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  1. It's true, one doesn't hear about this show often enough, and it's a great one. Thanks for the love. :-) Humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as 1993, one of the best Regiment books/designs ever. Finals week was kindof rough on all of us (IMO); we came into it (or maybe 2 weeks out from finals, can't remember) with brass in 1st and dropped points every single night... it was frustrating to say the least. Not really sure what happened finals night with the "dialing it in," the Buicks had a great run (minus one crazy tick, a story for another time) but perhaps overhype/etc hurt us a bit, especially in some other sections? Agree on both accounts. Love those Gmen gold years. I agree wholeheartedly on your choice. 2002 was a fantastic year, and you almost never hear about it. It was JD's first year as Brass Caption head, and a fantastic book. Visually pretty messed up, but lovely brass. Thanks for the love.
  2. I suppose one might make a case that a few of the shows mentioned thus far were "underrated by the judges," but wouldn't that mean "underscored?" I feel like that must be the semantic confusion... Agreed that this thread has produced some lovely shows to watch...
  3. Fair point. I didn't mean to say that those shows are equatable to each other in terms of execution, or writing, or even performance, per se. I meant that for each corps listed they represent shows that were/are consistently well-regarded by lots of people. I.e. not underrated as such.
  4. I thought that show was generally considered their best effort, or at least one of them. Love that show! I suppose one doesn't hear about it too much though... I think you're unfairly maligning 1995 by not including it in your assessment, but fair enough.
  5. What in the world is up with this thread??? This has to be very close to the craziest, most nonsensical discussion I've witnessed on DCP (ok, perhaps discounting some of the staff threads and various trollings...); actually it would be hilarious if some of this thread actually *was* a troll... anyways, back to the task at hand: Regiment 2003 cannot, at any point, be considered underrated. Did you mean "underscored"? Because I'd be with you there. To repeat what others have said: Shows that *can not* be considered "underrated" in any shape or form include things like: 1995 Scouts 1993 Regiment 2000 Cadets 1999 SCV 2002 Cavies 2012 BD ...etc Are folks simply thinking of shows that they somehow managed to overlook because it took them awhile to get to certain years? I'd understand that, if I had to name shows in the 70s that were "underrated" I would mostly be guessing since there are quite a few I haven't seen... still.
  6. Really not sure how 95 Madison and 93 Regiment could possibly be considered "underrated"... I thought 95 was Madison's most famous show ever, or a close second to 1988, and that Regiment show gets mentioned in tandem with 96/08 all the time. Ah well. As far as underrated shows, my quick picks: SCV 1995 (happens to be my favorite SCV show ever, yes that includes 1989 and 1999), and few people seem to know it... Regiment 1997 (kindof a mess visually, but lovely music, and one of the best "crowd participation" moments ever)
  7. I didn't realize there was a pre-season recording... do you mean this?
  8. I'm one of them! It's actually in my top 5 offerings from the Cadets...
  9. So I've definitely heard some horror stories from folks about food on tour, but I really doubt that either BD or Cadets would do this. (Those are the corps the tv crew were following, correct?) Thank God I marched at the (relatively country-club for food) Regiment.
  10. This wins DCP for the day. What a great thread resurrection...
  11. In 02 Regiment we had (at least in the Buick section) a crazy hodge-podge of horns from various years and of various makes, some were from as far back as 1992.
  12. Quick question: did you intend to compare those corps/years between G (the older shows) and Bb (the newer shows) or between "generations" of instrument manufacturers? It reads to me like you mean the latter, but I thought 91 Regiment was a completely different manufacturer than 03 Regiment. Certainly Regiment 03 had completely different (sounding) horns from BD 01 and Cavies 02, by a different manufacturer. Or did I miss something in what you were trying to say? Also: thanks for the Regiment 03 compliment.
  13. Yes. Regiment went to all euphs in 2003, when they switched to Bb on King's new marching horns. We (Regiment hornline members) were consulted on design. IIRC, the switch to all euphoniums was brought on by JD Shaw watching 2002 SCV. I'm not completely sure, but either SCV had all euphs that year, or they had some very short/small of stature players on euph, and JD said something to the effect of "if they can march that horn, so can all of us." Those King marching euphs were crazy awesome to play. I don't think King's line started out having any baritones, and I too had heard that when they eventually made some they were not so great. Certainly nothing close to the awesomeness of their euph.
  14. You make some solid points here. It *is* fun to listen to so many horns playing at once. Having said that, at least when I marched, America/O'Canada was almost always a horrid mess. Like, embarrassing. About 20 lead sops hanging over every frickin release, sometimes like 10 counts over, (and not at the end of the piece, when it at least makes some sense) playing horribly out of tune... But it was "fun" I suppose. And having marched Regiment as a Buick, we at least had the pleasure of "tagging" the arrangement to include a bit of our show, that is until someone on staff heard it too clearly coming through the ensemble and we got yelled at. Take a listen, pay attention at the end: