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  1. just watched a video of your latest show WOW in your face horn line ,way to go LOVED IT 


  2. 2017 Rankings

    Excellent, We are housed 3 mins drive from the Stadium and our Bar doesn't shut after Finals ;-)
  3. 2017 Rankings

    Kidsgrove's Latest Score from today... 76.90 DCUK Show, Leicester,UK.
  4. DCE Championships Webcast 9/26

    Hear hear, but we'll be back in 2017 :-)
  5. DCA Mini Corps...who's going?

    Cheers :-)
  6. DCA Mini Corps...who's going?

    What are the quick parameters for mini corps ie min size and min time ?
  7. Looking for an early Championships Fill ?

    Cheers Frank, Would be good to finally meet you Frank. Played a few of your scores back in the 80's in the UK. Maybe whilst hooking in up with Dave Hill :-)
  8. Looking for an early Championships Fill ?

    My bad, just getting a wee bit excited. September it is :-) all corrected. YES we will be in Bridgeport rehearsing at the stadium like in 2012 I believe.
  9. On Thursday 3rd September (09/03/15) Kidsgrove Scouts will be holding an open rehearsal in Rochester. So if your getting into town early for Championships we will be opening up our rehearsal for all from 18:00-21:00. More details regarding venue to follow.
  10. Spare a minute and vote for Kidsgrove !

    After an initial surge of votes things have settled down and we are currently in 3rd spot. Please spare a minute and give us your vote :-)
  11. Spare a minute and vote for Kidsgrove !

    We do have two guys travelling from Germany in the Corps this year. I'm not too sure that they have ever marched with heartliner though ???
  12. Spare a minute and vote for Kidsgrove !

    Thanks peeps really appreciate your time ☺
  13. Spare a minute and vote for Kidsgrove !

    Thanks Fran, just be sure to verify your vote when they email you back ;-)