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  1. I would LOVE to see that happen. And I do think Phantom takes a leap forward again (for the 3rd consecutive show since "I am Moan" - not a typo). However, DCI tends to have a "pay your dues" to upward corps trajectory, and we all know how competitive the current top 5 are. And Vanguard will still be a percussion juggernaut (and it's really hard to root against SCV - Like most fans, they have a special place in my heart regardless of who my favorite corps is). BAC is a great example of the pay you dues and the judges catch up to eventually - They leapt up in show design, talent and execution with Wicked Games, but then essentially pedaled in place for a few years until the rocket ship this past summer. I (and I think many) would be thrilled to see Phantom to rise from barely 8th and could have been 10th (not should have been, but could have been) to 6th in 2023. On their last climb back it went 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, 1st. The closer to the top you get, the harder it gets to go move. I do believe they are assembling all the right pieces, and I trust JD will get them back into the top 5 sooner rather than later. I just think it's 2024, assuming the rebuilt and re-vitalized org keeps the drama to a minimum, keeps the great design and teaching pieces they've picked up and continues to improve the competitiveness of their financial bottom line. I trust JD to continue to drive the corps forward musically and competitively while bring the fans enthusiastically along. Harvey
  2. And I'm both rooting for them and supporting them.
  3. It's really a shame that there is so much division within the Madison Alumni. United they are massive and could delivery so much support and momentum for the corps. Times change, get over it. And they've doubled their possible recruiting pool. The analogy with Cadets was great above. Wouldn't you rather have a thriving Scouts corps with the Madison culture, regardless of what sex the members are? Or do you want to live in the past and be negative, toxic and unsupportive of a corps that you proclaim to love? The attitude and behavior of some of the Scouts alums reminds me of the #### show that is Auburn (and to a lesser degree Texas) where high roller alums feud and try to control rather than support their university. Note, I'm not making this a personal rant against any individual - just an observation from watching all the vitriol amongst Scout threads. Phantom almost imploded from somewhat similar negativity and clinging to the past - which hurt them financially and led to the loss of an all star design team in the late 2000s. Thank goodness people came to their senses after 2019 and realized things had to change, and change now. It seems to me that a healthy, competitive entertaining Scouts that retains a great membership culture would matter far MORE than all the tradition bull crap. They can still be the Madison Scouts, with a fiery brand of entertainment regardless of the minutia people are hung up on. One of my closest Drum Corps friend's son marched Madison this past summer and immensely enjoyed the experience. The activity NEEDS Madison to be relevant and entertaining and competitive again. And the org needs the alumni to set aside their differences and positively support the corps. Those who can't should just go away. I'm rooting for them. Go Scouts! Harvey
  4. After digesting all the staff moves, I'll take a swag... 1. Bluecoats - all star staff just got better, and they have huge momentum & enthusiasm. 2. Blue Devils - hard to imagine them not in the top 2, but BAC will give them a run 3. Boston Crusaders - technically great - but I still fell like the shows after Wicked games have been generally too dry, lacking emotional connection except for a few GE highlights. As much as I want them to, they don't move me. 4. Crown - so much latent potential not being optimized. Still waiting for a great show design. There hasn't been one since the Western Show. I'm going to vomit if we get another "right here, right now" oriented show. 5. SCV - The formula is fading & they miss JD 6. Phantom Regiment - amongst the group of Cadets, Cavies and Phantom, Phantom has the least turmoil and their changes were strategic and needed. Will be a big battle with Blue Stars. In JD I trust!!! 7. Blue Stars - Will hold on to their highest modern placement from last year, and could easily be 6th. 8. Cadets - hard to imagine their upward trajectory continuing with the continued soap opera with staff & leadership, and financial challenges 9. Mandarins- Could easily be 8th. They just get better every year. 10. Cavies - a bit of a wild card. Immense turnover is a huge negative, but Saucedo should help. Not as much as some think though, I don't believe. 11-14. This get's really tricky. Do Troopers rise with performance levels and can earn a finals spot with what will inevitably be a step back from 2022's incredibly designed show? There's almost no way to top that show design, but plenty of room for performance growth and maturity. I fear they'll suffer with the follow up just as did Academy, but hoping they don't. Colts seem to have found a great formula to maximize performance levels. Can they fill out a full corps and sustain that, bringing more power to the field in 2023? BK seems to have a solid underlying foundation but unproven staff leadership. I think some of the design team changes could help. Crossmen have so much internal strife. Yet they sit in Texas with a ton of talent to draw from. Can they unite internally and deliver a far better show design to match their talent? My guess... BK - 11th, Crossmen - 12th, Troopers -13th, Colts - 14th Harvey
  5. I totally agree. By Finals, what was really messy to the point of unreadable mid season looked (and sounded) pretty ###### clean by Saturday night - with a LOT of demand
  6. I generally agree, as many kids look at placements as they decide where to march. However, Phantom's Souvie booth lines have been longer and deeper than most the last 2 seasons, which certainly doesn't hurt financials... 🙂
  7. I hear you Jeff. However, I will say that I noticed more marching and drill from most corps than I remember in 2019 (last judged season). I hope that trend continues. Harvey
  8. Spot on, Sutasaurus. I posted something similar in the staff changes thread. After 2019, I was over the moon by the new BOD & leadership - and JD Shaw. Then, Boom! Covid hits and it's been a slow burn waiting to see what I hoped for come to life. 2021 gave us an amazing sneak preview and 2022 cemented it - Regiment looks, feels and sounds like Regiment again. JD & the team did a great job working with a card playing hand with a lot of legacy cards. Now the slate is clean, and upgraded in virtually every way. I solidly now expect Regiment to continue their climb in 2023. That's a hard ladder in front of them, but I can definitely see 6th or 7th as realistic. And I trust more than ever they will be true to Regiment's identity and have great, passionate shows the fans will love. Go Regiment! Harvey
  9. Super thrilled with all these upgrades & changes at Regiment. I've been saying since they got JD back after 2019 "In JD I trust." He's brought back their identity, passion & fan love (and a brass line that is on the move) while dealing with a deck of cards he inherited. I feel like this puts great pieced together in every caption and dimension. Bravo, to everyone involved to make the tough decisions to improve the culture for members, and address upgrading the Visual, Guard & percussion areas. Super excited for 2023. Harvey
  10. Thanks, Matthew for taking a very disciplined approach for the growth of GOLD. Playing the long game is always the way to go, for the good of the kids and the good of the organization. Great leadership! Harvey
  11. Thanks for sharing the polished video. I've watched it 4 times straight. I just love this show. That Ballad gets me more and more every time. Loved the drill, loved the emotion. I can't wait to see what JD & team bring us next. Harvey
  12. Is all this sniping at each other really necessary. We all have a tremendous thing in common...we love the activity. Let's stay focused on that - and on this thread topic about staff changes. Harvey
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