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  1. Hi. I had a house fire in 2019, and lost my entire drum corps collection. I've been able to acquire everything but the following (and yes, I've been checking e-bay). If anyone has any leads or suggestions for me on the following, I'd greatly appreciate it! Missing/Looking for: CDs: 2015 & 2016 DVDs: 2008, 2003, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1987, 1986, 1984, 1981 Any help is greatly appreciated! Harvey
  2. I couldn't be happier about these changes. I DID feel like it was Christmas when I saw the announcement, too. Go Regiment! Reclaim your fierce, powerful, passionate identity. Harvey
  3. I really appreciated Grammie's post. Any updates from Rockford after the Thanksgiving Camp?
  4. I couldn't agree with the original poster more. I wonder if the OP saw this show live, or only on recordings? I was enthralled with this show - and moved by it - from the first time I saw & heard it live in Denver. The concept and the music WAS very emotional to me and I connected with it - imagine a world where the only way we can communicate with each other is through music. The soloists "talking" to each other in several places is just chilling. There is such an amazing variety of emotions in this show for me - from joyful, to longing, to beautiful. Just wow. There are me
  5. Any word how the health of the kids is coming along? Get well soon! Loved this show in Denver! Oodles of potential.
  6. Encouraging progress with the show AND caption scoring! Way to go, Regiment! 6th in GE Music and overall GE last night and while in 8th in Music, only 0.5 out of 6th there too. Keep pushing! Can’t wait to see Regiment live tonight here in San Antonio.
  7. So.... it’s been quite a while since anyone commented on how the corps & the show are progressing. Any updates after last night on that regard? Looking forward to seeing Regiment in San Antonio & wishing them the best! Harvey
  8. Finally had time on a long flight to type up my thoughts on the show last night in Denver. I posted this in the Review section, but from the looks of it, that section has really died. Great show overall - surpassed my expectations entirely based on the lineup. (I don't mean that in a negative way like I'm sure it's going to sound! LOL) Yesterday I got to start my Drum Corps season with one of my favorite shows – in absolutely my favorite venue for a show. Mile High is the perfect venue for drum corps - a stellar stadium with great acoustics and always enthusiastic crowds. Despite th
  9. Drums Along The Rockies Review Yesterday I got to start my Drum Corps season with one of my favorite shows – in absolutely my favorite venue for a show. Mile High is the perfect venue for drum corps - a stellar stadium with great acoustics and always enthusiastic crowds. Despite the warmer than usual weather and a lineup with only one top 6 corps it was a great night and I enjoyed nearly every performance. As I’ve said many times, first viewings can be very tricky – I can’t count the number of times my initial impressions changed dramatically for shows by the time championships
  10. bump. Wow, so quite out of Rockford. Any updates anyone cares to share? I can't believe we are a few weeks from Memorial Day. So excited about the upcoming season. Harvey
  11. 16 vs 17 comparison for me: BD - 2016. Though that ballad was amazing this year. Last year was more cohesive, better visual, and great ballad and closer. SCV - 2016. Not even close. Much better visually and musically. 2017 technically impressive, but did little for me. Crown - 2016. Grew to really enjoy 2017 too though Cavaliers - 2016. Not even close. 2017 too jumbled and add for me Bluecoats. 2016 was fresh and original while 2017 felt like a stale repeat, done less cleanly Boston - 2017. I actually loved 2016, but this year was amazing in every way
  12. I didn't experience any rudeness related to this. And I don't mind loaning out a seat in my block if I know it's unoccupied for the night or until a certain point in time. I think the challenge was on Saturday night. It seems most complaining about this were in section 100, as was I. I was on the 10th row on the 50 in 140 (incredible music seats!). The way the stadium is designed, between sections 138 and 142, the entry is confined. There were huge traffic jams with seat poachers having to vacate at the same time the paying customers were trying to get in - especially in the 10-12 block.
  13. It was a truly magical moment. Thank you SCV Alumni. What a thrill to see the jr coros and all the age outs just go crazy for the performance. A powerful reminder of the amazing ability for melody driven drum corps to excite all generations. Harvey
  14. Bravo, Mandarins! What an amazing show. Easily one of my 2 favorite shows of the year, along with BD. Also one of my 3 favorite moments of the year with the Sound of Silence ballad and reprise in the closer (along with BD's & Boston's ballads) Just a brilliant design and performed at a top 12 level - and the best Mandarins have ever been. I SO wanted to see this show one more time. So detailed and nuanced yet performed with so much emotion. Best wishes that this is only the START of something special for this corps. Harvey