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  1. I saw a few posts last night about the 4.15 jump in score from Cadets2 score a week ago to their finals score. So, I investigated. I took the last ten championships--2006-2015--and ran the numbers. I didn't include 2011 since MBI's last score was two weeks before finals. This is what the numbers showed: Average Final Score: 98.149. Average Score One Week Prior: 94.932 Difference: 3.217 Biggest jump: 4.000 by Bucs 2009 Smallest jump: 2.130 by Bucs 2013 Now for the 6-10 placed corps lower scores from prelims to finals. Same thing, the scores from the last ten years--2006-2015 Average score in finals 6-10: 87.851 Average score in prelims 6-10; 88.021 Difference; -0.17 Scores dropped 6 times, and were higher 4 times. So that does happen more often.
  2. I only saw the theater broadcast on Thursday night, which began with Academy, who I have never seen live or on video. What a show! Anyway, during the broadcast, they did a comparison of the two uniforms of the Cadets going into the set where they spelled out "TEN." First they showed them in the black uniforms, then in their traditional uniforms. To me, the black came out better. Before they went on, one of staff people was interviewed and said part of the uniform change was to be used as a back drop to the guard's neon uniforms, going so far as saying the guard's uniforms were neon because neon is the 10th element on the periodic table. About the Troopers----ok, going toward the end of the show when the troops were chasing after the "horses" with lassos, I noticed that a number of "horses" had rifles, which made me wonder why the "horses" didn't fight back! They would have won! (kidding of course) The was the most immeresed in drum corps in the last 11 years. Sure, I've been catching corps on YouTube and all that. It's just amazing how the taent level of the members have risen! None of the shows were easy, sure, some were less difficult than others, but they all were very impressive. Excellent review!
  3. Was a great finals. The top three--The Company, Kidsgrove and Jubal--were far above the rest. The three were separated by .25 after prelims with Kidsgrove ontop. The Company put on a great show, as did the others, in finals and won by .85 over Kidsgrove. Heartliner placed 10th. They seemed smaller and a bit younger than last season when they came over for DCA. One thing that was impressive in most of the corps was the sound of the hornlines. Several corps in premier class had less than 20 brass. The top four, maybe five, had over 20. Couldn't count fast enough to see if anyone had over 30. Kidsgrove and Jubal looked like they might have had that many.
  4. Top Secret Drum Corps of Switzerland even longer. Have high school bands and WGI been using flaming snare sticks?
  5. https://www.facebook.com/topsecretbasel?ref=profile Top Secret Drum Corps from Basel, die Schweis. facebook page. So Minnesota's drums light up and the response is bands had been doing that for three years. Diese guys have been doing this longer. And, they also set their snare sticks on fire and play. When a corps' drumline in America does that, the flaming snare sticks....... Und Ken, vielleicht können Sie Ihre Horn zu spielen und bewegen sich mit der gleichen Zeit. Warum nicht zeigen uns, wie das aussieht.
  6. Which is strange since the Cydonia region on Mars has nothing to do with the big bang.
  7. Just some background-----The movie began production six days after Britain declared war on Germany. It was also the time Chaplin was starting to get political. He was charged with being a communist but it was never proven, although he received a peace prize from the Communist led World Peace Council, after hobknobbin' with Krushchev.. His speech at the end the Great Dictator "was unpopular, however, and generated controversy.[223] Chaplin concluded the film with a six-minute speech in which he looked into the camera and professed his personal beliefs."
  8. But shouldn't DCA have supervised testing of the feed before hand or did they just turn it on this morning thinking it would work. Or is this DCA's and/or the stadium's version of the obamacare website roll out?
  9. I tried my 51B on my 3B...it felt like the horn was going to crack. It didn't. I use a 6 1/2 AL that I've used since the mid seventies on the urging of my trombone teacher at the time, Bernie Schneider of the St. Louis Symphony. To me, that is the perfect mouthpiece for a 3B and probably a 2B. I don't think either of those horns are meant to be dark. Seeing how many lead trombone players in big bands used 2B's, they were made for the jazzer than the legit player who would have a need to play dark. Side note--I tried playing my green pBone with my 51B. Not recommended!
  10. When I was in the Army before a promotion board, I was asked the question "what is the max range of a trombone?" The answer--as high as you can play. That is true of all brass instruments and players. For me at the time, it was double high Bb
  11. And let's not forget former Madison Scout Karleton Armstrong who, on August 24, 1970, blew up Sterling Hall on the UW-Madison campus, murdering Bob Fassnacht when talking about drum corps murderers.
  12. No, they could have used the original score that is still available. What is so horrible about playing it verbatim?? Why does it always have to be turned into some bizarre mutant piece of garbage for drum corps to play? So much for "education." The United States Air Force Academy and the Argonne Rebels played it verbatim. Robert W. Smith is a joke for attempting to pass that crap off as authentic. It is a shame....the majority of Madison's tens of fans will have no clue who Kenton is, have no clue what he played and no clue how badly Smith did. Can't blame the members really...none of them ever saw Kenton live or listened to anything by him except whatever the staff played for them. Only the Kenton ignorant will applaud....or those who might think that somehow Robert W. Smith knows more about Kenton than Stan himself and Hugo Montenegro. I feel sorry for those trombone players too...if someone actually told them they had the style down, the same way Bob Fitzpatrick, Milt Bernhart and Carl Fontana did on "Concerto to End All Concertos," they were lied to.
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