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  1. whitedj2002

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Sadly missed Cadet's in Clovis this year...Sending early greetings to Cavies, can't wait to see you in '19!
  2. ...there are some on here that pine for the old days... perhaps Crossman are wearing shakos, majorette boots with tassels and a high knee lift. say it aint so!
  3. whitedj2002

    In The News – Pushed To The Limits

    Troopers are welcome in CLOVIS anytime!! Best of luck Lance!
  4. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Mr. Bluzes I've said it before, often I reread your posts a couple of times before I "get ya". I appreciate your philosophical approach to some topics, your occasional devils advocate slant, and chuckling at your unique "style". Many times I find myself rethinking my position with your ( and others!) posts. In '19 I will again be at LOS should you want to have a beer and shoot the ####! Keep on posting!
  5. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Section 238 (a lot of fans from various corps) at Lucas Oil showed the HEARTFELT love of this show as we stood numerous times throughout Vanguard's show. They won because of the product. To think anything less is just babble BABEL!
  6. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Troll of a different color...
  7. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Hans Christian Anderson wrote a short tale about a couple of WEAVERS who promised to make a suit of clothing for the EMPEROR. The weavers eloquence and position convinced the kingdom that those unfit of their position, those ignorant, uneducated and incompetent would not be able to "see" any clothing at all... The NAKED truth is Scott's original posting, which he has since somewhat modified in tone, eloquently details that he is convinced of everything he believes. I'm not sure if he is the "weaver" or has been "woven" to think as he does... Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell, Children will listen... Careful before you say, listen to me... I'm thinking Jubal has a show theme begging to be explored...
  8. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    I’ve got it! It has tempo, melody, thematic pageantry and boy will it move you!! (although it may leave you cold). www.phillymummers.com How do you feel about saxophones?!? i could be persuaded to start a “Go Fund Scotty” account!
  9. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    The merits of the OP diatribe are lost on me because of his smug, condescending nature. Spouting credentials and tell us his reality doesn't make it so. I see some charismatic style in Scott's writing and he probably has people hanging on his every word. We all know this type of individual. I am not easily impressed nor do I allow a bully to dictate how I think/feel. I am frankly surprised Scott's interest in our passion has survived, trust me this activity will exist in some form to move people as it ever has.
  10. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Good enough FOR ME too. Scott's verbosity is him, and his. To each his own. You had me at Appalachian Spring...
  11. whitedj2002

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Get a "LOAD" of the new thread some psudomusicianscholarwindbag has started... his babel indicates he understands more than he knows... Babyl-ON dude!!
  12. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    !lebab si ,dneirf ym dias uoy gnihtyrevE
  13. whitedj2002

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    schooled the self proclaimed "scholar"
  14. My head and heart hurt reading this thread, I believe there to be 2 principled individuals who see things much differently. In this “...oh what a world we live in” we resort to calling each other trolls or eliteists. This fraternity/sorority we profess to love sure turns ugly if “they” don’t agree with my truths.