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Drum Corps - An Activity To Career

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Drum Corps - An Activity To Career

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famous corp members (13 pages of posts)
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Besides the usual things learned in drum corps like musicianship and character, marching in a corps teaches you discipline, focus, respect, and to have an open mind.
I envy those who have marched and gone on to have professional careers in the music industry.

There many famous people that were involved in drum corps going back to "Cubby" in the Mouseketeers, the invent of the "Blue Man" Group and recently and article
referencing Chic Corea and a new jazz album which was released.

Following is a list complied from various forums listing famous people that are known or believed to have marched.

Famous people that were involved in drum corps. (Alpha List Sort)

Billy Cobham was in the Sunrisers

Chad Sexton marched Skyriders Drum & Bugle Corps

Chic Corea marched when he was a kid. A friend of a person met him back in 93 and he (the friend), being a Devils alum, asked wheather he had ever heard Blue Devils'
performances of his (Chic's) music. So they got to talking about drum corps stuff and found out that he marched soprano when he was a youngster (the corps name Purple
Knights jumps to mind, but I'm unable to verify).
Another poster said Chick Corea marched in the St. Rose's Scarlet Lancers (from the Boston area)

Chuck Mangione

Cliff Klaven (aka John Ratzenberger) played bass drum with the Royal Lancers in Bridgeport, CT in the '60's.

Dave Gibbs (Blue Devils director) marched Blue Devils soprano

Doc Severinson marched with a corps in Eastern Oregon in his youth. It was an American Legion Post corps (no name is specific).

Ed McMahon

George (Mr. Sulu) Takei marched in the L.A. Koyasan Scouts.

Glenn Kotche marched Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps

Maynard Ferguson was said to have marched in a corps from Canada... and one poster said that he heard that Maynard "worked" with Toronto Optimist hornline in the late 

Michael Jackson (the football player with the Seahawks in the 80's, not the gloved one) marched with the Columbians of Tri Cities, Wa in the 70's.
An article talked about Tommy Lee going through various drum corps' in his youth.  But didn't say which Corps he was in.

Pat Petrillo marched Bridgemen Drum & Bugle Corps

A close friend of a person had a Rush autobiography book..in this book, an interviewer asks Neil if he marched...he said no. He did however say he liked them.

Russ McKinnon is the drummer for Tower of Power now. Tower of Power marched in 27th Lancers

Skip Prokup(sp?), drummer for Lighthouse("One Fine Morning") marched Optimist; he even pulled out a full size corps snare on a stand during concerts. He does a
religion show on local radio now. 

Steve Gadd marched with the Rochester Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps from Rochester, New York.

Steve Rondinaro (corps unknown)

Two members of the group The Who (John Entwistle and Keith Moon) marched in a corps in England.

Tommy Igoe:  New York Voices ...bridgemen..early 80's

Wayne Downey (Blue Devils Arranger) marched Sunrisers

I'm sure there are  so many more. See:
famous corp members (13 pages of posts)
 By bdkappasig, July 19, 2006 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions  

So, my topic for discussion is:
Drum Corps - An Activity To Career

Q: How did your time in drum corps impact or enhance your career?

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So, I will start off the discussion by replying to my own post.

I did start out intending to be a high school band teacher but that did not materialize. I did march in a junior for 5 years, performed in 4 National competitions, married into a WHOF drum corps family where brother-in-law marched and taught "The Commandant's Own". Truman Crawford was a frequent visitor at the house and I got to march a season with Yankee Rebels while my father-in-law taught the drill. The Rebels performed at a venue where Maynard Ferguson was playing and Maynard played ad-lib in front of the corps while we played. It was so awesome beyond belief. I marched one other season with The Phoenix of Rochester, NY in the drumline which was an experience because I was a soprano player. Anyway, it was all fujn and would not trade for anything.

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