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  1. PRphan72

    Cavalier's "Closing" Ability

    While I wouldn't say they "choked" per se at the end of the 2015 season, they certainly stalled out. They had been sitting in 7th all season long, ahead of Phantom and Madison. Yes, I know they had a flu outbreak which caused them to withdraw from Atlanta & Winston-Salem. But they still beat both Madison and Phantom after that. It wasn't until Finals week that those 2 corps both passed Cavaliers and knocked them into 9th Place.
  2. PRphan72

    2018 Show Announcements

    Columbians announced their show a couple days ago. And so has Golden Empire.
  3. PRphan72

    2018 Show Announcements
  4. PRphan72

    2018 Show Announcements

    Shadow announced their show on Facebook back on January 26.
  5. I'm with Hostrauser on this one. I was very disappointed in the 2017 shows after such incredible years 2014-2016. The performance levels were great (for the most part) but the show designs just left me extremely "blah". The ONLY shows I have watched over and over again are SCV and Boston (and occasionally Bluecoats). Outside of those three, the only World Class shows I really liked were Mandarins, The Academy, & Colts. If those three had been in Finals instead of Blue Stars, Crossmen, & Madison, I might even have considered buying the Blu-ray.
  6. PRphan72

    All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    I've been waiting for this for WEEKS! It was really hard to narrow this down. FAVORITES: 2006 - Faust (for me, it had the best combination of good storyline, great music, excellent drill design that was really clean, great guard, & most of all...emotion!) 2008 - Spartacus (just a GE monster...the most energized I have ever seen a Finals crowd) 1996 - A Defiant Heart (minimalism at its finest...the opener is my all-time favorite) 1989 - From the New World...Into a New Age 1993 - The Modern Imagination 2005 - Rhapsody 1991 - Phantom Voices 2007 - On Air 2003 - Harmonic Journey 2011 - Juliet Honorable Mentions: 2010 (Into the Light), 1994 (Songs for a Summer Night), 2012 (Turandot), 1990 (Dreams of Desire), & 1987 (Songs from the Winter Palace) just missed the top 10 LEAST FAVORITES (ie. the only Regiment shows I actually dislike): 2014 - Swan Lake (I hated this show SOOOO much...Flames....Flames, on the side of my face...) 2017 - Phantasm (I really thought Wes Cartwright would be a great fit for Regiment....boy, was I wrong!) Dishonorable Mention: The witch puppet monstrosity from 2013 (I really liked the rest of the show, though)
  7. PRphan72

    All time shows: Troopers

    FAVORITES: 2013 - Magnificent 11 2014 - A People's House 2009 - Western Side Story 2011 - The Road Home 1985/1986 LEAST FAVORITE: 2005 - Gold Rush
  8. PRphan72

    All time shows: Bluecoats

    FAVORITE: 2014 - Tilt 2016 - Down Side Up 2015 - Kinetic Noise 2017 - Jagged Line 2010 - Metropolis: The Future is Now 2007 - Criminal 2006 - Connexus 2009 - Imagine 2005 - Caravan 2001 - Latin Sketches LEAST FAVORITE: 2000 - Threshold (ie. the only Bluecoats show that is actually BORING)
  9. PRphan72

    All time shows: Blue Stars

    FAVORITES: 2010 - Houdini (these top 2 are very close for me, but 2010 was more intense & performed better) 2009 - The Factory (but this show was much more emotional and really pulls you in) (big gap) 2008 - Le Tour 2016 - Le Reve 2012 - The Blue World LEAST FAVORITE: 2017 - Star Crossed (incredibly uneven, started off great with R&J, the Gatsby section was ok but nothing special, but the Moulin Rouge section was an abomination - I've never seen a show start so strongly and then just go downhill the entire time to an absolutely horrifying mess of an ending)
  10. PRphan72

    All time shows: The Colts

    Favorites: 2007 - Equinox (everything just came together for them that season) 2008 - Night and Day (I actually like portions of this show more than 2007 but their execution was weaker and it just didn't have the BUZZ of their previous season) 1996 - The Magnificat (kind of plain old school drum corps, but well performed and I love John Rutter's work) 1995 - Sunday in the Park with George (their highest placement ever - good show but it really doesn't stick in your head that much) 2015 - And a Shot Rings Out (they really committed to this type of story-driven show and performed it well - some people complained of the voice overs but it didn't bother me like their 2014 show) Least Favorite: 2016 - Nachtmusik (boring show with uninspiring music and the light boxes which never worked right - check out Union HS's 2016 show for effective use of light boxes) 2004 - From the Heartland (not really terrible or anything, just kinda boring and sloppy with nothing particularly memorable) 2012 - Boundaries (this show needed a lot of work & would probably be in #1 spot if it wasn't for the All By Myself closer - which was great)
  11. PRphan72

    Open Class Championship Hotels

    A lot of people stay at the Blue Chip Hotel & Casino. The rates were pretty reasonable last year. I'd recommend booking a room in the Spa Blu Tower (the newer building) instead of the Blue Chip Tower (the old building). It costs a little more ($129 vs $109 per night), but is worth it.
  12. PRphan72

    All time shows: Seattle Cascades

    I think this one should be a no-brainer for most people. Favorite show: 2002 - City Riffs - aka the only Cascades show that ever made Finals HMs: Back in the day, I enjoyed their 2004 (Nature's Confession) and 2005 (Airborne Symphony) shows a lot More recently, I think they are in a definite upswing with great shows in 2015 (Intergalactic), 2016 (O), and 2017 (Set Free). The 2017 show should have been in Semis - it sucks they got left out just because Spartans had a much better color guard Least favorite: I won't pick on their 2009 show as it was their first year back after being inactive, so instead I'll say... 2013 - Inescapable - just a poorly designed show with uninspiring music, sloppy visuals (with only 7 guard members) - the whole show just makes no impact whatsoever
  13. PRphan72

    All time shows: The Academy

    Favorites: 2016: Drum Corpse Bride - obviously 2017: By a Hare - they struggled early season, seemingly unsure of the tone (too serious), but they rebounded late season when they just embraced the wacky lunacy of WB cartoons 2010: Strangers in Paradise - this one doesn't get talked about too much, but the music of Borodin is glorious and I loved the visuals (although it still needed a lot of cleaning) Least Favorites: 2008: Vienna Nights - it's major crime was that is was just SOOOO boring, nothing of interest happens in this show, such a disappointment after their 2007 breakout year 2013: Pianoman - it had MAJOR design flaws, but at least it was never boring, the narrator gave it his all but I have a major aversion to that level of CHEESE
  14. PRphan72

    All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Favorites: 1995 - A Drum Corps Fan's Dream 1997 - The Pirates of Lake Mendota 1988 - Malaguena 1992 - City of Angels 2005 - The Carmen Project HMs: 2015 - 78th & Madison 1996 - A Drum Corps Fan's Dream, Part Dos Least Favorite: 2009 - Relampago (I mean, really, what the hell?)
  15. I'd say 2017 Genesis. It had the complexity of 2016, but without all the broody angst. I always seem to like Genesis better when they are light (2011, 2013, 2017 - and arguably 2015) more so than when they are dark (2012, 2014, 2016).