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  1. Dan was band director at Independence High School in San Jose. Won BOA in 1981. Dan at independence, Romero at Lincoln and Mel at Clovis made the up the California powerhouses and influenced DCI in the day! Much deserved Dan!
  2. Tarpon is one of the reasons I choose to be in LOS next month. These MM are actively sought by corps throughout the country. Top of the activity and musicality at the highest level. We see...$$$, Trophy... perhaps... Don't hate the players, we made the game... We see... only what we want.
  3. Great way to support an organization. Clovis Unified District school bands have made a big push for this effortless fundraiser. Corps should jump on it!
  4. I never said the use of a realistic gun was appropriate. I reread my comments and stand by them on principle. I reread everyone's comments and see others have options that differ or agree, at various levels and I'm ok with that. Your (and others) are quick to say my opinion is irrelevant and that I lump people together or I have poor taste and am totally unfair. Ad hominem takes many forms... I feel like a SONIC hot dog after all this nonsense am I going to get another warning because I go against the "establishment"
  5. My point EXACTLY, those of you upset with my post have not SEEN this bands show and have no idea what they TRIED to convey. I haven't seen the show EITHER but I am not about to connect my cousins death with some kids with toy guns. As to my "holier than thou comment", I've seen "snowflakes" and the like being bantered around here by the old "guard". When a show moves someone in a positive way we reward, praise and extol them, don't like it the governor issues a statement and rednecks on Instagram berate them. Sounds like we need to break out the tassels, shakos and stick to Sousa, for some.
  6. I recall a number of shows that attempt to portrait a social message or sentiment, H.S. college or DC. (James Logan, Suncoast Sound, Cavies, and my personal fav. STANFORD CARDINALS MARCHING BAND) I would be interested in the full story and how the marching members view the show "message". If the band and staff have dialogue and the kids feel empowered to speak about social issues I see it as a win. JUST perhaps this was social commentary to provoke, and if so, the current political/social climate has much food for fodder. The picture of this guard indicates a story being told, clarity aside.
  7. Sadly missed Cadet's in Clovis this year...Sending early greetings to Cavies, can't wait to see you in '19!
  8. ...there are some on here that pine for the old days... perhaps Crossman are wearing shakos, majorette boots with tassels and a high knee lift. say it aint so!
  9. Troopers are welcome in CLOVIS anytime!! Best of luck Lance!
  10. Mr. Bluzes I've said it before, often I reread your posts a couple of times before I "get ya". I appreciate your philosophical approach to some topics, your occasional devils advocate slant, and chuckling at your unique "style". Many times I find myself rethinking my position with your ( and others!) posts. In '19 I will again be at LOS should you want to have a beer and shoot the ####! Keep on posting!
  11. Section 238 (a lot of fans from various corps) at Lucas Oil showed the HEARTFELT love of this show as we stood numerous times throughout Vanguard's show. They won because of the product. To think anything less is just babble BABEL!