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  1. This is a very DCP argument.
  2. Why didn't the Cavaliers didn't wear nipple covers for their show. That single nip was too sexy and I was so distracted. NoT iN mY hOusE! mY BoYS nIPs Are ALwAYs COvEREd! NiPS aRE INdecENt!
  3. Oh dear. I'm glad I don't know you in real life. You sound like someone who just likes to argue for the sake of arguing.
  4. You're free to discuss it if you like - but it still may come across as sexist. There's a long history of men *people controlling how women dress in the name of modesty and purity and to not distract men. It relates very closely to the show we were discussing. It's just a dated practice we should all work towards avoiding. *to prevent anyone getting more butthurt, Mike.
  5. Oh, I have one more thing to get off my chest and leave in the 2017 season. It seems obvious that all the corps this year understand that electronics/synth/artificalsound is necessary to competition now, but so many of them from top to bottom have no idea how to actually use these tools effectively in their shows - just that it's necessary to compete. And I'm not talking about mic issues or mistakes that happen when a speaker doesn't work. I'm talking about laying prereorded music/vocals/sound effects into their show and just mixing the sound wrong. So many jarring moments in the shows. And I wish a few of the corps would just abandon the use of voice over/narration if they don't have a professional working on it. That said, I expect to see more of the same next year. It doesn't look like its going anywhere.
  6. I agree with your first part. If Phantom put this final package out on the field last night, a mixed guard wouldn't have stopped them from having the same show. They didn't see the issue with their "fantasm" show at all. I think this is the part that I don't agree with when the discussion of PR's show this year comes up. It really shouldn't matter that they're wearing red lace underwear to perform in. The discussion of what the women wear is really sexist in and of itself (related: the amount of people upset over Bluecoat's guard's outfits is just weird). My frustration is the message that their whole show sends about women. And I agree with Moto that if they had male guard also in sexy red underwear that it would be less about women's dangerous sexuality and more a show about hedonism(?). Or maybe it would still come across as super prude and suggest that sex is bad and everyone should get married to be good? I don't know. The whole show is at least fun because you can talk about it for hours. I hope designers ask the question, "Do I want to send this dated message to my sons and daughters". It was asked why we'd be discussing stuff like this after finals night. I personally tried to keep this opinion to myself for the year because shows change and your opinions change from June to August. I figured if we were already talking about the topic of Cavie's show being hateful toward either women or men (don't agree that they are), then it may be okay to ask if anyone else felt the same way I did about PR's guard. I'm really rooting for PR and I hope that next year we see some changes (maybe some male guard, fingers crossed).
  7. Yeah, that guy is just a crazy person who's real bummed out. We've all been there (maybe?). I'm definiltey in the camp that thought Cavies deserved 4th! Since you brought it up....the thing that bothers me about PR's show is how women are represented as "fantasies", or as tempresses/seductresses - distractions for the corps. It's not a positive portrayl at all. They're led around by their faces by the corps and then they're finally made "pure" in white gowns. Eh...but next year is a new year. Maybe they'll allow men back into their guard - I think it may be high time for a change with PR. Their continued style has gotten stale.
  8. I agree. This has been fun :)
  9. I want to go on record saying that I fully disagree that Cavalier's show is misogynist in any way....but if I were a crazy person, I could say that only acknowleding men for all of humanity's accomplisments and mistakes could be misogynistic if you really wanted to see it that way(?). But honeslty, **** that person. They're just a butt hurt bro. Nooowww.....if we're talking about PR......I got some real thoughts on that show.
  10. Again - which show are you talking about?
  11. Yes, and since BD will probably win, I'd like to see a trend of sparkly tank tops!
  12. If that ending were the entire show, they would have won.