonium, and 1 Contra (tuba). We are starting drill this weekend, so now is the time to jump in! Contact our Director, Sean Bartlett (, or fill out an interest form on our website ( if interested!! #WhatsTheWord #DCA2017
  12. We are still in the market for at least one more as well, and I really feel we have been lucky to find the ones we have. Good luck in your search Brad!
  13. Usually it is a mix of two sides :potato products (home fries/french fries), macaroni salad, baked beans (not my preference) with the meat of your choice covered it "Hot Sauce", onions, and mustard. You can skip the things you don't like.. but I thought it sounded gross until I actually had a chance to eat one.